Lock down – Part two

I didn’t expect it to stop, but I’d never have guessed how far I would eventually go. Hi if you have read my first tale you’d know I have started a sexual relationship with my two bosses Dave and Mike Houseman, I’m Meg married to Bob, who I do love but as I said earlier in my tale is not sexual and doesn’t satisfy me.

After two years I realised how different sex was with with the brothers, firstly unlike Bob they were big and brash and quite crude, and they had two big cocks and they knew how to use them and use them on me. Their kind of sex was new to me, the first few times I was getting used to it, they loved a lot of oral, both giving and receiving.

God I’d never thought it could be like this long tongue’s reaching places I didn’t think possible, working in tandem I was never empty and neither was my mouth, and it wasn’t just my cunt they were eating I grew to love having my anal plum attacked everything they did was turning me on. I knew that one day they’d want to fuck my arse, never suspecting how much I would be involved when it happened.

We were at Mike’s apartment, and we’d had a really hot night, they’d laid a long oral assault on my cunt, and I’d not realised at the time left my ring completely alone. By this time they were also using dildo’s and vibrators, and repeatedly telling me I was insatiable. Anyway I digress they had me naked on my hands and knees in front of them, giving me instruction or orders, “stretch your ass ring, wider no wider that’s it Meg, wet your finger rub it and again, get it really wet. Push it in don’t be shy” again and again from my mouth to my arse until all my index finger was embedded in my arse, they were having sly giggles and it took me quite a while before I worked it out. It was to late then they were calling me the filthiest names, and I felt mortified they told me I didn’t always have the cleanest bottom so they were teaching me a lesson it was Meg’s turn to eat a little shit.

Within the hour Dave had me stretch over the arm of the sofa and was alternating between my cunt with a massive lump of rubber meat rubbing the dildo along the folds opening me up but not quite penetrating, if I pushed back he eased of keeping me on the edge my brain felt scrambled I wanted it so much “please Dave fuck me with it, push it all the way in” but no he kept on teasing me, then I felt Mike behind me his tongue and fingers playing across my anal ring stabbing into my pink anus time and again then something wet and cold was between my ass cheeks I felt a sudden pressure on my soft pink anus it opened easily pop!! whatever it was had slipped in nice and easy inch by inch I could feel myself opening I managed to turn enough to see Mike pushing the wine bottle we had just drank from into my arse and it felt so dirty and so good.

Then they were relentless pushing first the bottle then the giant rubber dildo into my holes opening my body before pushing harder and deeper, I felt the sweat forming between the valley of my tits and under my neck I knew my mouth was gaping sucking in air. My cunt was on fire and instead of the expected pain my other hole accepted the bottle with ease like a smooth glass dildo. Then suddenly the bottle had disappeared and I felt warm skin against my thighs then something big and fat pushing at my anus, Mike was easing his hard well greased cock into my arsehole and this did hurt, at first a lot then inch by slow inch as he entered further and popped past my sphincter the pain eased slowly to be replace by a strange unusual full feeling, Mike was ball deep while the dildo in my cunt was the same all the way in they left it like that.

Not a word was spoken for that brief period, then they started moving slowly at first working all the way out and back in they were judging my moans and groans, when I was meowing like a cat that got the cream….they fucked me really fucked me. I was full of meat and loving it, Dave twisted and rammed that massive dildo into my body at the same time playing pull the swollen clitty. Mike was pulling on my tits or my waist getting his dick as high up my arse as possible, I swear I could taste him in my throat. Then it all seem to happen I felt a massive orgasm coming, I was screaming for them to fuck me harder and harder. Mike beat me to it screaming out loud as he filled my bottom with rope after rope of hot spunk, this just sent me over the top collapsing to the floor a dildo hanging from my cunt and spunk flooding from my newly empty arsehole. As I gasped for air Mike stuffed his filthy cock into my throat “Open those legs wide Meg we’ve got some more fucking to do” Dave stood over me cock rock hard and that evil glint in his eye.

An hour later a well fucked slutty Meg was getting ready for Dave to take me home, I felt really good inside until he started to speak and I realised what he said was true “three hours that about sums it up, and three hours is a lot when after two years will we ever have a full night together”

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This conversation hung in the air for a number of weeks, until Mike dragged us both into his office one morning. “look at this both of you, we must be getting well known” we both read the embossed card he offered the company had been invited to attend an aeronautical engineering fair in Oxford. Still Dave and I didn’t catch on to the significance right away.

In the next 24 hour I had written my own new job description combined with a twelve percent pay increase and a clothing allowance, and I then presented this to my husband explaining I would be responsible for organising and attending a number of the company trade fairs. He loved it both the idea of extra money, and the fact I was so happy moving up in the company. I did feel a little guilty but I knew this was for both of us.

Oxford was just the start, for the next few years about six times a year I was with either one or both the brothers heading of to some trade fair for a working weekend.

Sometimes it was only a night away but mostly two, we learnt a lot about each other over time. How different the boy’s could be, Mike always loved me to dress up and enjoyed having a women on his arm, he started taking lots of picture’s and video’s the filthier the better for him he had me doing strip shows and filling myself with anything he could get his hands on bottle’s dildo’s anal toys one night he even brought along a bag of fruit and vegetables.

Dave on the other hand loved anything anal and after a while we ended up quite often licking the brown hole, he loved his bumhole licked from behind while I was fondling his heavy balls and wanking his rock hard prick, it wasn’t a big step before he had me stuffing two and three fingers up his arsehole, which led to something I’d never heard of, pegging, and we both loved it, but never happened when Mike was about.

Then their was me, I got a thrill from it all. Being spanked especially my tits was a real turn on and I loved to pose and perform. Having control when I was with Dave was also a big turn on. I have to admit the best time was with both of them, two cocks using me, sucking them taking spunk in every hole and all over my body. There wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do sex was like a drug. One night I was riding Dave cowboy while he played with my nipples squeezing and stretching them, Mike started forcing his fat meat up my ass I was so full begging them to fuck me harder and harder….. the things they called me screaming a torrent of filthy abuse “you filthy fucking cock slut we’ll fill you full of spunk you depraved slag, then were going to feed it to you shitty dick everything just like the slut you are, go on tell us” yes I heard myself yes…. “on video bitch” yes anything, Dave joined in “you’ll do it all tonight you filthy slut were going to video you pissing for us, RIGHT” he screamed it at me, yes yes yes I screamed back at them through another massive orgasm.

That was the first time anyone had seen me pee since I was a little girl, Dave took full advantage I was stood legs wide over the pan blushing like a school girl as pee started to jet from my pee hole he had three fingers worked up my twat I was so excited I was starting to cum again piss went everywhere, I knew it was filthy but I watched him lick his fingers clean, before he dipped them in once more and fed them to me. I finished off feeding Mike’s pissy cock into my mouth it was right at the end but he did have a little jet he pumped into my mouth.

Another thing they got me talking about was more men more cock, and I always said no until they had me really turned on. The honest truth was I new I would, the thought of it got me really hot between the legs. That’s another story.


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