The unexpected intruder, we didn’t have to roll play

I am 64 years old and still love sex, I have been married to the same man for 34 years. We have tried to keep out sex life lively and hot, our children are all grown and moved out so we have the house to ourselves. Even though my husband is disabled he tries to stay fit and takes care of things around the house. He says if he did not do things like repairing our screened in porch, doors and other stuff like that he would not feel like a man. He is still strong but due to a lot of injuries he is in pain constantly. When we plan on getting a little weird with sex he might take an extra pain pill to manage his pain. This was not one of those nights but it ended up being something neither one of us expected. We were upstairs watching TV in bed, I had on my thin night shirt, no panties and had my hair pulled up like a little school girl in pony tails. My husband had on a Tank top and his underwear, which always shows his full package, filling up his shorts. My nipples are always poking out of my shirt because they are thick round plump nipples that my husband says look like they always want to be sucked. It was about 12:30 at night we were about to go to sleep, when we heard a noise downstairs, it sounded like a glass broke. It startled me, my husband said if that damn cat knocked a glass of the counter I am going to make you a pair of new fur gloves. I said the cats outside, I did not let her back in yet. He said you stay here and I will go see. He grabbed his gun from the night stand, took the safety off cocked it and went out of the bedroom. Watching him stand there in his underwear, his muscles showing and his big bulge, holding his gun down to his side got me a little horny and wet. I thought, here he is going downstairs alone, we don’t know if its dangerous, he could get hurt and I am getting horny, what the hell am I thinking? I get up and follow him, he says what are you doing? I told you to stay in the bedroom. I told him, I am not letting you go alone. He was like, just stay behind me and out of my way. His forcefulness made my pussy drip. He looked back at me and I just smiled back, the lights were out as we crept down the stairs, we could see a light flashing around the kitchen. My husband told me to stay about middle ways up the stairs just in case I needed to run back up. He went around the sofa and got against the wall next to the doorway, his gun up beside his head as he glanced around the corner. He quickly moves around the corner flips the lights on and blinds the person and yells out Get the fuck on the ground or I will blow your fucking head off. I hear something hit the floor and a voice say ok, ok, ok, just don’t shoot. I am sorry, just don’t shoot me. My husband says lay down and put your hands out to your side, spread Eagle fucker. I am now coming down the stairs and walk around the corner up behind my husband with my hands on his shoulders and peaking around him like some scared puppy. The guy on the floor says, I am so sorry I was just starving and wanted food. My family is hungry. My husband tells me to call the cops, which the man starts begging me not to do, he says I will do anything you want just don’t call the cops. I can’t go to jail. I honestly just wanted food, that’s why I was in your kitchen. I said Mick maybe he is telling the truth, he looks at me with a look of yeah right, he thinks for a few minutes and tells the guy to get up and sit at the table, which the man quickly gets up and almost runs to his chair. He’s dressed all in black with black makeup smeared on his face. My husband says really dude, black make up, you’re a real pro at this. He says this is the first time I have ever done anything like this, I am not a crook. I am standing there in my night shirt, my nipples are hard as rocks almost poking through the thin material. I was scared at first and did not feel my pussy was really wet with a small wet stream running down my thigh, I guess the fear and excitement got me so fucking wet that my pussy started to run wetness. The guy sitting down keeps looking at my nipples, just glancing over at them and then back to my husband. Look man we have got to call the cops, I don’t know if you’re telling us the truth or not. The guy is begging and say I will do whatever you want, anything anything, really. He says what can I do to make you believe me? I asked my husband to come over here and talk to me. He says okay but first get the rope out of the garage and tie him up to the chair. I go get the rope, my husband says hold the gun on him while I tie him up. After a few minutes and he is tied to the chair we walk into the other room and talk, I said, I think he is telling the truth and he said he would do anything as I reach and give my husbands bulge a good squeeze and kiss him. He says are you saying we should fuck him? Well we don’t have to fuck him but he can do us, first lets see if he is thinking or what he thinks about sucking your cock, or fucking, he keeps looking at my tits, so I know he likes me, lets tease him a little. Just hold let me tease him and see how he acts. Okay? Alright my husband agrees, we walk back in and my husband says we have not decided yet what to do with you. First what is your name? He says Greg. Greg what? let me guess Smith. No he says its Greg Smalls. We both got a grin and said well okay, Greg Smalls where do you live. He tells us, 201 Apple wood cir, in Blount county. I say that’s a 1 hour  drive from here. He says he did not want to be close to home. Do you have ID? Its in my back pocket. I said I will get it, so I walk up in front of him and bend over reaching around behind him, my tits are in his face, my nipples are poking against his chest and neck area, I can hear him breath a little harder, I reach and pull. I say lift your ass up so I can pull it out, he does then sits back down, as I raise up I let my nipple slide across his lips. I turn around and drop his wallet on the floor, I bend over to pick it up knowing he can see my nice thick pussy lips all wet with my juices. I spread my legs a little showing my pink, my lips are shaved and swollen, he can see how wet I am, running down my leg. So why did you pick us my husband asked? Greg said just because all of your lights were out. Well that was smart. He said I told you I have never done anything like this. My husband says so you say you will do anything? Yes, Yes what do you want? I can see my Husband’s cock getting bigger by the second. His big cock is starting to come out of his underwear, he says excuse me as he adjust his cock. Then out of the blue the man says, You have a really nice Cock, do you want me to suck it? We look at each other like in agreement. Then my Husband says What makes you think I want my dick sucked? The man says Because I am Bi-Sexual and I know when someone else is to, me and my wife have a open relationship, we switch partners sometimes. I am leaning against the counter and have started touching my pussy through my long Night shirt. And if you don’t mind me saying, Your wife is so beautiful and she is so wet right now. My husband puts down the gun and walks over to me and starts kissing me and touching my pussy and tits. Greg kinda shifts himself on the chair as his cock starts to get hard, he says so what do you both want. I am reaching down and squeezing my husbands rock hard cock and stroking its full length, Greg says please let me suck your cock, I can’t stand it anymore, I want to taste her juices. I pull my husband over to Greg by his cock and push it right in to his lips. My husband says don’t even think of biting my cock. Greg quickly starts licking the head and the shaft as I smack it on his face and rub it across his lips, I am using one hand to hold my husbands cock and the other to pinch my nipples. Greg says let me have more, push that cock down my throat. So my husband holds the back of Gregs head and pushes his cock all the way down his throat, Greg hold his head in place and sucks on it the whole time his throat is filled with big cock, he pulls his head back and goes right back down. I bend over and unzip Greg’s pants and unbutton them, I pull his cock out, It was almost the same size as Mick’s, it was a bit longer maybe an inch. I said well well, this is a surprise as I stroked his cock. He started to pull back and say something when Mick shoves his big fat cock right back down Greg’s throat and says just keep sucking. Then I start licking Greg’s cock all around his fat shaft and suck on the head. My hands stroking his shaft and moving in a semi circle, he starts pumping his hips up at my face like he could not help himself, thrusting hard, wanting more, I suck his cock and take his entire shaft down my throat, bobbing up and down matching his speed at sucking cock. Then my husband pulls his cock out as spit and saliva pour out of Greg’s mouth down on the back of my neck, He tells me to ride his cock. I pull my night shirt off and place my cunt right above Greg’s cock, I push my cunt all the way down on his long fat cock, I feel it hit Bottom as I wiggle my hips back and fourth, ridding his cock. My Husband starts playing with my  nipples, pulling and twisting them, harder and harder, as I start slamming my cunt down on Greg’s cock. Then my husband pulls my head toward him and puts his cock in my mouth, he says suck my cock baby. I suck it for a few minutes, we are about to all go off when my husband holds his cock to keep from losing his load, and puts it in Greg’s mouth and keeps pumping his in and out of Greg’s mouth and shoots a huge stream of hot cum down his throat, then pulls back and covers his face with hot glaze. Mick is telling him to lick it off. I am cumming and watching at cum is shooting all over his face. I am rubbing my clit and pumping up and down on his fat cock, moaning and shouting oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, oh god that’s deep, as I push my cunt down all the way to the balls. My husband starts smacking Greg in the face with his cock, just across his lips as Greg holds his mouth open and is trying to lick his cock, while I am still slowly going up and down on his cock. He says stop, stop oh god its too sensitive oh god oh god. I don’t stop I just keep fucking his long fat shaft, making him shutter and cum again, as he pumped another load of cum deep inside my cunt. When I finally slide my cunt off his cock, all his cum ran out of my pussy pouring out on to his crotch, down his cock and on to his jeans. Then we all stop, my husband unties Greg and says well Greg I hope you learned your lesson. We all just kinda laughed and smiled, then my husband says, Listen Greg, don’t go breaking into peoples houses, its not right man. I want to help your family so here is some food  and stuff. Mick gets some food from the Pantry and freezer, then he gives him some money and says look I want your number and you have mine. Maybe we can have you and your wife over sometime. She would love that. She is not going to believe what happened tonight. Well you should be glad it was us and not someone that would kill you. Then I walk over still naked and tell him, I can’t wait to meet your wife and give him a kiss on the cheek. We all say goodnight and he leaves. We have become good friends, my husband got Greg a job with a Security firm doing Computer work for them. It was a good night.