School bus

William is a school bus driver for a rural high school. He’s 6’5”, black and a former football player. Not good enough to get beyond high school but still in good shape. He applied to drive for the high school because it puts him in close contact with high school girls. You see, William likes … Continue reading School bus

The Questions

Martin was boy who had been bullied all his life, he lived on a large council estate where he was called the idiot and got bullied a lot, at school he was called dumbo and was also bullied a lot, Martin liked going out into the hills that were near the village that he lived … Continue reading The Questions

The Beauty Queen

There were many residents of the small country town that thought sixteen year old Cindy was very attractive so when she won the beauty queen contest at her school three years on the trot not many people were surprised then when she won the town’s beauty queen contest again very few people were surprised, there … Continue reading The Beauty Queen