Sisterly Bonding

Hey, I’m Izzy. I’m about 5,4 and I have B cups, a nice tight ass, and about breast long light brown hair with blonde highlights.

Over the weekend, I was staying at my older sister’s house out of town. She is 25, and her boyfriend is 26. I was there for a few hours before he (Alex) got there. When he got there, he went up to me and gave me a hug. The first thing I noticed was his cock in his sweats rubbing on my waist. Hes about 5,10. I went and sat down for a while and watched tv. After maybe an hour I noticed my sister whispering to him. He smirked and looked at me. My sister Sarah called me and I followed her upstairs. She brought me into her room, and opened her dresser. In the drawer was 2 pairs of white lace lingerie. She looked at me and smiled and I smiled back. We both stripped and put them on. She held my hand and walked me back downstairs. Alex was there on the couch and looked up at us. He bit his lip and groaned. Sarah went down on her knees between his legs. He had them spread. She motioned me down next to her. I got on my knees and she said, “Find out whats in there, Izzy” I grabbed the waist of his sweats and pulled down. They went past his waist and his massive, hard cock popped out. It was at least 8.5 inches. I opened my mouth and gasped. As my mouth was open, Sarah pushed down on the back of my head. His cock was forced into my throat. He groaned loudly, and I gagged. Sarah held my head firmly and moved it up and down on his cock. She continued this for 10 minutes straight, then I was really surprised. Alex let out an explosive groan, followed by an even more explosive shot of cum. My mouth was flooded, and Sarah finally let go of my head. I fell back on my back, mouth still of cum. Alex smiled and said, “Mmmmm look at that little teen cum slut. Just like you, Sarah.” He took a picture with his phone. I slowly began to drink his cum. I lay there stunned for many minutes. When I was laying on my back, Sarah was talking with Alex. I felt his hands on my hips, and he rolled me onto my stomach. I then felt his cock press into my ass cheeks. He was rubbing his cock between the cheeks, then swiftly pushed it into my pussy. He started to groan and hump. He was humping hard and fast. I felt his cock hitting my cervix. It was painfully sexy. I moaned and screamed. Because I was on the floor, I had nothing to grab. I was flat on my stomach, and he was raping my tight hole. He then pulled out, and went straight into my ass. I opened my mouth so wide. At the same time, Sarah began kissing me. I couldn’t scream as too much was happening. I saw Sarah rubbing her pussy, and I felt Alex getting more fast and aggressive. He started to yell. He pulled out and turned me over and shoved it into my pussy and began to cum in my pussy, then pulled out and came on my chest, face, and in my hair. He wiped his cock head on my face and lips, then got up and went to bed with Sarah. I was left there overnight. And I was rudely awakened in the night by their dog, Max, humping me. But that’s for later??
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