Private Security

I used to be a pretty good cop. Maybe my moral code would exclude me from cop of the year, but I didn’t think it was that bad.

Anyway, after a couple of episodes that they thought were over the line, the force and I agreed that my talents could be better used in something other than police work.

Several weeks after leaving the force I was approached by a recruiter. He was looking for someone to fill a security job at a large company. The company dealt with a lot of proprietary items, and needed to be assured of employee loyalty, especially at the management level. Company secrets had leaked in the past, causing a lot of finger pointing, and most importantly, lost revenue.

I reported directly to the head of human resources, and only a few very high executives knew what I was doing.

It took about a year to get to know who was who, where they played, social circles they were in, etc. I got to know who followed the gossip, who knew the ancient backgrounds of the employees, who was best friends with whom etc.

Over time, I discovered a few suspicious activities, such as a mid level manager whose wife worked for a competitor. I reported that in my weekly report.

What I didn’t report, because it had no bearing on employee loyalty was what I found about people who were hiding secrets. I didn’t much care about the guy who was a closet gay, or the 60 year old wife of a senior executive who was a former escort. Their secrets had no effect on the company, or benefit to me.

Of the most interest to me were the secrets of attractive wives, girlfriends, daughters. These secrets may or may not have interest to the company, but certainly made my job more interesting.

A few weeks ago I discovered that a senior manager, Mack Summers, had been successfully sued by a former employer for embezzlement. The suit was settled, with part of the settlement being a nondisclosure agreement. The suit was in another state, and in civil court, so it hadn’t been discovered when he was hired. Knowledge of this would surely get him fired. What kept me from just reporting this information to my boss was that I had been in Mack Summers’ office, and seen the picture of his very attractive wife on his desk.

I decided to show up at the couple’s house unexpectedly, and just see what happened.

Joan Summers answered the door. She was a little older than I preferred, maybe around 50, but she had a gorgeous figure, and attractive face. She obviously worked very hard on her appearance.

I told her that I was a co-worker of her husband, and would like to speak to him. She invited me in and showed me to the living room, then went to get her husband. They returned together, then she started to leave. I said “please stay Mrs. Summers, what I have to say may be of interest to you also.”

Mack Summers knew me, but only knew that I was employed with the company in the human resources department. He didn’t know that my real job was spying on other employees.

He was obviously curious why I was in his house, but didn’t ask. After some small talk I took the old law suit from my pocket and placed it on the coffee table, as I advised them of my real position in the company.

Both of them were startled as they immediately recognized the heading on the legal document. Mack Summers jumped to his feet and exclaimed, “where did you get that.” I responded, “it doesn’t matter where I got it, if I give it to the company you will be fired immediately.” Joan Summer’s hands immediately covered her face, “I knew we couldn’t keep it a secret. We can’t afford for you to lose your job. At our age we can’t start over.” She bent forward; her head almost in her lap, and started softly crying.

It struck Mack Summers that I was in their house talking about the document, not in the corporate headquarters. In desperation he said, “we have some money. Is there any way that we can keep this secret?” Joan quickly looked up with interest, “please, please, we can’t afford for Mack to lose his job!”

I normally would have stretched this conversation out, watching both of them squirm, but they didn’t seem to be bad people. “I don’t want your money. I have all the money I need. Mrs. Summer, may I call you Joan, would you give me a tour of your house. I would love to see your master bedroom. ”

Startled, they said almost in unison, “are you saying what it sounds like.”

I stood up and said, “I’m going to the kitchen to see if you have any beer in your fridge. Let me know within 10 minutes if you want me to come back in and continue the conversation, or get out of your house. If I don’t hear from you by then, I’ll assume you want me to leave.”

Fortunately, I found a beer in their refrigerator, and sat down to drink it. 10 minutes later I was thinking of leaving, and worried about me also losing my job, if he decided to tell the company about my proposition. Just as I got up to leave Mack Summer came in. “Please come back to the living room.”

I followed him in, and we both took a seat. Joan Summer was staring at the wall with tears in her eyes. She didn’t once look my way.

Mack said, “we will agree to this once, but it must be just quick intercourse, almost fully clothed in a dark room.”

I very politely replied, “No, what it will be is a blow job, after which, if I desire, I will eat her pussy, with both of us naked. Then I will roughly fuck her till I fill her pussy with my cum. Also, I’ll be back about once a month, possibly with one or more friends, and we’ll fuck her as much as we want, each time we visit.

“Do we have a deal, or do I take the documents to company management?”

There was just desperation silence from both.

I got up and took a step to the door, when Mack said, “wait, can we have a few days to think about this.”

At this point I knew I had won. “There’s nothing to think about. Either Joan agrees, knowing that she will be thoroughly fucked in your bedroom right now, or I leave.”

Again there was stunned silence. I started to turn toward the door and this time it was Joan who said, “WAIT! We can’t be unemployed. We’ll lose everything. Please, do we have any other options?”

“No other options!” “Mack,” I said, “you can come and watch me fuck your wife or not, it doesn’t matter to me.” He just turned away and stared at the wall. I walked over to his wife and pulled her to her feet. I had a pretty good idea where the master bedroom was, as I pulled her down the hall until I found it. I left the door open, in case Mack decided to watch his wife get her slit filled.

Leaving the shaking wife in the middle of the room, I started to get undressed. When my rock hard cock appeared she whimpered slightly, knowing that it was shortly going to be inside her.

I unbuttoning her shirt and slipped it off of her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I removed her bra, exposing tits that showed much better than I expected. I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in just her panties.

“Take them off,” I commanded. “Let’s see what that pussy looks like.” She hesitated, then slowly complied, revealing a neatly trimmed bush. She quickly put an arm across her breasts, the other hand over her crotch.

As I stood in front of her I told her to put her arms down, then took her hand and wrapped her fingers around my rigid cock.

I played with her breasts, making circles around each nipple, then moved a hand to her pussy. “Spread your legs,” I said, rather harshly. As she reluctantly complied, I ran my fingers over her slit.

Sitting on the side of the bed, I pushed Joan to her knees. At this point she knew what was expected, and slowly took it in her hand, then put the tip into her mouth. She had sucked cock before, and gradually put more and more into her mouth. She needed no coaching, and I let her work on my cock for as long as I could without cuming.

I got off the bed and lifted her up. Turning, I laid her on the bed with her legs off the side. Getting on my knees I put each leg on my shoulders, and started to run my tongue slowing up and down her slit. Then my tongue separated her lips, and then gently ran across her clit.

She was fighting it, but I felt her body shudder, as a soft moan escaped her lips.

I couldn’t wait any longer, and rapidly mounted her. It took longer to get fully into her than I thought it would. I assumed, after licking her pussy it would be well lubed. Then I realized that she was wet, but had the tightest pussy I had ever had.

She wouldn’t let herself respond to my cock, just lying there as I pounded into her. Finally, I couldn’t last any longer, filling her with cum.

Nothing was said. She lay on her bed curled up as I got dressed.

When I came back into the living room Mack was still in the same chair, still staring at the wall. As I walked out I said, “man, your wife has the tightest pussy I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. I’ll be back on the same day next month, probably with a friend. I have this buddy that I owe money to. He loves older women, and will be thrilled to take Joan’s pussy in payment of my debt. You can either be here or not, but have her wear something sexy so she can strip for us.”