Quiet in the Back Seat

I was about 15. Still a virgin. He was going on 17, and he was my first boyfriend. We had been dating for about a year already and were both anxious to try new things and explore each others bodies. But my mother NEVER left us alone. So one day Jose accompanied us to my families house about 40 miles from our town. Everything was normal and the visit went fine. By the time we decided to leave it was dark out. I always rode shotgun with my mom so I was just about to hop in the front seat when he grabbed my hand and asked me to ride in the back seat with him. We had a 3 row truck. I said ok not thinking anything of it and let one of my sisters ride in front for once. (Mind you all 4 of my sisters were riding with us, one in the front seat with my mom and 3 in the middle, then us in the back).  So everyone gets in. Lights turn off. And we start down the road. Being that it was dark out he caught me by surprise when he slipped his hands between my legs and started to gently rub my vigin pussy over my jeans. I tried moving his hand thinking he was crazy for trying something in the same car as my family but he whispered for me to just relax. So I did. He continued rubbing away and it felt good. So good as a matter of fact that he could feel the moisture through my jeans. He then unbuttoned my pants and slid his fingers over my soaking underwear, then he let one finger slide through my lips and circle my clit. I almost let out a gasp but I didn’t dare let my mom know what was going on less than 5 feet behind her. He finger fucked me for 40 fucking miles. But he didn’t let me come once. It was incredible. My underwear were dripping by the time we reached his house to drop him off. He licked his fingers just before the lights came back on. Gave me a peck on the cheek and got off the car. I was sad to not have been able to repay any favors, but I knew we would have gotten caught for sure. We we went home and everyone went to bed. As I lay there in bed I kept replaying it in my mind and I let my hand slip under my blankets and tried to mimic his movements to pretend he was there. Then my phone vibrates. Its him. Asking if everyone is asleep and saying he’s outside. Excitedly I tip toed to the back door and snuck him in for the first time. I led him to my room and as the door locks behind us he quickly grabs my fat ass and pushes me on the bed. He pulls my pants off and buries his face in my crotch licking up my juices from earlier. I can already see how hard he is and it makes me drip even more just imagining him inside of me. He licks my clit while fingering me so damn hard and so fucking good. He then climbs into bed with me and on top of me. Teasing me with the tip of hard dick, rubbing it all over my already sensitive pussy. He slowly slides it in so not to hurt me. It hurts for just a second then he starts pumping away. Slowly at first, then picking up a delicious pace. Both of us virgins. Him so thick and hard from pent up frustration and me so tight. I could feel him stretching my walls and inching me towards my first orgasm. Just then I stopped him. I wanted a turn. So I switch him spots and straddle him. I kiss him gently and passionately while lowering my ass on his throbbing cock. I feel his head pass through my lips then into my pussy and let out a satisfied moan. I bounced on him hard. Letting my ass smack his balls every time. I could feel my orgasm coming again and this time I didn’t stop. I grinded my pussy on him hard. Rocking back and forth while still going up and down. Then my body tightens and I feel it hard. It takes me over and I let out a soft whimpering moan right into his ear so he could hear what he’s done to me. Then I feel him tighten and throb between my legs right before he cums too. It was amazing, our first time. And it all started with us being quiet in the back seat ……………………..  Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed :).  .S.