Cousin’s Wedding Party

When I was a teen my dad packed us up, and took us to Connecticut to attend my cousins wedding. I hadn’t seen their family since I was 5. The wedding went off just fine.

After the reception everyone went back to my uncle’s house to continue the party. At the reception I hooked up with some other cousins that I had never met before. Kathy, Kevin, and I stole a bottle of wine and snuck upstairs to drink it.

We found an empty bedroom and began our own party. After about an hour we were all pretty buzzed, so buzzed that Kathy was starting to look good. Actually she was a real dog.

I went over to her and started to dance to the music, swinging my hips and grinning at her, she joined in quickly. I took my chance and put my arms around her and slowly moved them to her ass where I massaged her globes. She sort of responded a little.

I slowly made it over to the bed where I pushed her onto it next to Kevin who was already sprawled out. Kevin pulled her to him and kissed her. She was really drunk at this point and she showed no resistance at all.

Kathy was half on top of Kevin and the lower half of her body was on the bed. When I started to rub her ass through her dress she kept moving around telling me to stop. But how could I stop.

Kevin passed the bottle around one more time, which helped a lot. I held the bottle tightly against Kathy’s lips and forced her to swallow a few big gulps of booze. After a little while I was able to get my hands up under her dress running them the length of her legs. It really felt good to touch her there.

She was just about passed out; only able to mumble while Kevin continued to hold her down and kiss her.

I pulled her long dress up over her ass showing me her tan pantyhose. While I was pulling them down along with her panties she kept wiggling around. I didn’t know whether to take that as a yes or no, but she wasn’t fighting as much, so I kept at it until I uncovered what I wanted.

A little embarrassed about letting Kevin see my dick, I pushed my pants down to my knees and I lowered myself onto her back side before taking down my underwear. Kevin didn’t like what was going on and kept telling me not to do it.

Yeah right!

This was my chance at getting my first piece of pussy and I wasn’t going to miss out. I spread her legs and put my dick right up to her hairy snatch. I was leaking pre-cum and she was really wet.

When I slipped my cock in-between the lips of her pussy she tried claming up on me, moaning, “no please don’t.”

But it was too late to turn back even if I had wanted to. My dick head was inside her slippery cunt and it was tight and it felt fantastic. I pushed it all the way in.

I still don’t know if she was a virgin or not, there was a feeling of something giving away but she was so tight I couldn’t tell.

Kevin was getting awfully nervous. Kathy really didn’t know what was happening to her body. Kevin pleaded for me to stop, afraid we would all get caught.

I was in all the way when Kevin told me if I was going to fuck her that I had better make sure that I didn’t cum inside her, to pullout when the time came.

OOPS, to late for that! I pulled out once and pushed back in and my body started quivering and my stiff cock pumped out stream after stream of hot thick cum, deep inside her. I had jerked off thousands of times before, but doing it in my cousin’s cunt was like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

After I was done cumming in Kathy, and had a brief moment to catch my breath, I got up off her and told Kevin that it was his turn if he wanted one. I told him that he’d helped me screw her and if we got caught he’d be in as much trouble as me. So why not enjoy himself? He was getting excited, especially when I told him how wet she was.

Without further hesitation Kevin pulled his pants and underwear to his ankles and he lay on her backside where his dick found the oozing hole and he slid into her with ease.

I was totally aroused watching him fuck Kathy. I’d never seen another hard on before, and I’d certainly never seen people doing it before. I watched in amazement as Kevin fucked her for a short time.

He didn’t last very long. He maybe pushed in and out of her pussy 2 or 3 times and he was blowing his load into her.

Kevin tried to pull out of Kathy but I told him how good it had felt to plow her and cum at the same time. So after a second or so he just kept plugging Kathy cumming in her with abandonment.

After Kevin was done we both began to worry about someone coming up to the bedroom and catching us. Kevin suggested that we clean her up. And as I looked down at her I understood why he was suggesting it. You could see our sperm oozing out of her opened swollen cunt. It was gross, but sexy at the same time.

We jumped as we heard voices in the hall, and Kevin ran to the bathroom and got some towels and wiped away at Kathy’s messy crotch. Finally we pulled her pantyhose back in place and left her on the bed to sleep it off.

Kevin’s parents left the reception an hour later, taking him home with them. My Dad and brother were ready to go a little while later.

I’ve always wondered if Kathy realized what had happened. If she remembered who had been with her. I know she had to know that she’d been fucked, because we didn’t do all that good a job cleaning her up.

Well, I never heard from Kathy again, and haven’t had the opportunity to get in touch with her either. But I’ll never forget my first fuck, and how good she felt.