Spring Break Visitor – The Next Day

The next day of Spring break I woke up to a quiet house in the late morning. As I went to make my cup of coffee I found a note from my cousin explaining she and her friends went to the beach and that Dani was not feeling well and decided to stay over.

As I sipped my coffee and thought of the amazing blow job Dani gave me I looked outside and saw a completely nude Dani sitting by the pool. Her tan skin glistening from the pool water. Her gorgeous 7 inch uncut cock was was on her thigh and I just could not wait to have more time with her.

I walked out to the pool to join her and said “You don’t look sick at all!” She smiles and responded “ Well after I swallowed your delicious cum last night I am owed something.” She noticed my eyes would not move from her tan dick. I took my shorts off and my cock was already rock hard.

I walked over to her and began to kiss her passionately. As we kissed she moved to my ear and whispered “Have you ever sucked a dick before?” I responded no, made eye contact and began kissing her down her firm body. As I worked my way down I felt her dick get hard across my chest. I quickly  pulled the skin down on her cock and shoved it into my mouth. I thought about all the porn I had seen and what I enjoyed being done to me when I received head. She rubbed my head as I slobbered all over her stiff dick. She began to moan and lifted both her legs in the air. “Lick my asshole.” She said in ecstasy. I happily made my way to her hairless balls and then stuck my tongue in her moist ass. I could tell she enjoyed it when she placed her hands on her cheeks to spread her ass more.

With my tongue deep in her asshole, I decided to place a my middle finger into her asshole. I shoved it as deep as I could and she moaned louder. Not worried about my neighbors hearing her, I slipped a second finger into her and began to massage her prostate.

Looking at her dick with pre-cum dripping out of it I realized how much I loved sucking her. I wrapped my lips around the head and sucked still fingering her tight, moist ass. I was completely turned on at this point and my manhood felt as if it was going to explode. I lifted my head off her cock and asked her “Baby, can I cum now?” She smiled at me and said “Yes please. I want your warm jizz all over me!”

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I began to jerk off standing over the beach chair she was in. She continued to finger her ass, pulling her fingers out  periodically and sucking them as if she loved the taste. As she placed her finger roughly back into her ass she looked at me and said “I am all yours this week. Show me you want me.” I finally came again. My cum covered her cock and firm stomach. She then whispered “Can you please clean me off Daddy.” Hearing her say this in her Brazilian accent made me want to suck her cum out. I went back and placed her dick that was covered in my cum into my mouth. She asked me to shove my fingers back into her and not to be gentle. This time I placed three fingers into her now gaping ass, rubbing her smooth balls as I sucked her. She began to squirm and I knew I was going to swallow my first cumshot. She then grabbed my head and pushed it down forcing me to deepthroat. As I chocked on her she shot a warm thick load down my throat. I realized I loved the taste of her and kept sucking until I had ever drop. “You loved every minute of having me to yourself didn’t you?” Dani stated with a smile. I shook my head yes as I looked up to her with her cock on my face.


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