The Questions

Martin was boy who had been bullied all his life, he lived on a large council estate where he was called the idiot and got bullied a lot, at school he was called dumbo and was also bullied a lot, Martin liked going out into the hills that were near the village that he lived … Continue reading The Questions

The Beauty Queen

There were many residents of the small country town that thought sixteen year old Cindy was very attractive so when she won the beauty queen contest at her school three years on the trot not many people were surprised then when she won the town’s beauty queen contest again very few people were surprised, there … Continue reading The Beauty Queen

Slave Girl

Pia was a sixteen year old Bengali girl who now lived in England with her uncle and cousin Anjana who was four years younger than what she was, Pia kept it quiet that she was bi sexual because she thought if it was known the Bengali community would disown her and her life would become … Continue reading Slave Girl

Keep Quiet

Martin was a sixteen year old bi sexual boy who was hated by many people who lived in the same town as he did, Martin was a peeping tom and had been chased away from windows a few times. One day as he was walking home from school over the waste ground near to the … Continue reading Keep Quiet

The Massage

Steve was a sixteen year old violent thug who was well feared by the people who lived near him, people stayed clear of him because they were scared that if they upset him they would get badly hurt, Mr Khan owned a health spa near to where Steve lived and one night he was getting … Continue reading The Massage

The Race

The race was an annual event for residents of an English town, the race was always well supported and lasted for seven days at the end of each day teams who did not score enough points dropped out until on the last two days there were just two teams who over two days had to … Continue reading The Race