Our Little Secret

Me and Veronica had always been off and on. She was about in my league: Short, cute, short hair, big breasts and a fine ass. She wore small earrings and always had a smile in her face. We were never dating for too long. Veronica was kind, funny and very normal. She was rarely down to do anything sexy. Seeing her in bikinis were about as far as I had gotten. One faithful weekend we had to stay in after class, as we had been gone the day before and needed to make up work. We sat down next to each other as the teacher told us:
“I need to leave the room. I trust that you two will behave yourselves?”
Of course we replied. He nodded as he exited the room. Me and Veronica looked at each other and started immediately making jokes.
We brought back old inside jokes as we laughed until it hurt. Once we laughed so hard that my hand accidentally hit her breast and stayed there for a little too long. Veronica laughed as she said, “No need to be afraid,”
I laughed and continued with my work. A couple minutes later I noticed Veronica’s hand on my thigh. She had a mischievous smirk on her face as she inches closer to me. I turned around and started kissing her. I could hear her slightly moan. We started running our hands through each other until Veronica unzipped my pants, unveiling my cock. Standing almost fully erect at 7 inches, she didn’t bat an eye as she went down. I could feel her tongue slowly engulfing it. I moaned as I played with her hair. Right before I came, I turned to her.
“Do you want to save this for later?
Veronica laughed as she started to take off her cardigan.
“Not a chance,” she remarked, winking at me.
Veronica took off her clothes as we hid in the back room of the classroom. Both naked, I ran munch tongue down Veronica’s stomach. I began kissing her when I reached her stomach. She started moaning like a musical instrument. If I could play her right, I could get amazingly noises out of her. I pinned her against the cold wall as I slowly entered her. I realized this was her first time. “Go slow please,” she groaned.
I nodded as I slowly entered her, 3 inches went inside. Her mouth went wide open but didn’t make a sound. I thrusted again. This time she rolled her head back in pleasure. I started moving faster.
My cock engulfed her as she started screaming. This felt so good.
Veronica’s breasts bounced against my chest as I kept vigorously fucking her. Her pussy orgasmed and spazed against me. I finally released. Six rooes of cum were shot into her as her final screams filled my ears.