I was a virgin until I fucked my best friend’s brother

Sophia and I have been friends for almost 9 years, which is ever since the third grade. Since we’ve known each other for so long I am really close to her family. Her older brothers 4 years older than us and he’s always been very popular, not to mention his good looks. Tall, brunette, blue … Continue reading I was a virgin until I fucked my best friend’s brother

All Gone

Fourteen year old Sharon was a loud mouth girl who caused trouble where ever she went, not many people liked her she was a loner with not many friends, Dawn who was in the same class as Sharon was at school was often bullied by Sharon and did her best to avoid the trouble making … Continue reading All Gone

Sister’s Ex

There were only a few people at the swimming pool on what was normally a busy day. Tina was there with her aunt and young cousin, Tina was sitting on the edge of the pool when she saw her sisters ex boyfriend Steve who at sixteen years of age was four years older than what … Continue reading Sister’s Ex

Storm Surprise

It had been very sunny and hot for just over two weeks, but then with out any warning what so ever there was a big thunder storm, the storm had not been mentioned on the weather forecast the first that residents of the English town knew about it was when early one evening there was … Continue reading Storm Surprise