Room service with an extra service – Part 1

I am 54 years old. Remembering times when I was very young and always horny. I had not met my wife yet, I was dating my first real girlfriend. She was a short big boobed blond that I met playing softball with a gang of friends at the local field. I was 18 when we met, had my own truck and my own apartment. I thought she really loved me but boy was I wrong. I had been working at a Local Hotel in the dinning room. We served food and drinks in the bar and also gave room service. I got her a job there as a waitress. I always worked 3rd shift, and every weekend. I did not understand why I was always working the weekend until I realized that my boss thought I was a good looking guy and wanted to entice the women and the gays that came in around  2 or 3 am, after a night of partying. I always got good tips and had a few ladies and men offer me sex, even money sometimes. My girlfriend had started working 3rd with me on the weekends. I thought boy that’s good now I can be with her more. After about a month I noticed that when she got called for room service she would be gone a lot longer than it should take. Well maybe I was just over reacting. Then this one night around 1 am she got a room service call. It was a bunch of food, she had a little cart to push up to the room. So I decided to follow her and see just what was going on. We had brown uniforms that fit pretty tight, the ladies zipped up the front, hers was always unzipped a little and it made her tits stick out. She stopped at the room, I was down the walkway on the 2nd floor, I watched as she unzipped her to a little more showing her tits off, the door opened and she walked inside. I went to the window of the room hoping I could see in between the curtains, Oh thank god they were open about two inches, I could see the beds and at the end I could see my girlfriend standing and unloading the cart, the man was getting money, which was strange because we always put it on their bill. Then I see him talking to her, she was smiling and laughing. Then he reaches over and unzips her top all the way down and starts felling her tits, I thought, you damn slut, now I know why you take so long. They start kissing and he ends up taking her bra off and then her pants. She removed her top, he starts sucking her nipples they both fall on the bed and start rolling around until he is on top of her, his bath robe opened and his cock hanging out between her legs. He is still kissing her and starts to shove his big black cock in her little pussy. He can barely get it in as she starts moaning and yelling, its too big, its too big. He says, you can take it, you can take that big black dick. She says you need to lick my cunt, so he does, he’s licking and sucking her pussy. She is cumming in minutes, then he tells her to turn over and bend over the bed, I can see her round pale white ass sticking up in the air, he smacks her ass with his big black cock, then he rubs the big head of his cock up and down her pussy. She is moving her ass side to side, then he starts to push that huge black cock in her tight white pussy. She is throwing her head back and panting. He starts getting rough with her, pulling her hips back hard, then holding her by her throat as he shoves his entire cock up her pussy with one thrust. She let out a scream and moaned very loud, he said I am gonna stretch that white pussy for you. Then she said oh fuck yeah, fuck me hard with that big black cock, shove that black dick in my white pussy. Then I knew she had done this before, it was not hurting her, she loved being fucked by black guys, or just guys with massive cocks. Mine was not little at 8 inches but this guy was more like 13 or 14 inches, she took every inch. I had to get back down to work soon, I watched as he fucked her from behind and then turned her over and hung his cock in her mouth. She worked her mouth over the head but that was it, she could not take any more, I was turned on and felling my own cock. I had to keep an eye out for people seeing me. I was outside on the 2nd floor balcony, so there was no hiding, I just had to watch out. I ended up leaving with my cock rock hard, the last thing I saw was him pumping away on her pussy with her legs locked around his waist and yelling fuck me hard with black cock. When she came back downstairs she acted like nothing was wrong. I saw her look over at our Manager and nod her head with a big smile. I knew then that the female manager knew what was going on. I was having to act like nothing was going on and I was not hurt. I kept thinking of how to get back at her. Now onto part two.