The two boys to wash windows, they got so much more

Me and my Husband have been posting our sex life on here for some time now, Because of the Position we are in we feel like we can not go online and answer the shares that have been posted. We don’t know if what we post will go on regular facebook or some special page that only this community can read. So we are very sorry that we can not answer any text or shares no matter how bad we might want to. Now with that out of the way I can tell of an experience We had, or it started out being me then my Husband came in later. My Husband is always telling me how sexy I am and how I keep his cock hard with just him watching me walk around all day. I don’t regularly dress provocative but because of my breast and nipple size I am always showing my girls off poking through my shirts, blouses or dresses. I have gotten use to guys staring at my breast. It was summer time and really hot out, We had been Married for about 15 years, our kids had grown and moved out, I had three boys when I met my now husband so my kids were older when we married. He is 10 years younger than me. I am 64 now and he is 54. We met when I was 29 and just about to turn 30. that made him 19 going on 20. He made me so damn hot I wanted to fuck him all the time, 34 years later and nothing has changed. Now at the time of this little romp I was 45 and feeling very sexual and still had my 30 year old body. I love fucking and anything to do with sex, I really never cared for Anal and don’t think I will. Like I was saying, it was summer time I was just working around the House. I had on a pair of  pretty short cut off blue jean shorts, I never wore panties because a doctor told me that women should let their vaginas breath, I was wearing one of my husbands V neck T-shirts no bra and tied up in a knot at my flat stomach. At the time we had just moved into a house and did not have much money, we did not run the air conditioner but had fans running that kept it cool enough to feel good. Like I said I had been working around the house and had been sweating, I had not realized that my nipples were showing through like I had nothing on, they were hard and my Dark Areolas were tightened up like rocks, it was about 3:30 in the afternoon when I heard the doorbell ring a few times. Great what now? was our dog out or something? because we lived at a dead end with no nearby neighbors so we did not get many people just coming by. I opened the Door and I saw two Boys about 16 or 17 standing on our porch, they both started to talk at the same time, Hello Mame, We were wondering if you had anything you needed done around your house? like cutting the grass, or trimming the bushes, or even cleaning the gutters? They both had looked down at my breast and then would look right back up at me, glancing down at my tits like they could not help themselves. One of them said I am Danny, then the other one said I am David, we live in Horse stable way about a mile from here. We could do anything you want or need done. We just want to earn some money to take our girlfriends out Tonight. I said really how sweet, Well lets see, I can’t really think of anything right now, I wish I had something for you to do. I had a towel in my hand patting the sweat from my face and chest, they kept looking at my nipples as much as they could without getting caught. I said I am sorry but if I think of anything, They turned to walk off then it hit me as they were about halfway down the walk way, I said wait a minute, they turned around quickly and stopped, I said will you wash my windows? Oh yes, we will do anything, I said now that means inside and out. Ok we can do that. I was my moms windows all the time Danny said. I said alright, The way my husband does it, he has cleaner that he hooks up to the water hose and sprays it on the windows, you don’t even have to use paper towels or wipe them off, it just cleans them with the hose, but the inside you will have to do by hand. Ok alright. I said all of the stuff is in the garage on the shelves behind the door. Just let me know when you’re finished. I think I will be by the pool. So I got me a drink and a book and changed into my bathing suite, it was a one piece with the stomach area cut out in a oval shape  and was cut kinda high around the ass cheeks, I had gotten up a few times and jumped in the pool and then filled my drink up and laid back down, after about an hour I asked the boys if they wanted something to drink, they both said yes, I said go sit down over by the pool and cool off. I said you can jump in if you want and I will be right back, I said now how old are you guys, they both said 18, David said I just turned 18 last week, Well happy birthday David.  So do you Boys want a beer? They looked at each other like it was both their birthdays. I said well you are 18, right? Yes oh yes, we  would love one, I came back with two Coronas  and a lime, We sat and talked, they both had taken off their shirts, and were young muscular bodies, they both had on shorts that came to their mid thigh, cargo shorts. I said if you want to swim I can get you a pair of my husbands swim trunks if you like, I am sure you don’t want to get your shorts wet. That would be great. I said ok follow me, they both came in and followed me to the bed room, I started to pull out some shorts and my Vibrator fell out of the drawer, it was a big 10 inch vibrating life like dildo. I  know my face got red and I picked it up and hit the on button, it started going buzzzzz. I quickly turned it off and said I am sorry, I didn’t think about them. Danny said its ok, I have seen my moms in her drawer, her and my dad use it when they fuck. I didn’t know what to say, I said well…. here you are just come out when you’re changed, I walked out and pulled the door almost closed, I turned around in the hallway and could see the door cracked enough that I could watch them change. They both pulled their shorts off and their underwear, They looked at each other, Then David grabbed his cock and held it out, he was hung for a boy of 18, it hung out of his hand a good 4 inches, then he smacked it in his other hand and said damn man she is so fucking hot I would fuck her so hard, I would love to stick my cock up her, Danny’s cock was rock hard, it was very thick as his hand did not fit around his cock, he was not as long as David but he had a good 8 inches and veins sticking out all over his cock, he said Oh my God I want to fuck her so bad, then he pulled back on his cock and pushed his hips forward and said if I could just shove my cock in her pussy and fuck her so good, oh man did you see that dildo and the look on her face when I said my Mom and Dad use it when they FUCK! I bet she is so wet. Shoot a woman like that ain’t going to Fuck guys like us. Then David said, look at that picture, if that’s her husband I ain’t even going to try, he would fucking beat the hell out of both of us. Well of course that’s her Husband Dumb ass, who the fuck else would it be, I started to laugh so I walked off. All I could do was think of the size of their young cocks and how bad they wanted me, I was so wet all I wanted to do was rub my clit and finger myself. I was laying on the chase lounge when they came out, I said I got you another Beer if you want it, I said I would Like for my Husband to meet you both, ok? They walked around in front of me and I said well it looks like you’re about the same size as my husband, they look good. David jumped in and then Danny, I decided to give them a show, so I laid back with my knees bent up and let my legs fall open, the material of my suite stretched and pulled the middle in between my pussy lips, I acted like I didn’t know and laid there with my sun glasses on so they could not see my eyes. When they were not looking I would pinch my nipples making them stick out even more, When David got out I could see he had the biggest hard on sticking to the side almost to his hip, it was pushing the material out, I decided to just be blunt, I told him to come here. He walked over beside me, I reached up and rubbed his cock, I said looks like I turn you on David, do you like my body? He said oh hell yes, you’re so damn sexy, I want to fuck you so bad. Danny was still swimming and did not notice what was going on because David had his back to him. I pulled my suite strings down and pulled my big tits out, he said oh my god your tits are so beautiful. I pinched my nipples and said do you want to suck them? Yes, yes, as he reached down and touched my breast. I said get some oil and rub it on my breast, all I had was baby oil, I told him to squirt it on my tits, he did, then I said now rub it in and pinch my nipples. I pulled his big cock out and told him how lucky he was to have such a big cock, I started stroking it when Danny walked up, I said well you finally showed up, I said do you want to fuck me as bad as David? He said no, I want to fuck you a hell of a lot more. He was so excited he pulled his trunks off and tossed them aside, he started jerking his cock fast and hard, I said slow down, slow down and you will love it. He said I am so fucking horny, I grabbed his cock and said no like this and started stroking his cock slowly and long strokes. I said your cock is so thick I want to suck it now, he stepped closer so it was right at my mouth, I started licking the head, running my tongue in circles around the head and then took about two inches in my mouth, I said I really have to stretch my mouth wide to get your cock in it, I told him that women love the feel of a big thick cock. I was still stroking David’s cock, it was so long and fat, the skin felt thin and tight it looked like the head would stretch out of the end it was so hard, I said let me get my suite off since you both are naked, I asked them if they had ever touched each other? They said no and looked at each other like maybe they had thought about it, I sat back down ad said okay, I want you to grab each others cock, I said just look at each other and reach at the same time. David stepped up first, his cock hit Danny right in the crotch, Danny’s cock was sticking straight up, he was so fucking hard all his veins were popping out like a road map, their hands went around their cocks at the same time and started pumping up and down. I said now put you other hand on the other ones chest and pinch his nipple, they reluctantly did it, I could see they were getting really turned on. When David said, I thought about sucking your cock sometimes, I said yeah that’s what I figured. Then Danny said I did too but didn’t know if you would want to, I was rubbing my pussy and getting so turned on watching these two guys touch each other for the first time, their strokes got faster and harder. My breathing was so heavy and rapid, I said I want one of you to come lick my cunt while the other one sucks his cock. David said I will suck your cock first, then you can do me, he laid down and then let Danny get between my legs, he was laying beside the chase lounge with half his body leaning on the chase lounge. Danny started licking my lips first, I said oh yes that’s perfect now lick all around my pussy inside but don’t lick my clit yet, lick the inside of my lips and run your tongue around in my hole. Then I saw David grab Danny’s cock and start licking it, then he took about half into his mouth and went up and down on that thick cock. He raised his head and said am I doing it right? I asked Danny if it felt good? He said oh my god it feels so good, I like the way he sucks my dick, its better than my girlfriend. I said that answers your question, then he gulped almost his entire cock down his throat and kept doing it. Danny was licking away, when I told him to gently lick my clit. I said and suck on it, then I said now you switch. David was right between my legs in a flash, he said I wanted to taste your pussy so bad. Then Danny said his cock is longer, I can’t take as much as he did. I told him, I am sure you will do fine, just do what feels good, he started licking all up and down his shaft, I said now try something and gently bit the sides of his big hard shaft while you’re stroking up by the head, he did as told and made David moan out so loud. I said now suck the head, about that time I heard a clicking sound and I looked back while holding Davids head in place while he lick my clit, it was my Husband standing there totally naked taking pictures. I smiled at him and then turned and told the other guys I said, don’t stop because it is okay, my husband like to watch me fuck and he will join us. They both looked up and got scared, my Husband said don’t stop, just keep it up. They both looked at his big cock sticking straight out. He took a picture of them looking at him with fear and shock, he said why don’t one of you fuck my  wife’s beautiful Pussy, he told David to fuck me, while I sucks Danny’s big cock. David was behind me and started pushing his big cock between my cunt lips, I think David had about 11 inches when completely hard. He shoved it all the way up in me, oh fuck it felt amazing going in inch by inch, when he reached bottom and pushed more I could feel it in my stomach. Danny was shoving his cock in and out of my mouth, my mouth was stretched as wide as I could get it, he grabbed my hair and tried to push it in more, I grabbed his cock and took control, as I slowed his thrust down and sucked his cock really hard while David was pulling his cock all the way out and thrusting all the way back in. Then my Husband walks over to Danny and grabs his head and say you want to suck my cock? He said open your mouth and pushed his cock right  in to Danny’s mouth. Mick started pumping Danny’s face. Danny pulled back and said you’re too fat I can’t take that much. My Husband said Okay, okay just suck it how you want. Then Danny started sucking right on the head. David was starting to tense up and grunt, Danny was right with him, trying to moan with a mouth full of cock. I was telling David to fuck me hard  while I was rubbing my clit, we were all about to cum except for my Husband. David pulled out and shot huge streams of cum all over my cunt, stomach and tits, I was thrusting my hips up and down, cumming and screaming as Danny started shooting a load down my throat and pulls back and cums all over my face and tits. My body was covered with cum, I told the boys they would have to clean up their mess with their tongues. Danny was still getting a face fuck from my husband, but just then my husband grabs his head and pushes his head down and holds it there. We could hear Danny gulping down all the cum being shot down his throat, it was so much it started running out the sides of his mouth and down his chin. My husband pulls back and shoots more of Danny’s face as it ran out of his mouth, he kept stroking Mick’s cock like he was loving cum. My Husband got pictures of Danny with all the cum on his face and told David to stick his cock back in me while he took pictures of him pulling out and pulling cum with it. He took pics of me covered in cum and sucking Danny’s big fat cock, he said now boys you don’t go bragging about this to nobody, okay. I said oh that’s right just be happy that it happened and you still need to finish the windows, right. They both agreed and said oh no we won’t say anything. I said now I hop you have fun tonight and teach your girlfriends something that you learned. They finished the windows and we gave them $100.00 each and told them that was just something extra so they could have a good time, they have worked for us off and on for years until David’s parents moved. We still see Danny but not as much, it’s been good.