My “Ride” to School

Hey, Izzy again. This ones about a guy named Cold. Most days, a boy from my school gives me a ride to school. I’m only a freshman, hes a senior. For the first few weeks, I never gave him anything in return. But after I while, I made a proposal. I got in his truck and said, “Listen, I think its time I paid you back for all of this.” So I took off my skinny jeans, kept my socks and shoes on, kept my panties on, and took off my shirt and bra. (I had on pink ankle high socks, and white converse. I had on black lace underwear and bra. I had my hair straightened. My hair is brown with blonde highlights, and is about breast length.) I have blue braces on top and bottom. I’m 5’4, have blue eyes.) I crawled over to him, and climbed on his lap. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I grabbed it, and put it into my pussy. I moaned loud, considering it was a massive 8 inches. He groaned and tensed up, and grabbed my hips, pulling me down. I started to bounce up and down on him. His truck moved as I did it. We were parked behind an old building downtown, so no one could hear or see us. We kept this up for about 20 minutes, then he started moaning loud. He pulled me all the way down on his cock. It was then that I felt a warm substance fill me up. He was cringing and moaning. I asked, “Cole, did you just cum in me?” He nodded. “Oh my fucking god. I’m gonna get pregnant! Why the hell would you do that?” He responded, “I’m so sorry Izzy, but you said you’d repay me.” I said, “True, but this is kinda extreme.” (I never got pregnant, thank god) He just said, “Well there’s one more thing I want. Road head.” I crawled back to my seat and began to put my hair in a ponytail. He started the truck and began to drive. We were doing laps downtown. I started sucking on his cock, barely fitting it all. I was deepthroating as much as I could, when he suddenly got softer. He was only half hard, at about 5 inches. I was sucking on it veerryy hard. We pulled into my drive way and he told me get out. I went around to his side and got on my knees. He began to jerk off. He then came on my face and in my hair. He then told me to go inside with it all there. He got in his truck and drove off. I was still in my underwear, as he had kept my clothes. I snuck into my house and ran upstairs. He texted me and told me to take a selfie. I took the selfie of my cum covered face, and licked it all off after. I then took a long bath, and went to bed.