40 Minutes

The story I’m about to share was such an incredible experience and it actually happened to me and my wife about 4 months ago.  We have been married for over 20 years.  She is 42 and still looks absolutely amazing.  She is 5’ 3”, thin frame brunette, about 120 pounds, amazing ass, always shaved pussy and small perky tits.  Even at 42, her body is like a 20-year-old.

Lately we’ve been trying a few things that we haven’t before to kinda spice things up.  We have a couple of toys, and she really loves the rabbit vibrator that we have.  I take my time with it, rubbing her clit for a while, then slowly adding some slippery lube and working it slowly all the way into her cunt, landing the rabbit ears on her clit.  She likes it when I hold it all the way in for a minute, then with one slow motion, I pull almost all the way out, then push all the way back in, and hold it there for another minute.  It drives her into orgasm heaven.

One night, I came home from a really crazy and busy day at the office and I was pretty tired, but I was also feeling really horny.  This particular night, I was feeling pretty naughty and I guess she was too.  When I walked in, she was wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt and cooking supper.  Her shirt was short enough where I could clearly see the shape of her perfect ass.  As I was saying “Hi”, I grabbed her butt and told her how sexy it was.  She replied by saying, “You like it?”  The tone she used told me everything I needed to know.  I could tell that she was “in the mood” and my mind immediately went into overdrive.  Yep – Even after 20+ years.  My response… “I do, and I’m gonna show you after supper.”

We ate supper and started watching a movie, but my mind was on the after-party.  When we got done eating, she took the dishes to the kitchen, then walked back into the living room and started rubbing my shoulders.  I enjoyed that for about 2 minutes, then I paused the movie and said, “Why don’t you go slip into something really sexy, and let’s have some fun.”  She is always willing to dress up in some sexy stockings, heels, lingerie… she knows I love it.  But before she left the room, she said something that really changed the entire night.  She leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Think of something crazy – something new – something insane that will drive me beyond my limits tonight.  I wanna go wild tonight.”  Then she walked out of the room, down the hall, and shut the door of the bedroom to start getting changed.

I was completely shocked.  She hadn’t ever really said anything like that before, and I was so surprised, but also was so incredibly turned on.  My mind started racing.  She had given me a challenge, and free reign to do whatever I wanted with her.  She wanted something radical, something wild, something new, and something that would take her further than she’d ever been.  I had to think of something good, and I had to think quickly.  Luckily it didn’t take me long to come up with something that I thought would do the trick.  This is what happened next…

I walked back to the bedroom and knocked on the door, but she wasn’t ready yet.  She told me to wait another minute.  After a couple minutes of waiting, she opened the door, several candles lit to give a nice bright glow to the room, and she was standing there looking as sexy as ever.  Pink T-shirt, White thigh-high stockings and pink heels.  Very VERY sexy.  She said, “You like this?”  lol

I grabbed her and told her how amazing she looked, then we started to kiss for a couple minutes.  We couldn’t keep our hands from roaming.  She was grabbing my dick, and I quickly had my fingers into her pussy, which was literally about to drip from wetness.  Within just a few minutes, she asked me,  “What are you going to do to me?”  I answered, “You wanna lose your mind?  That’s exactly what you’re gonna do.”

We don’t do too much bondage stuff, but we do have two pairs of padded handcuffs.  We’ve played around with them before, but tonight I had something extremely kinky in mind… something that would really test her limits.

I grabbed the handcuffs from the drawer, and stretched her arms out, cuffing one wrist to the right side of the headboard, and the other wrist to the other side of the headboard.  Next, I grabbed the rabbit vibrator and she started smiling.  But then I told her, “Baby, this is going to be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before… are you sure you want it?”  I’d never seen her like this… She said, “I want to be completely used by you.  I want you to blow my mind tonight.”  She was acting so naughty and horny, and I was loving every minute of it.  Once she said that, I began…

First, I started licking her pussy but that was just to get her loosened up.  She looked freaking amazing in those white stockings and pink heels.  After several minutes of licking and sucking her, I lubed up the rabbit vibrator and started rubbing her clit with it.  She was already moaning with pleasure, then I started pushing it inside her soaking-wet pussy.  The vibrator is about the same size as my dick, about 7” long, and it has a dial at the end to turn the vibration speed up.  She was LOVING it.

What I did next was the thing that stunned her.  I turned the vibration level completely off and was just working it in and out of her.  Then I grabbed a thin roll of 1” duct tape that I had snuck into the room, and I taped around her hips on both sides where the rabbit was taped inside her pussy.  Her eyes were getting big and she was wondering about what was about to happen.  She said, “What are you doing?”  I could tell she was getting worried, even kind scared, but this is what she asked for, and I was gonna give her a night to remember.

Because we have kids, we had installed a lock on our bedroom door that couldn’t be picked from the outside.  You had to have a key.  We also have this little lock box about the size of a shoe box that has a timer on it.  For example, if you set it to 30 minutes, it won’t open until the timer reaches the end.

With her laying there tied up, I showed her the key to the door, and then I showed her the lock box.  Then I put the key in the lock box and set the timer to 40 minutes.  I reached down and kissed her on the lips and said, “You’re about to experience something like never before.  I’m about to turn this vibrator on to the highest speed, and then I’m gonna lock myself out of the room.  You’re gonna have orgasm after orgasm for 40 straight minutes or until the batteries die in this vibrator.”  Then I smiled and said, “And I just put a new battery in – Enjoy yourself baby!”

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As soon as I turned it on, the sensations started.  When the reality of what was happening hit her, she was stunned.  She said, “What the fuck?  Are you serious?  Are you freaking serious?”  I took one last look at the beautiful sight of her laying there, then I literally locked myself out of the room.  She was begging me not to leave, but it was too late.  The door had already closed, and I couldn’t get back in if I wanted to.

I got a chair from the dining room and brought it to the bedroom door.  I was sitting right outside the doorway in the hall, listening to her.  She was pulling at the handcuffs trying to get loose, but I had made sure there was no way possible.  She was freaking out… The orgasms started quickly, and they didn’t stop… one orgasm after another.  They came in waves.  She would scream loudly, then it would slow down, but then another wave wasn’t far behind.

Honestly, it was one of the wildest feelings ever to know that I’d have to kick the door down if I wanted to stop it…that she was completely helpless to the massive attack her pussy was going to get.  It was like nothing I’ve ever felt, and later she said the same thing, but I loved it so much and it made me insanely horny.

After 20 minutes in, she was freaking out, screaming at me to find a way to get into the room, but there wasn’t any way, and honestly I didn’t want to.  I loved listening to her going out of her mind.

It had been going a while, and she screamed, “Oh my GOD!  I’m gushing everywhere!  Oh GOD!!! Oh my GOOODDDDD!!”  Of course, my imagination was running wild, imagining what she looked like in there with cum running out of her pussy down her ass.  She’s only squirted a few times, but I could tell this was something more than she’d ever before.

I looked down and there was still 10 minutes left on the timer.  She was losing her voice from all the screaming, but the vibrator wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.  I could still hear it buzzing just as hard as when I first turned it on (thanks to that new battery – lol).  She was going wild, jerking, pulling, and screaming.

For me, listening to her was one of the most amazing things ever.  I was imagining her on the other side of that door, getting her pussy drilled by that dildo, and she was helpless to stop it.  She was helpless, but I knew she was loving it too.  I was so horny at this point.  I had my pants off, obviously stroking my dick, and was about to cum in my hand.  And even though she had just spent 40 minutes getting her pussy rocked, I knew that when that timer went off, she was gonna be my toy for a few more minutes at least.

With only a couple minutes left on the timer, she started another wave of screaming, “Oh Fuck!!! I can’t take this!!! Oh FUCK!!!!”

While she was still in the middle of that episode, the timer went off, I grabbed the key, unlocked the door just in time to see her with her back arched, pink heels dug into the bed, and cum oozing from her pussy.  After that wave passed, she looked over at me saying, “Please turn it off, turn it off… Please turn it off baby…”  She looked like she just got fucked by a tornado… fantastically sexy.  I turned it off, and stood there looking at her amazing body.  Her legs were shaking and she was breathing like she’d just ran a marathon.

I didn’t want to rip the tape off, but I was crazy horny.  I turned the rabbit back on, but only a little… just a gentle buzz.  Then I un-cuffed her and drug her body around so her head was hanging backward off the edge of the bed.

She was still moaning, but I positioned myself over her face, put my dick on her lips and she started licking.  After a minute, I started fucking in and out of her mouth getting deeper with every few strokes.  It felt amazing, plus I had a clear view of her entire body, her sexy legs and pussy.  I could see her working her tongue around my dick in her mouth.  It didn’t take long before I felt it coming, and she usually don’t like cum in her mouth, but this time, she said “You can cum in my mouth – Do it.”  I was like, “Yes Ma’am!”  With about 5 more strokes, I exploded and filled her mouth, with her steadily sucking and swallowing every single bit.  It felt amazing… SO amazing.

I let my dick stay in her mouth for another minute while I turned the rabbit off and gently removed the tape.  She could barely move, her legs were still shaking, and there was a mess of her cum everywhere.

We just layed there.  It was kinky and wild, but it was pure and so much fun.  We felt so connected because we had submitted ourselves so openly to each other.  Did it drive her to her limit? Yes, for sure.  With a raspy voice, she said “That…was…ridiculous…and…amazing.”  I agree.

Can’t wait until she asks me to blow her mind again.  I’ve already got something else in mind.  : )


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