My wife seduced my friend – part 2

Then he opens the buttons of my blouse, I helped him to take it off. He’s pressing my boobs through my bra now my bra is unstrapped. I am still standing, he’s sitting on the bed now taking off my bra, he sucks one played with the other changes boobs sucking the other, now pressing my ass bums. I am getting hot and horny, I kiss him on his ear, told him that my husband has told me give you whatever you want and he said my husband told him to fuck me hard every hole. Now he undo my night pant I am with my panty only, now his hand in my panty, now I hold his cock in my hand, now I bent down took his cock between my lips licks it first then takes in my mouth sucks it fully. He didn’t last long, cumed in my mouth. I swallowed every drop not forgetting some drops which escaped through my lips. Now I pushed him on the bed took off his lungi and took my panty off and sat on his face, my pussy on his mouth, yes he starts to lick and pinch my clitoris aaahhh mmm am about to cum yes cuuummmiiinnnggg.
Now he mounts me doggy and enters my asshole and bangs me so hard about 20 minute and ejected his load in my ass. Now we are resting hugging each other, he told me they had shared some ladies at Ajman now his friend’s wife has given her pussy to him. I told him you should return the favour when he comes to your house and he said sure I will. Now we started to kiss lick hug each other, his fingers in my pussy, his mouth on my boobs. I wanted his cock in my pussy so told him to fuck my pussy. He told me I am the first Kerala Muslim lady that he got chance to fuck, and did you like me, he said more than liked he will always remember me and enters my pussy missionary and banged so hard deep and fast, urging him to fuck me harder faster and deeper, I was hitting back humping my ass yes am nearing my orgasm, iiioooo aaammm yes I came hard. We kissed each other more and he wanted to lick my pussy clean off his cum, yes licked clean and keeps licking until I cum again, after that we sleep and early 5 o’clock he fucked me once more and then I went to the kitchen made tea and some snacks and go to wake him, there again he fucks me doggy and kissed me thank you.

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