Room service with an Extra service – Part 2 – the pay back

Okay, so my little loving girlfriend was earning extra cash by fucking some of the patrons. I had seen her with a Black man one night when she had to make a Room Service call. I knew she did not feel very tight sometimes and my cock was not your average 5 or 6 inches, I had a good 8 inch cock that my hand did not fit around. My cock had a slight curve to the left to it but I always thought it just made it feel better to the women when fucking. I guess she needed more than what I had to offer or she just needed more money. Anyway I had come up with way of paying her back, if she wanted to fuck then why not give it to her. I had met a man and woman that stayed at the hotel pretty often, they would have a different person with them when they stayed. Sometimes two people, they were all white, never any other race when it came to men. Sometimes they would have a oriental woman or Spanish woman. Before I met my girlfriend I had had sex with them one time. 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He just started kissing her and said what we want is anything, she did not catch the we want. Then he told her to take her uniform off and get on the bed. She did. I must say she looked good taking off all her clothes and crawling on the bed, her silky smooth white skin, her long blond hair and her blond trimmed young pussy. Then he took his robe off and got on the bed beside her. His big 10 inch cock laying across his leg, not hard yet. She started rubbing his cock, sliding her hand along his shaft bent over his leg, it started getting hard and was now a good 11 inches long sticking up to his chest now. He said suck my cock for me. She started licking and sucking the head and licked his shaft, telling him she had never had a cock that big. Then he says I want to tie you down, she agrees and lets him tie her hands and feet to the bed. He starts kissing her tits and stomach, down to her pussy. He parts her lips with his tongue and starts licking her clit right away. 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