Basketball teams reward

I’m Sydny, I’m 17, I have tit long straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice plump ass.

Our basketball team had just won the state championships, and I invited over 5 of the best players. They all showed up at my house the day after. I was wearing yoga pants with white shin socks, sandals, and a tight shirt. They got to my house at around 10 pm.

I walked them all into my room. I smiled and began taking off my shirt. They surrounded me and started feeling me up. They were feeling my tits and ass. They got undressed and put me on my knees. I was down to my shin socks, and they all had their cocks on my face. I began sucking them, while jerking off the others. They picked me up onto my bed. I climbed onto one, and started riding him, when another got behind me and stuck his cock in my ass, another got in front and I began to suck him, with the other cocks in each hand. I was fucked like that for an hour, when all of them came at once. My ass, pussy, mouth, and on my face. They all got dressed and left.