Transgender workmate

Roy was in his mid 40s and worked as storeman in a retail store. He had been their 20years. Married and had kids, and seemed very happy. About a year ago a new girl started in the store (well a transgender girl) name off Katy. At first Roy was unsure about working with her, but soon became friends. Then one day Katy give him a kiss on the cheek, surprised Roy turned round and kissed her on lips. Soon they started kissing passionately. Before they new it Roy’s hand was inside her top groping Katy’s tits. By now he was ripping at her clothes, he was like a wild animal, sucking her breasts as his hands pulled her trousers down. Then releasing her cock, he began stroking it. Katy was panting oh fuck Roy take me she screamed. He was soon sucking her cock (which was surprise as he was not gay) and licking her balls. Which been well shaved turned him on.,, Soon screamed I’m going to cum and soon toys mouth was covered in her salty cum. Roy now wanted more and grabbed Katy and bending her over, pushed his hard cock in her ass. Pounding her hard. Fucking her brains out. He then got in missionary position and fucked her again this time bareback shot his load inside her. They both lay on the ground silent but satisfied. After a while they cleaned up and went back to work. It felt uncomfortable situation. But when no one was looking they went caress or touch each other. Smile then work on. By the end off the shift Roy wanted more, he wanted to fuck her again. Soon their was nobody about. And Katy got on her knees and soon was sucking his cock. Wow it felt good, even his wife never sucked him like that. She then stripped Infront off. Wow it was so sexy he was rock hard. Soon he was guiding his cock in her ass. She moaned yes use me she moaned. Roy was now fucking her slowly then deeper and harder. Roy couldn’t hold back and came inside Katy. Over the next 6 months every chance he got he fucked Katy. Even got Katy to fuck him. Then Katy left, just left without saying a word. Then came another surprise his wife who was 6 years younger than him announced she was pregnant. Roy questioned her how we hardly had sex. She broke down and cried. Sorry I’ve been sleeping with that transgender Katy, it’s here. Roy was stunned but didn’t want to confess about what he had been doing. So both decided to tell people it was hers. As for Katy no one knows where she went.

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