My first time!!!

I was 16…I was at a party…the boy I’d always starred at in the hallways asked me to go up stairs almost immediately I ran up the stairs we were sitting on the host of the party’s bed we were talking when he leans in and we start passionately kissing I can feel his hand traveling down my body I was sacred but I did not stop him his hand lightly pushed my thighs apart and stroked my pussy lightly I was so wet for him he gently inserts his finger in my virgin pussy he starts slow but what felt like a second later he was going so quick I grab his cock through his pants he is so hard I start jerking Him off he takes his wet finger out of me and takes my top of shortly after he takes my skirt off followed by my panties he slowly climbs on top of my naked body I can feel his hard cock against my body he puts it inside me I’ve never felt something like this it hurt but It was a pain I would never forgot he continued fucking me for 10 minuets he slowly pulled his dick out me and cummed all over my chest I will never forgot this party.