40 Minutes

The story I’m about to share was such an incredible experience and it actually happened to me and my wife about 4 months ago.  We have been married for over 20 years.  She is 42 and still looks absolutely amazing.  She is 5’ 3”, thin frame brunette, about 120 pounds, amazing ass, always shaved pussy … Continue reading 40 Minutes

Amy my wife

After Amy had been raped by those 6 guys it took us several days to be able to talk about it but I constantly reminded her that she was beautiful but she was hung up on the fact that I got hard watching them fuck her. I finally more or less convinced her that it … Continue reading Amy my wife

Wanted to watch someone fuck his wife

Ted and Sue sat at the hotel lounge bar looking over at and commenting on the different groups men that inhabited the dimly lit establishment. “What do you think?” Sue asked, “Which one do you like?” “The one with the biggest cock.’ Ted answered, grinning. “Oh you…. c’mon honey which one?” “It’s your choice honey. … Continue reading Wanted to watch someone fuck his wife