Could not stop Thinking about her

It has only been 6 weeks since I had my last Physical and I can’t stop thinking about my Doctor. I have always had fantasies about her until my last visit. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom I start thinking about our last sexual encounter. The way she  started the entire thing, she told me she wanted to start in the front, to pull my jeans down, She turned around toward me and started smiling, I had no idea why, was she amused or excited? Then she put her gloves on, pulled up in front of me and grabbed my cock, picked it up in her small black hand and held it away from my balls, about two inches were hanging out of her hand. I felt her give my cock a good squeeze several times, doing this my cock started to grow, then she asked me, how long have you and your wife been married? I said 34 years, I could feel my cock getting stiffer by the second. Then she just said WOW! then she pushed my cock aside and stuck her finger tips up under my balls and told me to cough, again, again, then the other side, she moved my now steel pipe to the other side, I felt her start to slowly move her hand up and down my shaft, cough, again again again, then she squeezed it really tight and told me I really had a nice cock and started stroking it. Thank you I said, she asked if I felt any pain when she squeezed It? No I would not say it was pain I felt, but it sure felt good. She smiled and told me to turn around. It was ole Dr Jelly finger time, She put her hand on my ass and was caressing it with one hand and with the other she put some KY-Jelly on my ass hole. Sorry for the cold she said, she asked if I had ever had my butt hole fingered. Yes I have, by you when I had my last Physical, she said no I mean not by a doctor. I was caught off guard by her question, I was quiet for a few seconds. Then thought what the hell, go for it. Yes my wife has fingered my ass when going down on me. Oh, she says, then she pushed her finger against my hole and pushed it deep in my ass, is that okay? it seemed to go in easy, she said as she started slowly fingering my ass in and out. Then she reached around my waist and grabbed my cock, I felt her small warm naked body against my naked hips and ass. I was like, when did she get naked? I looked back and saw that she only had on a pair of White lacy panties and nothing else. Her body was so damn sexy I wanted to turn around and throw her on the table and lick her sweet hot black pussy, make her cum and then fuck her hard and fast. But instead she kept fingering my ass hole and said does this feel good? All I could do was grunt and shake my head. Damn her strokes on my cock were magnificent, Just when I thought I could not take anymore and started to turn she told me to get on the table. I could not help myself and turned around and started kissing her and feeling her lovely small body, massaging her perfect firm breast, her tight Areolas and her hard fucking nipples with my lips, I licked and sucked them like a mad man, every sensation was times ten, my hands were  all over her body, her flat stomach her firm ass and her lovely sweet pussy. Kissing her soft warm lips, her face and  then her neck and down her tits once more, I keeled down and kissed her pussy, my tongue reached out for her clit, she spread her legs and pulled my head up into her pussy and pushed her hot wet cunt down onto my waiting mouth at the same time.  I licked her for several minutes, then got up kissed her once more and got on the table. She said oh fuck why did you stop? You told me get on the table. Yes but I wanted you to keep licking my pussy. I said I will, then I thought what the hell. I love eating pussy, I told her we would switch places. We did, I lifted her up on the table then pulled her over to the edge, pushed her legs wide apart to reveal such a lovely  sweet wet cunt. I started licking my way from her knees down to her love box, she even smelled sexy, oh damn I do love eating pussy, hers was beautiful, I loved licking her warm soft lips inside and out, running my tongue all around inside her lovely pink hole. Her pussy was shaved perfect, about a 2 inch wide strip of fine thin hair went from the top of her little mound down to her clit, she shaved around her lips and down the sides of her cunt. Her legs were soft and smooth as I caressed her thighs and calves and then ran my tongue up and down the opening to her love hole. Her lips were soaking wet, hot and tasted lovely like some kind of sweet candy, I held her legs wide apart as I licked all around her clit, teasing it, lightly touching it, every once in awhile letting my tongue flick across it, then sucking it up softly and letting go. She was going mad wanting me to fully lick her clit, Finally she grabbed my head and told me to lick her clit and suck it, make me cum you damn tease, lick my cunt! On her command  I started giving her the best cunt licking I ever had done. My tongue was like it had a mind of is own, knowing exactly where to lick and what she wanted. She was humping my face and shoving her cunt onto my mouth. She was cumming hard, hunching and moaning very loud. We had forgotten we were in her office, I pushed two fingers deep into her pussy when she had finished cumming. I kept licking her juices up out of her creamy cunt while I massaged her G-spot in a circular motion, then tapping it with my finger tips, in no time she was cumming harder than the first, reaching and grabbing the table and pulling her body toward the edge and shoving her cunt up at my face. Oh my god, oh my god, oh fuck, fuck fuck, suck it up, fucking lick that pussy. She came so hard that the table actually moved as she humped my face. I never stopped licking her beautiful pussy, instead I reached around her legs and started softly pinching her very hard nipples. Pulling them up and then softly rubbing the very tips of her nipples with the tips of my fingers. When she was trying to pull away saying that she was too sensitive, I ignored her pleas and grabbed her legs tight and pulled her close into my mouth, I slowed my tongue and softly just kept licking her very sensitive swollen clit. In a matter of minutes she was yelling and squirming all over, then she grabbed my head once more and pulled it deep in her throbbing lips, she came again, this time arching her back up off the table, dripping with sweat and weak she let her body drop on the table, breathing very heavy she said, I have never cummed so much in my life. I said I think I could go again if you want. No No, I don’t think I could take it. I kissed her pussy then raised up and rubbed my cock head up and down her lips, hitting her clit with every stroke. She reached down and grabbed my cock from under her leg and guided it to her opening, then said fuck me, come on fuck me hard with that big white dick. Then she started pushing back against my rock hard cock, feeling my cock start to slide in was a fantastic sensation, her pussy was so wet and tight I could feel her pussy sucking on my cock. Her labia was holding on as I pushed and pulled my cock in and out working it in, her wetness shinned on my shaft. She lifted her body up off the table pushing her cunt onto my cock, finally my balls smacked her ass, then I stared pumping my hard white cock deep in her lovely black pussy. I grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard and fast, ramming my cock deep in her, shoving my cock deep in her pussy. It was like I could not get deep enough. I wanted more. Her pussy was so hot and wet. It felt so good on my cock. She was moaning and grinding her hips with every thrust, fuck me fuck me, oh yeah that’s it fuck me hard motherfucker. We started cumming together as I pulled out, grabbed my cock and then let go all over her body. I shot several huge streams of cum that went all the way up to her neck and mouth, I loved watching my white creamy cum hit her mouth and neck and cover her small black nipples. I leaned forward and laid in my cum letting it mingle in both our bodies, then I lifted up and letting the cum stick to our bodies, I kissed her lips and licked the cum off her lips and chin, then kissed her again swapping cum back and fourth. She just made a mmmm sound and said, damn your cum is sweet. I said yeah well your Pussy taste so much better than my cum. We both held each other then kissed for a long time, feeling our tongue licking and twisting around each others and loving the smooth wetness and the heat of our mouths on each others. Then we got up cleaned off and started getting dressed, I was still raring to go and wanted her sexy hot body, I hoisted her up off the floor and told her I wanted her sexy body, I just wanted to feel her body wrapped around mine, her warm sensual skin next to mine, so I just held her hot Body next to mine until we had to go. We got dressed, kissed one last time then left. Okay like I said that was 6 weeks or 1 and a half months. I have not been able to stop thinking about her, what is more shocking is that I just got a call from her office telling me that I needed to come in, That the Doctor needed to see me and that they made me an appointment for tomorrow evening at 4:30. That was the time they took the last patient. Well alright, what did they find? What was wrong? Then I got another call from the doctor herself, don’t worry there is nothing wrong, everything is in fine working order, I just really need to see you. Her voice was so sexy on the message that I knew what she wanted. I was looking forward to tomorrow.