Blowing a Stranger

Hi. My names Lilly. I’m younger than 16, have breast long light brown hair with blonde highlights, a tight ass, little tits, have glasses, sweet lips.

A weekend in Green Bay was very well spent. Me and my family were walking through a Walmart, when a man in his 30s-40s came up to me. He pulled me aside to an empty isle. He held out a fat wad of cash. 500$. He gave it to me and put my hand on his crotch. I felt a growing bulge against my hand. He said, “Its your choice” I smiled and said ok. He told me to go to the bathroom. The disabled one when no one was looking. I did, and he soon followed. He pulled me into the far stall. He pulled down his pants. I saw his massive cock in front me. I got on my knees and grabbed it. I looked up and smiled.”Its huge!” I said. “I wanna cum in your mouth so bad. Those glasses too!” I put my sweet lips around the tip. He sat down and tensed up. I began to suck on his cock. My hot wet teenage mouth made him cum fast. He began filling my mouth with his seed. He also came on my face and glasses. He rubbed my check, took my pic, and got up and left.

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