Secret Sex

Heyyy, I’m Izzy and this is the story of the time I fucked a senior at his house. It all started after school one day. He was giving me a ride home, and he asked me this. “Hey Izzy, how about we go back to my place, and we can a bit of fun there. No one has to know, just me and you. I can give you a real good time.” I wasn’t sure what to say so I just said, “Ummmm sure why not”. He grinned and started undoing his jeans. He pulled his cock out and motion me to it. I reached over and started stroking and sucking. It was about 7 inches. He was driving to his house. When we got there he had to sneak me in. He went in an had me climb in through his window. When I got in, he just lay on his bed and took out his cock. He left his jeans and everything else on. He ordered, “Take it off, slut.” I started undressing. I had on white converse, black shin high socks on, and pink lace underwear. He said, “Mmmm looks like you were prepared. Now get on me.” I walked over to him and got on his lap. He pushed his cock into my pussy. I moaned and he put 3 fingers into my mouth to keep me quiet. He demanded, “Suck” I began to suck on his fingers and bounce on his cock. It was uncut, so I could feel his foreskin moving in me. We did this for a bit, then he told me, “Get on your knees, bitch” I did as I was told, and he immediately put his member in me. He reached under me and fondled my tits. One hand was on my tits, the other was down my throat. He then took the one in my mouth out and put it in my ass. I asked, “What are you doing?” He replied, “Getting you ready” I had never done anal, so I was very scared. He then took his cock out, and slowly pushed it into my ass. I wanted to scream, but knew I couldn’t. His cock head was massive. It felt great. He fucked me like this for a bit, then his mom called for him. He replied, “One minute! You better make me cum, whore.” He then pulled out and flipped me over. I was unprepared on my back, and he had swiftly shoved his cock into my mouth. He started shooting his load. I counted 4 in my mouth, 5 on my face, and 3 more on my chest and stomach. He grinned, spit on me, and zipped up his pants and went to his mom. I spent that time taking AMAZING pictures of myself. When he got back, he asked, “Ready for round two?” I just shuttered and nodded.