Three Teen Cousins

“Are you some kind of freak? I’m not kissing you, you’re my cousin and cousins don’t kiss!”

That’s what she told him a few years ago when he first approached her, they were young but that changed over the years.

It was when they were camped out in the backyard, the thunder in the distance increasing as the lightning lit up the inside of the tent. She scooted closer to him for a feeling of safety. It was her ass pushing into his groin that made his dick grow. He knew all to well that it felt good to have it rubbed and he started small gyrations against her cheeks, she never noticed at first. As soon as it came the storm had passed but he had no intentions of stopping, after all he was almost there. It was only at the beginning of summer that he found out why he actually liked rubbing it.

She laid there in silence, his arms wrapped around her body pulling her close, she had no clue why he was grinding but she kinda liked the feeling he was giving her. She heard his breathing rapidly increasing as he gave her a tight squeeze. She felt it though the thin cotton pajamas they wore, that hard thing pressing into her ass cheeks was now making jerking spasms as his body tensed ceasing all movement as he let out a long almost undetectable sigh.

He was relieved, the feeling of physical intoxication surfaced as she wondered what had just taken place. He reached into his pajamas rearranging his softening dick, he had no spillage of fluids that night, his body not mature enough, but that would change soon. Spooning together they slept the night that way. She liked the feeling of closeness.

“Rob, what were you doing last night during the storm? That grinding?”

Rob was quite embarrassed when caught off guard and stuttered his reply: “Oh nothing just afraid like you.”

Kim knew some facts and was sure it was a sex act, not that she was offended just the opposite, impressed that he considered her an object of sex. There was not a wealth of information shared about sex, just a birds and bees talk from your parents. Kim was an inquisitive girl and that had the tendency to get her in trouble.

Rob recounted his adventure with another cousin the following day although Dave had some doubts about the actuality of the account. None the less he was mesmerized as Rob got into the details.

They found themselves alone one afternoon with the parents out and about somewhere. It was hot and humid and it was problematical to get comfortable. Even with the tent door and windows open sweat covered their bodies. Rob shucked his shirt and laid back on the green sleeping bag. He couldn’t help notice Kim’s nipples, without a bra on her small tits pushed at the fabric. He began to get hard and she noticed.

“Rob, whats that bulge in your shorts?” She knew all to well what it was.

That was how it all began, a journey into sexual awareness by Kim and Rob. After a period of time their other cousin Dave would travel with them on the journey.

Rob was the outgoing type and had no reservation when he could mull over a response. He was also not self-conscious about his body, sincerely proud of it. Kim was taken back when he began to remove his shorts leaving him in a tight pair of white cotton briefs that presented his unfaltering dick. Even if it was covered she could see the length of it measuring in at about four and half inches.

Kim’s eyes bugged out at the sight, memorized by it she never uttered a word when Rob reached for her tits palming them before delicately tweaking the nipple on the right side. Rob absorbed in the visual image before him. Both in a sitting position it was easy to twist closer to her body until they were embraced holding each other tightly until they released their grip enough to merge faces together. And they were kissing , just what Kim refused him a few years ago.

As they leaned back on the sleeping bag Rob manage to pull her flimsy top up over her head. As their tongue battled he felt Kim’s legs widen and he was between them. It took a lot of convincing on his part but Kim conceded to his request and they both laid there, Rob on top of the young girl, sweating in the light tan tent wearing nothing but their under garments.

She kept her legs instinctively closed but she could feel his dick moving about.

“It’s just too frigging hot in here” With that he reduced his clothing to nothing and began a slow retraction of her panties before crawling onto her young body.

Slick perspiration formed between her thighs as beads of sweat formed profusely on his back as he labored trying to get his dick next to her pussy. Even with her legs clenched it was effortless to force his dick between them. His head laid next to hers, she heard the same pattern of breathing as the other night just before he went still, he succeed in getting the tip of his dick into the wet sweaty outer folds of her nearly hairless cunt as his body muscles began tightening he unsuccessfully pushed hard in an attempt to enter her it.

Then it commenced, they both felt the involuntarily twitching as Rob’s orgasm surfaced. As it had many times previously his dick went through all the motions of orgasm minus the onslaught of sperm. But unbeknownst to him it was the beginning of a full blown culmination of sexual release. About half of the small head of his dick was lodged in Kim’s cunt lips, no where close to her delicate thin membrane protecting her virginity. The head gave up one diminutive drop of translucent fluid.

Two things happened over the next two weeks, they replicated the encounter a few times with Kim not succumbing to Rob’s desire of spreading her legs, and Dave was filled in on the details. One thing that did not happen was Rob’s emissions did not increase although the intensity of the act did.

It was back to school for them. It was problematic to get together until a few days off from school at Thanksgiving recess. That’s when it got interesting for all three youths.