Lost my virginity to a couple

I was 18 when I lost my virginity and it wasn’t a sort of normal way. I had wanted sex for a long time but no boys had really turned me on enough for me to spread my legs for them even though a lot had fingered me and I had wanked a lot off. I have to admit I did like wanking a stiff cock and seeing it spurt everywhere and though a couple of lads had tried to get theirs inside me I had stopped them. It happened after Mum had to go into hospital. Dad went with her and they arranged for me to stay with some of Dads friends. They were a nice couple in their 30’s but with no kids. I went to bed around 9 but after an hour or so couldn’t sleep so came back downstairs in my dressing gown. I opened the door to the living room and there they were on the sofa, both naked and she was sucking his very large cock. They seemed surprised when I walked in and I quickly apologized and turned to leave. Then Susan called out to me that I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want and she was sure I had seen a cock before. Having seen the size of his cock and her sucking it my insides were already tingling like mad and I had that really nice sensation in my pussy. I turned and came back in and Ken patted the sofa by the side of him. I went and sat down by his side as susane began licking and sucking his huge cock again. She stopped for a second and pushed his foreskin right back and when his swollen helmet popped out I nearly came. Sue looked at me and said I could feel it if I wanted. I was very embarrassed but then ken picked my hand up and put it on his cock and I just couldn’t resist and took hold of it. I had only wanked boys cocks but Kens was twice as thick and almost twice as long as the boys and it was so hot in my hand. Susan asked me if I had ever done it and I looked at her a bit strangely then she said “You know, done it with any boys, had their cocks in you” and I shook my head. “I bet you wanted to though didn’t you” she said and I giggled and nodded. “Have you ever suck a cock” she asked and I nodded. “Well why don’t you suck Kens then” and Ken nodded. I had to admit to myself I wanted to as his cock was incredible. “Go on, you’ll love it” Sue said. I sat up then bent forwards and down and let his swollen helmet slide between my lips and I really realized how much bigger his cock was than the lads I had sucked. My hand sneaked down and felt his balls and once again I was shocked at the size of them. Right then I got another shock as I felt a hand between my legs and when I glanced down could see it was Sue. She pushed my legs open and a few seconds later I felt a long finger slide up inside me and start wriggling around. I was already quite horny but what she was doing was really getting me going. I heard her whisper “Her pussy is soaked” and I knew it was as I could feel it. I sucked his cock for a few minutes until he pushed me back. Sue got me to slide down on the sofa so my bum was right on the edge then began rubbing my clit until I was realy jumping and jerking. Ken got up and took Sues place and continued fingering me as well as rubbing my clit and I could feel myself starting to cum. I didn’t get a chance though as Ken straightened up and as he did that he moved forwards and started rubbing his swollen helmet up and down between my soaking pussylips. Sue said “Do you want him to put it in” I hesitated for a moment but it was a moment too long as he slid his helmet down to my hole and began pushing. I was terrified it was going to hurt and started to push him back but he pushed again and to my utter amazement I felt his helmet and a few inches of his cock go up into me. Sue lifted my hand away and Ken just eased forwards and for the first time in my life felt the superb sensation of a mans cock going up inside my body. I cried out in pure pleasure as his helmet squashed up against my cervix and as his cock started sliding in and out of me I thought I was in heaven as it was so good. Then out of nowhere a very intense sensation started up inside me and before I knew it I was gasping and panting then screamed as the first penile created orgasm hit me realy hard. I had a full grown adult mans cock inside me mating with me and my body was responding as I could feel the muscles of my pussy squeezing his cock. Sue said she had to go to the toilet and went out. As she went out Ken began fucking me really hard and lean forwards and began sucking my nipples as he did so. Then he straightened up as his movements got more jerky, held my hips tight before finally pushing hard up into me and holding it there. I felt his cock start sort of jerking then felt the full length of it suddenly swell up before it began throbbing hard. Suddenly I felt a very warm wetness spread out high up inside my pussy and I suddenly realized he was shooting in me. An adult male was squirting living sperm into my body and trying to make me pregnant. Even as that thought went through my head my entire body tensed up and I came hard again as his cock continued throbbing away inside me. My body was still trembling and shivering when sue came back in and as she got down next to us I can remember her saying “Oh shit Ken have you cum inside her” and he nodded. “You’ve shot so much in her its dribbling out look” and as I leaned forwards firstly I was amazed to see my little pussy split wide by his full sized cock, but secondly I could see his sperm squeezing out between his cock and my pussy. It only really dawned on me then that I could easily get pregnant as he had really blasted me full of cum. Fortunately 3 days later my period started and over the next few weeks he fucked me brainless many many times until Sue stopped him.