Christmas Present

Hey, my names Raya. Im 16, have curly dirty blonde hair down to my upper back, have blue eyes, very thick and sweet lips.

Christmas morning I woke up and went downstairs. I’m a lone child, so I normally got spoiled rotten. My parents are split, and I was at my moms at the morning. She was waiting, and smirking. I asked whats so funny. I was wearing white lace lingerie (Me and my mom don’t care). She called out, “Come on in!” I turned around and out came 3 black guys from her bedroom. They were all naked, with their massive 8in plus cocks dangling. I gasped. They surrounded me, and began fondling my tits and ass. Their huge cocks rubbing on me got me super wet, and they could tell. They walked me into my living room, laid me on the floor, and went to work. One pulled out some lube. 2 of them drenched their cocks in it. They both pulled my lingerie aside, and forced their BBCs into my tight white teen asshole. I screamed with pleasure. Just then the 3rd dropped his cock into my throat. I was being ruthlessly fucked. I began gagging and choking, but they didn’t stop. They just kept raping my body. I was crying and moaning. I felt one cum in my ass, but both kept going. For the next 2 hours this kept up. My ass had been came in at least 9 times, and my mouth 4. My face was drenched with spit and cum, my ass was soaked with my juices and lube and cum. After another hour and multiple more loads, they all pulled out, came on my chest, legs, and all over my body, they got dressed and left. My mom stood over me and said, “Merry Christmas, slut” and then I heard 2 more black men talking.