Desperate housewife

Hi my name’s Clare I’m 41 I’m slim with nice tits and firm ass. I’m married to a marvelous guy, who treats me like lady and works hard. except in bed, with job pressure or lack off interest, we don’t have sex. I tried talking about it to him, but got nowhere. It was nearly a year and I was desperate. So desperate if a man clicked his fingers my pants be round my ankles and legs opened. I didn’t care who fucked me, just fuck me any fucking way. Our neighbour John was my first target, yes I decided to whore my body. John was in his sixty’s, I didn’t care. When my husband and kids left for work or school. It was warm day so decided to have coffee outside back in my bikini. John was a bit off a peeping Tom ( I seen him watching me before ) and I knew he be watching me. I started putting sun tan lotion on myself, unclipped my top and removed it. Now slowly rubbing lotion over my tits, caressing my nipples making them nice and hard. John was visible at window, I was so wet knowing he watching me. After a few minutes I slowly pulled my bikini bottoms down, exposing my pussy, opened my legs and slowly started playing with myself, sliding my fingers in and out my pussy. I got so carried away I nearly forgot about John but my gold was to get fucked proper. I looked up at him and beckoned him to come over. At first he looked surprised, but quickly disappeared from site, I returned to the house put dressing gown on, when door bell rang. John smiled as I opened door and dragged him in. I untied my gown and let it fall to the ground. He stared at my naked body, then caressed my nipples. Please John I beg you fuck me I said. He couldn’t believe his luck, he dropped his trousers, get down there and suck. I dropped to my knees, he had about 5 inches but I didn’t care. I licked and sucked him hard, even felt him push my head onto his cock. Suck it you slut he shouted, which made me more wet, I got up dragged him into lounge and lay on settee, opened my legs, fuck me now I need cock I screamed. Without hesitation he entered my soaking wet hole, it felt like heaven as he thrust deep inside me I held onto him as every movement was making me moan and cum, he sucked my tits and then fucked me like a dirty whore, he seemed to fuck me forever, then I heard him shout I’m going to cum, o yes as I had a orgasm that sent me wild. Then felt him shoot his load deep inside my well fucked pussy. We lay on floor shattered, I was sore hadn’t had cock for so long it got sensitive. But john had other ideas and soon felt him get hard again. I looked at him and got on all fours. I still had his cum dripping out of me. As he slipped his cock back inside me, I moaned yes use me. He held my waist and fucked me with slow thrusts, which sent me crazy. Then he grabbed my hair and fucked me hard. omg omg I screamed. by now he was using my pussy as he wished. he was pounding me without mercy. then he pumped my hole full of cum. Wow you’re a great ride he said and made me lick his cock clean. We cleaned up and kissed and he went home, not before we agreed we do it again soon. I went for shower and had sleep. When I went outside again I noticed John watching me again from Window. I smiled and threw him a kiss. It was about half a hour later I had got dressed when I heard doorbell. I opened door and there was John with his mate Terry. He smiled and said you going to invite us in. Why what for I replied. He said I want more and Terry wants his portion of you. I turned and walked into lounge. They sat down and John said strip. I put some music on and began striptease. Unbuttoned my top slowly removing it, to cheers. Then my leggings came off. By now both had their cocks out. John I knew, but Terry omg had at least 10 inches. By the time my bra was off they grabbed me and John started sucking my tits, suddenly I felt Terry rip my pants down and push my legs open. He began licking my pussy, which was still sensitive from earlier. I then had John’s cock in my mouth when Terry made me cum. Suddenly I felt Terry’s big cock enter me, omg it’s to big I thought as I sucked John. But he was fucking me hard, he was nearly all in me as he called me a whore. By now he was giving me the best fuck of my life. I didn’t care when filled my hole with his cum, I didn’t care when John cum in my mouth. I was like a ragged doll they position we whatever way they liked and fucked me. Then Terry tried to get his cock in my ass, no no I shouted you’re too big. But he managed to work 3 or 4 inches inside me, omg as he slowly fucked my bum. I rubbed my pussy to ease the pain. John was watching as Terry got deeper in my butt to he had at least all 10 in me. What pain as he fucked, I thought I was going to faint. Then he creamed my ass and pulled out. They both kissed me and dressed and left. I lay in bath to soak up my pains and well satisfied body. When my husband came home he said I looked shattered and was walking funny. I said just had tiresome day. That night for the first time in a year my husband was looking sex. I could have said I was tired but we made love, even if I was sore down below. Every week for the next 2 months John and Terry would take turns to visit me and fuck my brains out. By now my husband had found his sex drive back, so now from nothing to keeping 3 men happy, but I’m not complaining.

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