My First Time

I was still a virgin at the age of 17, I had a boyfriend for a little over a year we were taking things slow.  I was going on vacation with  my boyfriend alone for the first time. I was extremely nervous but excited. We were Going to the Bahamas. This is also the first time me and my boyfriend wil be sleeping together. Fast forward a few days later we are now in the Bahamas. We decide to hit up the beach first. It was so beautiful there.  We get back the hotel room and he trows me on the bed rips off my bikini and starts sucking my tits. I didn’t know what to do. I honestly was not expecting this but i went with the flow.  I say ” lets take this somewhere else”  He didn’t know i what i was suggesting but he was about to find out. I ran to the shower and jumped in, he followed right behind me and said” I like this view” i laughed saying oh well your not getting this and smacked my butt” he picked me up, pinned me to the wall kissing me passionately, rubbing my whole body. I finally escaped! I ripped of his boxers starting sucking his cock. He moaned.  After i was done sucking him off, we went doggy style. I screamed “FUCK ME HARDER” so loud. That was it my cherry was finally popped. I Was no longer a virgin.