Retarded Young Wife

=== Part 1 ===

Jim meets a married couple who want to have a baby to get more welfare. The young girl is very immature and somewhat retarded but very horny. Jim was looking at porn videos as he started his evening jackoff session and came across a video of a dumb bitch getting screwed by several guys. The girl reminded him of Yolanda that he had knocked up last year. The video triggered all his memories of the strange incident with the dumb married couple who lived near him. They were both kind of retarded, neither one could read nor write. The couple wanted to have a baby so they would get more money from the government grants they were both on because of their handicaps. Jim wound up fucking Yolanda a bunch of times and knocking her up. Her dumb ass husband Jack never knew that it was Jim that got her pregnant. It all started when Jim needed to get his carpets cleaned and had noticed a sign on the bulletin board by the office of the rundown trailer court he lived in. Jack’s Carpet Cleaning Large and Small We Do It All See me at Space #11 He thought it was strange that no phone number was listed but headed over to space #11 and noticed the single wide trailer was in pretty bad shape. It was a dingy green color and the small front porch was leaning a bit because one of the support legs was broken. Weeds had grown half way up the side and the small windows were filthy. Jim knocked on the door and he heard foot steps inside and then the door opened. A young girl who looked about 14 or 15 stood there in a pair of tight blue cut off denim shorts. He would find out later she was 18 but just looked very young. Her firm thighs were tan as was her bare tummy below the white tank top that covered her small breasts. She was small and only stood about 5′ in her bare feet with pink toenails that needed painting again. A hint of her nipples told him she wasn’t wearing a bra and her unkempt brown hair hung down onto her bare shoulders. Wearing large glasses that hid her face a bit he noticed she had hearing aids in both ears. She wasn’t ugly but she wasn’t real pretty either. Just kind of plain but there was something sexy about her that attracted Jim’s attention. A plain gold wedding band adorned her left ring finger and she had a tattoo on her right wrist of a rose. “I’m here because I saw your sign that said you clean carpets. I need some carpets cleaned.” Jim told her. The girl turned around and hollered “Nack you got’s a cusomer!” Her voice was weird and it sounded like she was talking through her nose. Not to mention she didn’t pronounce the words right. Foot steps announced a man coming and Jack appeared, dressed in dirty jeans and an old Tee shirt that said “Coors Beer”. He was shorter than the girl and appeared much older, maybe 30 or so. He too wore glasses and needed a shave. His sneakers were dirty and his beer belly hung over his belt big time. “Hi I’m Jack. Ya need some carpets cleaned?” he asked gruffly. He kind of pushed his wife out of the way as he spoke and motioned for Jim to come inside their dumpy dark trailer. It smelled like they had just made some popcorn as Jim walked in and sat down on a dingy dark brown couch that Jack had pointed to for him to sit in. Jim noticed it was stained and dirty but he sat down anyhow. Jack sat down in an over stuffed green chair and his wife, whose nice ass was now apparent to Jim, stood next to the chair. “I’d like to get my living room carpet cleaned and then I have to get several of my rental trailer carpets cleaned. Can you help me out?” Jim looked at the man and then his wife again as he spoke. He wondered why there was such an age difference and couldn’t help looking at the young girl’s body. Jack was a lucky guy getting screw her he though to himself. “Yeah I kin do em all. I kin make you a good deal cause we need the dough, huh babe.” he looked up at the girl who nodded her head. For some reason she didn’t appear to be very smart as she smiled at Jim. “Yeah.” she mumbled. Jack explained “We’re gonna have a baby if we kin git her pregnant and so more money will help out.” Jim looked at her again and she smiled pleasantly at him as she nodded again. Jim instantly thought he’d love to get her pregnant but he didn’t say anything. Jim looked around a bit and noticed the place was a wreck. Clothes and junk were strew all over the living room. Paper and candy wrappers along with empty beer bottles were laying everywhere. The kitchen/dining area had a small round table that was piled high with dirty dishes and empty boxes. The girl obviously wasn’t into cleaning and he also noticed the TV was still on, although it was muted. Jim noticed it was a cartoon channel. “Well I can take you over and show you the place now if you’d like.” he offered. The girl looked down at Jack and he said “Sure.” Jack stood up and followed Jim out the door, his small wife tagging along. Jim was anxious to see her in the sunlight to get a good view of her body and he wasn’t disappointed with what he saw. She was NICE. Making small talk as they went inside Jim’s trailer as Jack explained they were trying to get the business built up and to have a baby. Jim observed the man wasn’t real smart nor was his wife. She didn’t hardly say anything and her speech was impaired as she sounded like a harelip would talk. Yolanda wasn’t any smarter than Jack but did have a nice ass so that made her OK with Jim. Jim showed them the stains he wanted cleaned and Jack said it wouldn’t be a problem, in fact he’d go get his van and start cleaning right away. As the man left Jim took Yolanda into the kitchen and offered her a beer. She accepted quickly as they sat down at the table and started to talk as he popped open his beer. “So you’re gonna have a baby huh?” he opened the conversation as he eyed her white tank top. “Yeah but I can’t git pegnant. ” Yolanda replied in her weird nasal voice. “How long have you been trying?” “Ummm bout six months.” she replied as she drank a big gulp of beer. “Oh wow that’s a long time. Have you and Jack gone to see a doctor about getting pregnant?” The girl shook her head. “Nah. And we needs to have a baby soon so’s I kin get more money from dah state cause day gonna give me more money if’n I got’s a baby an Nack said I got’s to get knocked up soon.” a large gulp of beer went down after she explained the situation. So that was it…he wanted the money they would get for more child support. “Well I wonder why you can’t get pregnant. Did you look it up on the internet? There’s some good sites out there that tell you how to get pregnant.” He stood up and got her another beer as she finished off the first one. “Nah our computer don work too good and…” she hesitated a bit and went on “I can’t read too very well and neader kin Nack.” she took the beer and sucked down another long gulp. He couldn’t help notice how sexy Yolanda was as he stared down at her small tits when he gave her the beer. “Nack messes with da computer sometimes but I don know how ta use it.” Sensing an opportunity to take advantage of her he started with his first lie. “Well I was a medic in the Army and I know all about how women get pregnant, especially if they are having a hard time with it..” “You was?” she exclaimed, her pretty brown eyes lighting up as she downed another gulp, a bit of the beer ran down her cheek and dripped onto her blouse. Yolanda didn’t seem to notice as she stared at Jim eagerly. “Oh yeah. Let me get my computer out and we’ll go online and I’ll show you how the doctors help you get knocked up. I guarantee you’ll get pregnant.” Jim went in the bedroom and brought his laptop to the kitchen just as Jack came through the door. “Nack! Jim is gonna show us how the doctors kin help me to git pegnant on his computer.” her eyes were aglow “An he said he guaranees I’ll get pegnant, huh Jim.” she turned to Jim with a big grin on her face. “Really?” Jack exclaimed “That would be great!” He leaned over Jim’s shoulder to look at the computer as Yolanda pulled her chair up next to Jim’s so she could see it too. Jim did a search on how to get pregnant and a webpage came up with a bunch of information. Jack stood back a bit and announced “I’ll start doing the rugs, you two figure it out.” He couldn’t read a word of it and didn’t want to admit the fact he couldn’t read as he headed outside to start the cleaning machine. Alone with the girl who couldn’t read either he started “Well it says a bunch of stuff here and there’s some questions so I’ll just read it to you and you answer.” Jim made sure the screen couldn’t be seen from the living room where Jack would be cleaning. “Ok how old are you?” “17…Uhh 18 I jus had my birffday las week.” “Do you get your period every month and when did you have it last?” “Umm yeah every month I jus had it bout two weeks ago.” Jim liked that answer because it meant she’d be close to her most fertile time right now. He looked back at the screen “Has the male had a sperm count and does he ejaculate at least 2 ml?” “Ahhh……wat? I don know wat dat is.” the dim witted girl didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Jim smiled at her. “They have big words, I’ll just make it easy. How much cum juice does Jack squirt out of his cock?” “Oh, well a little bit I guess.” she shrugged her shoulders. “OK I’m gonna show you some videos of guys squirting their cum juice and you tell me which one squirts like Jack does OK?” Jim was starting to get a hardon as the girl let him lead her on. “OK” she replied as she finished off her beer. “Kin I have anodder beer?” she asked as she went and got one anyways. Yolanda liked to drink Jim thought to himself. Good. He stared at her nice ass as it jiggled when she walked to the refrigerator. By the time she sat down again Jim had his favorite porn site up and selected a cum compilation video. It would show about 10 second clips of guys jacking off and shooting their loads. “Now I want you to watch these guys squirting and tell me which one squirts like Jack. Then I will know how much he squirts so we can see if it is enough.” he stated in a business like voice being very professional like a doctor would, pretending to be disinterested in the lewd porn he was showing the girl. The small girl stared at the screen as he started the video and immediately starting to say “Ahh….. wow…. dat’s a lot” as about 8 guys shot their loads. Then one guy with a small dick just kind of oozed a small amount of jism out. “Dere, dat one!” she said quickly. Her finger touched the screen. Jim stopped the video, backed it up and showed the guy just barely cumming. “Like that? That”s all he squirts?” Jim was surprised but glad at the same time. “Yeah and dat’s bout how big his dick is too.” she informed him nonchalantly. “Wow that’s not very much sperm to get you pregnant. You wanna see how much I squirt?” he had posted some videos of himself jacking off on the website and as she nodded her head he went to his video page. Several videos were listed and he clicked on “My first cum” It showed Jim jacking off his big 9 inch cock and then shooting a massive load. He remembered how he had edged for an hour before he had made the video, getting just to the point of squirting and then stopping until his dick went soft. He did that several times so when he did shoot it was really impressive. Yolanda’s mouth dropped open in awe. “Holy shit dat’s your cock squirting???!!!” she burst out, clearly impressed. “You got’s a BIG cock Jim!” Her eyes stayed wide open as he replayed it a couple times “You squirt a LOT.” Jim laughed “Yeah well I haven’t had any complaints.” He went on then like it was nothing, secretly pleased that she liked his big cock. This was going better than he could have imagined he thought to himself as the teenager stared at his jackoff videos watching as his cock shot various loads, sometimes into panties he liked to sniff. Yolanda giggled when she saw him squirting into a pair of small cotton panties “I got’s a pair jus like dem. You like panties huh?” “Yeah.” he replied nonchalantly, still in his professional mode. “Nack does too.” she mumbled. “Ok now we know how much sperm he produces.” Jim closed the porn screen and went back to the sex questions. “Sperm count….you have to have a test for that. I had mine checked one time and they said it was one of the highest they ever saw. Has Jack had a test where they make him masturbate in a container and test it for sperm?” Jim actually had his tested and it was like he said, very high. He knew he could probably knock her up in one good fuck session. “Duhh I don tink so.” the half wit replied. Jim sensed she didn’t have a clue what he was talking about but that was all the better. His goal was to fuck the dumb girl, not educate her and the more he confused her the better it was. Jim went to the porn website and ran a few videos of guys jacking off into a cup to give a sperm sample. “See that’s how they get the sperm to test it. I remember when I did mine I shot jizz everywhere because the cup was too small for all my cum.” Yolanda giggled at that and then watched all the guys squirting their jizz with great interest. “Dat’s neat.” she remarked. He clicked back to the quiz screen “Now where were we uuummmmm, Oh there we go……How many times do you have sexual intercourse during the month?” He figured Jack was screwing her every day, Jim knew he certainly would if he had the chance. “Ummm bout once or twice.” she replied casually. He couldn’t believe it, Yolanda must have misunderstood the question. “No, not daily, they want to know how many times in a MONTH.” Jim empathized month. “Yeah bout once or twice a month.” Yolanda replied again. “You mean Jack only screws you once a month?” he asked incredulously. “Yeah.” she nodded her head. “Holy shit” he looked at her body “I’d be screwing you every day!” He blurted out. “OK” she replied. “OK??” he asked, puzzled by her reply. “Ok you kin can screw me ebery day.” Yolanda replied in a matter of fact way. “Specially with dat big cock you got’s.” Jim was taken back a bit by Yolanda’s very matter of fact way of informing him he could screw her every day. He quickly looked towards the living room where Jack was now cleaning the carpet and the loud noise of the cleaner kept her husband from hearing anything that went on in the kitchen. “Well…ahhh…what will Jack think about that?” he asked nervously. “I ain’t gonna tell him and anyways he’s messing round wit my little 10 year old sister Beff.” “WHAT? He’s messing with a 10 year old?!” he looked at her. “Why don’t you stop or report him?” Jim was astonished at the revelation and pleased at the same time to know he would be getting some ass from this retard. “Yeah he pays her ta give him blowjobs after school sometimes. He don know dat I knows but I seen dem coming out of da laundry room one time an my sister had his jizz on her dress top and some in her hair. I pretended I didn’t see it but I asted her later an she said dat he gives her a dollar to suck him off.” “How come you don’t tell anyone?” Jim asked again. He was curious and it quickly explained why Jack wasn’t squirting big loads if he was getting his jollies off with her little sister Beth.. Yolanda laughed. “I don care cause I don like doing it wit him anyways. He jus sticks it in an squirts an I can’t feel notin. So she’s saving me da trouble of getting screwed by him.” “Well why do you keep it a secret?” he asked again. “Cause if’n I tell he’ll get arrested an den I ain’t got no place to live an no money. Dis way I got’s money an a place ta live. Besides every girl gets it when she’s little.” It made perfect sense to Yolanda to hide what she knew. Just then Jack turned off the carpet cleaning machine and walked out in the kitchen, his fat beer belly hanging over his belt. “Well I got’er all done. You guys get the pregnant thing all figgered out?” “Oh yes Jack I’m going to setup a schedule for you and I’m going to do some tests on Yolanda with test kits we’ll pickup at the store. You’ll have to do it to her” he winked at Jack “on certain days and I’m sure she will get pregnant.” “Yeah babe, Jim knows wat he is talking bout and you’ll get me knocked up real soon.” she was smiling. Jack smiled “Cool, we’ll be rolling in the dough. Hey kin I use your bathroom I gotta pee?” He headed to the bathroom and Yolanda reached over and grasped Jim’s semi-hard cock through his pants. Jim flinched as her bold move surprised him. “I want dis to cum inside me big boy and make a baby in me.” she requested as she squeezed his cock. Jim groaned a bit and his cock went hard instantaneously. “Jesus baby not now wait till he leaves.” The girl laughed and rubbed him. “I ain’t never had a cock dis big.” she whispered as she stood up and got another beer. Jim grabbed a newspaper and covered his lap because his hardon was obvious. “You hot little bitch I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you and knock you up so fast your head will spin.” he whispered back as he closed the computer lid. Jack came back out. “I’m gonna put my stuff away and head over to the job at Mary’s house. It should take me about four hours and den we got Beth coming after school to babysit.” He looked at Yolanda “You two wanna go to the store and get that stuff and I’ll watch Beth?” Yolanda was anxious for some time alone with the big cock man. “Yeah babe, me an Jim will go, huh Jim?” “Yeah Yolanda and I will be gone for a while Jack. How many kids do you babysit?” Jim asked casually, not letting on he knew what the pervert was doing. “Oh just her sister Beth today. I just let her watch TV.” With that he turned around and started picking up his cleaning equipment and left. As soon as the door closed Jim went and locked it with Yolanda at his side. The young teenager was very aggressive, quickly wrapping her arms around Jim’s neck kissing him passionately on the lips. Her tongue was very long and she deep throated Jim with it causing him to choke a bit as she ran it down his throat. His hands found her ass instantly fulfilling his desire to feel her bubble ass. He squeezed it gently at first and then harder as their hips ground against one another, his rock hard cock jammed against her cunt through their jeans. As their lips were locked together Jim picked her up, Yolanda wrapped her legs around his torso as the horny man carried the willing slut into his bedroom. She was panting hard as they fell on the bed, their hands rapidly removing each others pants. Her white tank top was now pulled up on her shoulders exposing her small pert breasts. Yolanda’s nipples were rock hard already. Jim’s big thick cock was extremely hard as he lay on his back and Yolanda, on her knees next to him, started sucking it while she explored his balls with her tiny hands. His left hand on her head and his right hand feeling up her little nipples. “Baby” he gasped “when you taste the bitter stuff stop sucking and pull your mouth off so I don’t cum right away.” He wanted to get a couple big loads built up before he filled her cunt with his sperm. Right then Yolanda pulled her mouth off his wet boner with a plop as she leaned back. Drool was running down her chin and she rubbed her nipples with both hands. “You is gettin the bitter stuff Jim so I done stopped before you squirted.” The slut, who had obviously sucked cock before, knew that a guy was gonna squirt very soon when the bitter precum hit her tongue. “Good girl. We have to stop for a few minutes until my cock goes soft and then we’ll start again and that way when I fuck your cunt you’ll get a double load of my jizz to make a baby in you.” “Oh dat’s a good idea, I neber taught of dat.” she mumbled as she stared at the man’s very big cock. “You gots the biggest cock I ever seen. I don know if’n I kin take it all.” she giggled as she grasped it again. Jim flinched and pushed her hand away “No baby not yet let it get soft.” He laughed “You’ll be getting all you want of it soon and in the next couple weeks it’s going to squirt a gallon of cum juice inside your tight little pussy.” The man pulled her down beside him on the bed and held her hands so she wouldn’t make him cum yet. “Do you think Jack is messing with Beth this afternoon?” Jim asked her as he let his cock go soft. “Probly.” she replied. Jim started running his hands through her hair as he talked “I know how we can find out exactly what he is doing to her.” “How?” the 18 year old replied quickly. “Cameras. Hidden cameras. We’ll video record everything he does to the little Beth. It’s easy.” Jim had done some video recording of sex prior to this and had a few cameras in his possession. “Really! You mean we could see em doing stuff?” Yolanda was excited at the thought. “But won’t he see da cameras?” she asked dumbly. “No baby they have cameras that look like coat hooks, alarm clocks, water bottles, make up mirrors, smoke detectors, picture frames, calculators, electric outlets, light bulbs, even tiny pin hole ones you just stick in the wall or ceiling.” his hands now slid down to her nipples as he talked. “I’ll put a bunch around your trailer and we’ll be able to see everything he does to them. Would you like that baby?” “YEAH I wanna see him doing stuff.” she smiled and went on “When kin we do it? Does you gots dem cameras now?” “Well I got a couple and we can put them in today but they sell more of them at the adult porn book store down on main street and we could go get them and…” he paused for effect “we’ll get you some sex toys too. You have any sex toys like vibrators or dildos?” Her eyes lit up “No I ain’t got none but I use ta have a vibrator but it broke.” Yolanda sat up on one elbow and looked him in the face. “Kin we git some more sex toys? I already know what I want.” “What baby?” he replied, happy that she was getting excited about wanting sex toys. “I wants a big rubber dildo so’s I kin fuck myself when I’m horny.” she declared shamelessly. “You got it baby. You can pick out whatever you like but you gotta use my real cock when I’m around.” “OK but I wants your big cock now. Does you got another load yet?” she asked anxiously, wanting his cock inside her soon. “Yes baby I’m ready to fuck you and make a baby inside your hot cunt. But after I shoot a load inside you then you have to cum. When you cum it sucks the sperm up inside your cervix and womb where my spermatozoa can fertilize your eggs and that makes you get pregnant faster.” Jim explained. “Oh OK” she replied not comprehending the process. Jim laughed. “In other words baby you have to cum as many times as you can after I squirt inside you. I want you to masturbate at least five times a day and I’m going to screw you at least twice a day and knock you up.” Yolanda just mumbled “OK” as she went back to playing with his cock, sucking it again as she explored her new found toy that was going to make her have a baby. Jim rubbed her pussy and then laid her on her back, getting between her wide spread thighs and started to lick her cunt. She was completely turned on in just a minute and Jim made her get up on her hands and knees. “Now baby I’m gonna fuck you good.” he explained and he started rubbing his big cock tip in her slit getting his boner wet with her thick juices. “It’s gonna be a bit tight honey” he warned the willing slut who was presenting her cunt to him so he could mount the insert his erection. “Have any other guys fucked you besides Jack?” “No jus Jack” she quickly replied. Jim knew from previous experience with women who had never had a cock as big as his that it would hurt them a bit until their vagina was stretched and expanded enough to take the big girth of his large manhood. He reached over to the drawer in the nightstand and got a tube of KY jelly out, squeezing a gob on his cock and smearing her small cunt liberally with the lube. Jack’s cock had never stretched her like Jim’s was going to now. Yolanda had never shaved her pussy but there wasn’t much hair he noticed as he applied more lube causing her to thrust back against him, clearly signaling she was ready to be mounted. Now he brought his hips forward got his cock up close to her hole and started to gently stuff the fat mushroom head inside the opening. It was really tight and she groaned a bit as he pulled back and then pushed further in this time. “OH…OOHH Shit.” the small teenager exclaimed as the biggest cock that had ever penetrated her cunt pressed inside her, the head now completely buried. “OOHHH it’s soooo fuckin bigggggggg.” she pulled forward to try and get away as he stopped moving to let her vagina adjust to the monster. Jim held her hips tight. “Yes baby you are very tight but soon you’ll get used to my big cock fucking your little cunt and shooting big fucking loads of jism inside you.” and with that he pulled back a bit and then thrust half of his cock inside her. “OOWWWWWW it hurts!” she complained, once again trying to get away from the monster that was stretching her cunt like never before. The man held her tight as he now slowly started fucking her, each time going a little bit deeper inside her very wet cunt. Her complaining stopped but she whimpered every time he went deeper. Her head hung down now like a dog getting fucked as he had his way with her small body. After a few more thrusts her vagina relaxed a bit and she started moaning softly at first and then louder as the big cock gave her what every girl wanted. Jim could feel her cervix every time he went deep and could only get about 7 inch’s inside her tight pussy. He could feel his cock getting the familiar feeling meaning he was ready to squirt. OH fuck baby I’m gonna cum.” He pushed in as deep as he could, his cock tip almost inside her cervix where he wanted his jism to go. He held her very tight and stopped thrusting. ‘OOOHHHHHHHHH” his cock went extra hard and Jim felt the jism he had built up squirting out in powerful bursts. His thick member was pulsing as it sprayed a massive load of thick white juice in the willing cunt. There was so much It almost felt like he was peeing jizz inside the willing young girl. Yolanda could tell he was going to squirt because his cock got harder and bigger, if that was possible, just as he started cumming. She had never really felt a man squirting like Jim’s cock was doing. Most of the time she never knew if Jack had even cum. But this was different, she knew the cock was squirting hot stuff inside her as it pulsed and pulsed load after load of hot liquid inside her female organ. “OOOHHHHHH” she groaned “Fucking make a baby in me Jim, make a baby.” all her instincts came alive as her love canal was filled with male sperm. This was a total fulfillment of her body’s craving to be mated with. Instinctively the slut pushed back against his body trying to get more of the man’s spurting cock juice deep inside her willing cunt. His orgasm lasted almost a half minute and he kept his cock buried inside her after it stopped squirting. It was starting to soften as her vaginal muscles squeezed and milked it, forcing every last bit of his seed out of his manhood. Finally it plopped out and a gush of thick white jism shot out of her overfilled hole, running down her legs and dripping on the bed. Jim laughed “Oh shit I should have put a towel down. See what you made me do, now I’ll have to sleep in the wet spot.” Yolanda looked down between her legs and laughed when she saw the big mess. “Fuck, you shoot a LOT baby.” she exclaimed as she rolled over on her back, exhausted from the extreme fucking she had just received. His cock juice continued to leak out of her red, inflamed pussy as her fingers slipped inside her slit, slowly stroking her clit using his jizz for lubricant. “That’s it baby, rub your cunt and make yourself cum so all my cock juice will suck up inside your womb and make you pregnant.” “I always do dat after Jack fucks me but he neber fucked me like that Jim. You gots a BIG cock!” Yolanda started rubbing her clit faster and faster as Jim watched her. She wasn’t embarrassed at all to masturbate in front of him and he loved that. “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” she screamed like a piglet all at once and thrust her hips up in the air as she clasped her legs closed together on her fingers that were busy on her clit. She humped up and down violently and then shot a stream of liquid out of her vagina. “Holy shit baby you are a hot one..” he said breathlessly as he watched the teenager having the most intense orgasm he had ever witnessed in person. Oh, for sure, he had seen squirters on porn videos and knew a couple girls that squirted but never anything this powerful. After a minute or so the girl collapsed down on the bed, totally drained as Jim looked at his bed that was completely soaked now with her juice and his jizz. “Fuck baby we’re gonna have to start using the bed in the guest room. This ain’t ever going to dry out.” he told her as he gently started to caress her small frame. “You are one hot momma!” Yolanda giggled but didn’t open her eyes. “I tired.” she mumbled and fell asleep. Jim quickly got his camera out and took several pictures of her lying there with his white jizz leaking out of her cunt. She slept about 20 minutes while Jim got dressed and cleaned up as best he could. Then he went into the spare bedroom and turned on the desktop computer that had two big monitors. He was checking his email from his jackoff buddies who were arranging a internet jackoff session for later this evening when Yolanda walked up behind him. “Wat cha doin Jim?” she asked. Her white tank top was now pulled down covering her breasts and she had put back on her cotton panties and denim shorts. Jim showed her the email and then remembered she couldn’t read. “Well my buddies want me to go online tonight at 8 and jackoff with them. We have a jackoff club.” “What! You jackoff with other guys online?” she wasn’t real computer savvy and was pretty much unaware of all the porn on the internet. “Oh yeah we post videos of stuff we do and girls that we’ve fucked and everybody jacks off to the latest adventures.” Yolanda laughed “Too bad you can’t put me on there I’d like to see guys jacking off to me.” “And see you squirt?” he asked. “Squirt?” she asked, puzzled. “Yeah, show them how you squirted when you cummed, that was hot.” “What you mean squirted?” again she had no idea what he was talking about. “You know…when you shot all that juice out of your pussy when you just masturbated.” he replied, a bit agitated. She shook her head “I didn’t do anything.” “Well yes you did and I can prove it” he replied now sensing that she didn’t know what she had done. “Prove it? How?” the little slut asked dumbly. “Remember I told you about the cameras? Well, look up at the smoke detector, it’s a camera. See that coat hook on the wall there” he pointed to it “It’s a camera. Every room in this trailer has cameras that record everything that goes on.” “No way!” she laughed just a bit. “OK watch this monitor.” He clicked on a few icons and all of a sudden the screen filled with a video of them in his bed. He played the video while she watched open mouthed. “Oh wow yer cock is sooo big” she murmured as one of the cameras showed just his big cock going inside her pussy, stretching it wide open. “No wonder it hurt!” she giggled. She laughed when he pulled his cock out and all their juices squished out onto the bed soaking it. “See what I mean but keep watching.” Jim told her. Now the other camera in the ceiling showed her masturbating and then she started cumming. A stream of her liquids shot at least three feet out of her pussy. “Oh My God” Yolanda gasped. Jim stopped the video and replayed her squirting again. “See. That’s squirting. Lot’s of women do it. Didn’t you know you were squirting?” “No. I ain’t never done dat before.” she replied. “But dat’s da hardest I ever cummed in my whole life.” “I’ll show you some more girls squirting.” Jim went to a website and brought up videos of several girls squirting massive amounts of liquids just like Yolanda had done. All of them were masturbating or somebody was masturbating them. “Wow dats neat.” she mumbled as she watched the porn videos. “Yeah and now I’ll know to put a towel down on the bed so it will soak it up baby.” He pointed to the bed behind them “We’ll start fucking in here from now on so my bed isn’t all soaking wet.” Jim had this bedroom setup for sex and videoing. Some wild stuff had occurred on the small bed and now she was going to be a part of the depraved things too. The girl just didn’t know it. “You are such a hot babe I don’t understand Jack not screwing you more. Let’s put a bunch of cameras in your trailer and find out for sure who Jack is getting his jollies off with.” Jim wanted to know more about all the girls that Yolanda’s husband was molesting with her permission. “Well he ain’t gonna be back for a couple more hours kin we put em in now?” she asked hopefully. “Yeah, I’ll grab the smoke alarm cameras and we’ll head over to your place and I’ll put them up.”

=== Part 2 ===

They went to Yolanda’s trailer and Jim proceeded to change out all the smoke detectors with the new ones that had cameras inside them and also wireless transmitters that he could pick up on his system at his place. It took about 15 minutes for all of them. “Now baby where does he usually molest the little 10 year old. Beth is her name right?” “Yeah Beff I know he does it to her in da lanudry room and den in by his compooter in da back bedroom cause she tol me day watch porn stuff on it and she does stuff ta him while he watchs da porn on it.” The retarded girl didn’t seem upset about her husbands infidelity with a little girl at all. Jim installed a couple more hidden cameras in the back bedroom that would show everything that went on at the computer. Jim planned on coming back later and installing some software that would let him track everything the computer did but right now their time was limited. “Now baby we have cameras everywhere and we’ll know exactly what he is doing to Beth.” Yolanda smiled happily “Yeah and da other girls too.” “WHAT?” Jim exclaimed “He’s doing other little girls too?” “Yeff da lady next door said she seen some odder little girls go inside wit him las week.” “How old were they, do you know?” Yolanda quickly replied “Da lady said dey was about 5 or 6 and dere was anodder man wiff em.” “Hmm maybe he’s got a friend bringing him little girls to molest. He sure is a nasty pervert huh Yolanda?” She nodded her dumb head as she stared at him. Wow this could be a real good source of some porn videos Jim thought to himself. “Well we will soon know who all is putting out for Jack. And you still want to keep it secret right?” “Yeah cause I don wanna get throwed out, anyways I gots you ta fuck me now.” She smiled brightly and clung to Jim’s arm.”Youse is gonna be my boyfriend Jim and make a baby in me huh?” with that she reached down and grasp Jim’s cock through his jeans. “Yes baby I’m your boyfriend and I’m gonna screw the shit out of you everyday, even when we are watching the video of Jack molesting the little girls I’ll be squirting my jizz deep up inside your hot, tight little cunt.” He pulled her to him and gave her a long french kiss as his hands felt her nice young ass “Your my hot cumbag slut baby. Now let’s head to Wally World and pick up some stuff. Then we’ll head to the Adult porn store and I’ll show you some good fucking toys.” They went over to the shopping mall and went in the big Walmart store. Jim noticed several men checking her out as Yolanda’s short skirt was just barely covering her ass and the sluts tits, although small, were bouncing around as she walked. Yolanda had said she seldom wore a bra and today was no exception. He took her to the drug section and picked up a package of pregnancy Test strips. Now as Jim read the box a couple guys pretended they were looking for things next to them. Jack leaned close to her and whispered “Wanna make a couple guys get a hard on? Lean over and get another box off the bottom shelf so they can see up your skirt.” The small girl quickly bent over and pretended to shuffle through the items as Jim looked the other way. Yolanda gave them a good view and actually spread her legs a bit so they could see her bare ass. She then stood up and turned around to face the men. One guy had disappeared but the other guy definitely had a boner that was pushing out the front of his pants. Jim pretended not to notice the guy and started talking to Yolanda again pointing to the instructions which, of course, she couldn’t read. “See baby with this ovulation tester it will tell us when you are most fertile, which means when you can get pregnant when I screw you. And then the pregnancy test strips will tell us when you finally get pregnant.” Yolanda nodded her head and the guy took off as they turned and walked towards him. Yolanda looked at Jim “He got’s a good boner Jim, I seen it. Dat was hot!” Jim reached behind her and slid his hand up under her skirt, feeling her nice ass. “We’ll come here again some day and see how many boners you can make. Would you like that baby, making guys get a hardon?” “Oh Yeahhhh.” she replied as she let him feel her up. “I got’s to go pee Jim. Your hand is making me all tingly in my puthy.” “Alright baby let’s head to the bathrooms in the back of the store.” Jim had an idea. “Baby I’m all horny and I can feel your pussy is wet.” He leaned down to her ear. “I’m gonna fuck you in the bathroom baby. My big cock is going to fill up your little girl pussy again with my man juice so you can get pregnant. Would you like that honey?” Yolanda giggled “Yefffffff.” the young slut wanted to feel his big cock inside her again, shooting it’s hot jizz deep in her tummy. They came to the restrooms and went in the one marked “Family” that was for parents to change diapers and take care of their little ones. Jim locked the door and looked around. It was fairly big and had a long table along one wall for changing diapers. He noticed a pair of panties laying on the changing table. “Look here baby.” he picked them up. “Some little girl peed in her panties and left them here.” He held them to his nose and sniffed them. Yolanda giggled “Dat’s wat I’m gonna do too cause I got’s ta go BAD!” She stuck her hand in her crotch pushing the orange skirt against her pussy to stop her pee. “Baby you don’t have any panties on to pee in.” he reminded her. “Oh yeah…huh.” “Come here baby I have an idea. We’re gonna put these panties on you and you’re gonna piss in them too and then I’ll fuck you with them on.” Jim checked the size on the worn out panties label. Dora the Explorer adorned the front of the piss soaked cotton panties. “They are size 10/12 girls panties. It will be tight but they will fit your little body.” he commented as he leaned down and helped her put the panties on, pulling them up tight into her crotch as the previous little girls cunt juices and pee now invaded Yolanda’s slit while the wet pee soaked cotton crotch disappeared inside the folds of the 18 year old’s cunt lips. Yolanda giggled a bit “Dey are cold.” as the tight fitting child’s panties buried themselves inside her already wet crack. “Beth wears dat size too.” she mumbled as Jim’s fingers were now pushing them inside her vagina as he dropped his jogging shorts and stepped out of them. Jim had changed into the shorts without any underwear because he wanted to be able to screw her anywhere they went and do it quickly like now. Plus he liked to flash his bulge to young girls in Walmart to get their reaction which was pretty good some times. He had her pushed up against the table as she leaned back on it with her elbows. “Oh Jim I got’s to pee bad.” she whined as he stood in front her and pulled the wet panties crotch aside, putting the tip of his raging hardon in the small girls wet crack. The man started moving it around getting the big mushroom head slippery with her copious lubricating fluids. “Jesus baby you sure get juicy fast.” he commented as her cunt juice coated his big prick. “OOOHHHHHH” Yolanda moaned as Jim pushed inside her a bit, backed out and pushed in again a few times wetting his cock shaft with her cunt juice until he was fucking her with his entire length as she humped against him loving the mammoth cock buried up inside her vagina. Yolanda wrapped her arms around him tight as his hands held her buttocks and then he lifted her off the floor as her small legs wrapped themselves around his lower body while he pounded his 9 inch cock inside the slut’s small cunt. “Fuck I got’s ta piss.” she moaned and then Jim felt it. A hot sensation on his balls as she let go and started pissing uncontrollably as his big cock filled her insides and forced her hot pee out. He felt the hot liquid covering his cock every time he pulled back a bit and his balls were soaked with the fluid as it then ran down his legs. It splashed up on his stomach to as it gushed out like a faucet. All the beer she had drunk earlier was now coming out and soaking them both. Jim had never been pissed on before while screwing and the sensation turned him on completely. “Baby your piss is gonna make me cum.” he groaned as he buried his cock deep inside her cunt and started squirting his hot jizz inside her willing pussy. Yolanda’s head was flopping around with the fucking but now it fell backwards a bit, her eyes rolled back and her tongue hanging out as the she felt the mammoth cock pulsing as it sprayed hot sperm inside her giving her what her instincts were craving. “Ohh fuck me Jim makes a baby in me.” she commanded as drool ran down her chin, her young body being ravished like never before. This was exactly what her lewd desires had craved when she had masturbated for the many previous years from the time she was a little girl up until now. After Jim finished ejaculating he pulled out of her sopping cunt and his jizz squirted out a bit. They both looked down and laughed. “You got’s me all methhy.” the retard giggled as the pee and white jizz soiled both of them, their legs all wet with her pee. Jim got some paper towels and wiped them both clean and then he grabbed a mop that was in one of those yellow washing buckets with wheels on them that was over in a corner and mopped up the mess. As he put on his shorts he told her “Baby leave those little girls panties on and they will help keep my cum from running down your legs while we leave the store.” “Otay an den I kin gib dem ta Nack cause he likes ta sniff panties.” she replied. matter of factually. “What?” Jim was a bit puzzled. “Yeah he finds little girls panties when he is cleaning carpets at da peoples houses and brings dem home and sniffs dem while he jacks off at da compooter and squirts on em. I seen him.” she giggled. “Oh, well no wonder you’re not getting pregnant, he’s shooting all his jizz on little kids panties.” Jim commented as they went back out in the store. Jim again noticed she was walking slowly. “Still sore baby?” “Yea and I’s keeping my legs kinda closed cause your stuff is leaking out.” Jim stood back a bit and looked at her thighs. Sure enough some of his jizz was running down her thigh. He laughed “I shot a pretty big load in you honey. Maybe I got you pregnant this time.” “I hope tho!” she quickly lisped, her eyes wide open, all aglow at the thought of being knocked up. They checked out of the store. “When kin I do da test?” she asked as they walked to the car. “Well all you have to do is pee on the tester and it will tell you right now. Do you have any pee left after you got done pissing all over me you hot little shit.” he laughed. “Yeh dat beer makes me have ta pith a lot.” she laughed too at the thought of how she had peed all over the man when his big cock was inside her. “Just squat beside the car and pee on it. I’ll watch to make sure no one see’s you. Besides it almost dark.” Jim opened the box and showed the retard where to pee on it. Yolanda squatted down between two cars and held the tester next to her pussy. Then Jim heard the sound of pee hitting the ground and Yolanda laughing. “Dis is fun, I ain’t never peed in a parkin lot.” She stood up and handed the dripping tester to Jim. “Oh jeeze baby this shows you are coming into your most fertile time for the next few days. We need to fuck as much as we can and maybe I’ll get you knocked up soon. Hell maybe those two loads I pumped inside you today did the trick.” As she got back in the car Jim said “Let’s head over to the porn book store and get you some toys and stuff. We’ve got some serious fucking to do baby and I want you to cum as many times as you can cause it will help make you pregnant!” “That get pregnant website said when the female cums her cervix sucks up the sperm to help get you pregnant so I’m gonna get you some vibrators that will help make you cum a lot.” He knew most women loved vibrators and he wanted her to become a slave to sex. He took them to the adult store and parked in back of the rundown building. “You ever been in an adult book store baby?” he asked as they entered the sex shop. Yolanda shook her head no as her eyes took in all the pure sex items adorning all the walls and hanging from the ceiling. She was almost hypnotized. It didn’t surprise Jim because he had found out a lot of information from her in the past hour or so as they had talked while he was driving her around. She had been raised in a group home of girls that had similar learning disabilities and they were closely watched by several old ladies who made sure no men got around the easily seduced half wits. It turned out that Jack was the grandson of one of the old ladies and the old woman talked Jack into marrying Yolanda because the group home was bankrupt and going to close. There was no place for the young girl to go. So it was a marriage of convenience and Jack got a check from the government for taking care of the mildly retarded girl. Yolanda said they had been married about six months now and had sex maybe five times but she didn’t seem to care. Apparently Jack was not too interested in her body as his interests appeared to be in young girls and very young girls. Jim wondered if the videos would show him with any toddlers. Yolanda had never had a guy like Jim with a big cock and use it like he did so she was in sex heaven with him. Yolanda walked to the back wall right away where there was a big display of dildos that included every size, shape and color. Jim laughed and went to the front counter. “Hi Frank, brought you a new customer.” “Oh yeah I already know her.” Frank replied casually to his friend’s statement. Jim had been coming in here for a year or so and the two of them shared sex related stuff constantly. “WHAT!” Jim replied. Yolanda had just told him she had never been in here, how could Frank know her he wondered. “Well I never met her but her husband Jack comes in here all the time and he puts up pictures in the video booths in the backroom for guys to squirt a tribute on. She’s one of the most popular tribute faces in here not to mention all her dirty panties we sell.” Jim was now completely puzzled. She had never mentioned selling her panties nor letting guys jackoff and squirt on her picture. He knew they sold dirty panties here and you had to pay extra for them if there was a video of the girl wearing the panties. Jim looked to make sure Yolanda was still out of hearing range “Does he bring in videos of her wearing them?” “Oh yeah they show her wearing them and also jacking him off and squirting on them.” Jim looked incredulous. “Does it show her face or just the panties and his cock?” “Well it just shows her pussy area and her little hand jacking him off till he squirts.” “So how do you know it’s Yolanda if you don’t see her face.” Jim challenged the man. Frank smiled “That’s easy. See that wedding ring she’s wearing with the small diamond? Well she jacks him off and the ring is on her hand in every video. I used to sell jewellery and spotted that ring the minute she walked through the door.” “So that’s why you didn’t check her age when she came in.” It had puzzled Jim why Frank hadn’t checked her ID when she walked in as she looked about 12 years old. “Yep. I knowed it was her and I made Jack produce a video of her ID card showing she was married. She looks like a little kid but as long as she is married she’s legal. We don’t want no cops in here cause we’re selling underage pussy shots. We’d lose our license in a heartbeat.” Jim watched Yolanda pick up a big black dildo and put it to her lips as she turned around and looked him in the eye and then slowly slid the big black cock inside her mouth. Jim’s cock went hard as his friend Frank laughed “Looks like she found something she likes.” “Yeah.” he mumbled as he headed over to the girl. He had a bunch of questions for her now that Frank had filled him in.

=== Part 3 ===

Yolanda finds out about sex toys, nasty men’s lewd fetishes and gives her first blowjob. Jim discovers what her husband is doing with her panties and a lesbian takes her heart. Yolanda smiled mischievously at him as she slid the big 12 inch black cock slowly in and out of her mouth and then pulled it out with a plopping sound as he stood next to her. “Dat’s a BIG cock!” she giggled as a bit of drool ran out of her small mouth whose lips had just been stretched to the limit by the mammoth head. “Ha! you are such a hot little slut Yolanda. I see you are having a fun time looking at all the toys.” “Dey got’s lots ta stuff Jim! I ain’t neber seen anyting like dis before.” her young eyes were filled with wonder at all the sexual devices on the walls and stacked on tables throughout the well lighted store. “So Jack never brought you here?” he asked as he picked up a dildo with a vibrator, starting his gentle probing of what was going on with Jack and the pantie videos. “No we neber comed here.” she replied as she took the vibrator dildo from him and licked the tip. “Oh, well, does Jack come here by himself?” She shook her head. “Naw I don tink so…least wise he neber said he did.” Jim kind of steered her over to another wall where there were lots of sexy lingerie and panties. He picked up a pair of panties as he spoke “Well does Jack like you to put on panties like this and take pictures of you?” “No.” she took the panties and held them in front of her to show them off for Jim. “You want me ta wear dese fer ya?” she asked seductively. “Hmmm I like the little ones you are wearing right now baby.” he replied and went on with another question. “Do you ever jack him off while he is playing with panties?” The young girl laughed a bit “No I ain’t neber jacked him off.” Now Jim was puzzled. He was pretty sure the half wit wasn’t lying to him yet his friend said he had seen videos of Yolanda jacking off her husband. And the ring was in every video so it must be her. Jim pointed to a sign next to the panties and then read it to Yolanda who was unable to read. “Used panties for sale at the counter. $10 and up. We buy used panties.” Yolanda listened and then looked at Jim. “Will dey buy my panties?” “Sure baby.” She was all ears now “How much will dey gib me for dem?” “Well why don’t we go ask Frank and see.” Jim was sure now that she didn’t know about her husband’s pantie fetish but was still really curious how Jack was getting the video and then it hit him. “Yolanda do you ever take your wedding ring off?” “Yeah I usually don’t wear it much cauth it snags on stuff.” she replied. “Does your 10 year old sister ever put it on?” Yolanda nodded her head. “Ya she likes ta play Mommie and Daddy an pretends she’s married.” Bingo! That was it! The little girl’s hand was the one in the videos. Maybe. Or maybe it was another woman Jack had on the side. But it wasn’t Yolanda. “Hey Frank, Yolanda wants to know if you’ll buy her panties and how much?” Frank looked at him a bit puzzled as he figured the girl would already know that. Jim winked at him and quickly said “She’s got a well used pair on right now.” “Well we’ll have to go in the back room and see them but we usually pay $10 a pair. But if we get a video of you wearing them we give you $20” Frank said “and we can do it now if you want some money today. You want $20 Yolanda?” “Yeff!! I needs some money!” the dumb slut eagerly replied. “Ok let’s go to the video recording studio. There’s a couple other ways to make money now too.” Frank explained to her as he led the willing dimwit into a small room back behind the counter. There was a small four poster single bed in the center with the head up against the wall. Cameras on tripods were on both sides of the stained mattress and another small camera was mounted on the wall by the head to get face shots. White silk ropes with loops on the end were attached to the posters. Some ball gags were hanging on the wall along with some other BDSM items. A ceiling camera was mounted next to a flat screen TV so that the girl getting fucked could watch it all as she lay there staring up at the ceiling. “This is where we make a lot of our videos we sell here. Just think Yolanda you could be a movie star.” Frank explained as he pointed to the nasty mattress where many girls had been fucked senseless as the many cameras caught it all. Yolanda was awe struck by the scene, her jaw hung down as she took in the room. A box at the foot of the bed had all sorts of vibrators, dildos, whips and masks. She smiled at the thought of being a movie star. “Cool.” bending down she pulled a strange object out of the toy box. Wats dis?” she asked dumbly. Frank laughed a bit. “That’s a rubber dog cock. You ever been fucked by a dog?” Her eyes got wide open “WAT? Fucked by a dog! No…kin dey do dat?…” “Oh yeah dogs fuck girls all the time. You didn’t know that?” Frank replied , a bit surprised. “No.” she murmured. Jim chimed in now. “Yolanda is pretty innocent Frank. There is a LOT she doesn’t know.” he made circles next to his head to indicate she was crazy as he stood behind the retard and couldn’t see him gesturing that she was stupid. “Well pretty girl you have come to the right place to learn about sex. That’s all we do here and you can make a lot of money right here in this room anytime you like.” “I kin?” she responded eagerly as she was wanting money like all the other sluts who passed through this room. Frank nodded and smiled at her “You sure can and it’s very easy. All you have to do is lay there on the bed and do what we tell you while we video record it.” “How much money does I gets?” The man sensed he had a hot one on the line and decided to reel her in. “Oh you can make like $500 in a day if we are busy.” “Five hundered dollers!!” she exclaimed “just to lay here on dis bed?” “Oh yeah. But you have to do stuff on the bed that guys want to see so they can jackoff and shoot their loads while they watch your hot body getting fucked and other stuff.” Yolanda stared hard at the man obviously interested in making $500 “Well when kin I start?” Frank and Jim both laughed at her eagerness. Jim knew she was a slut in the making even though she had only been screwed by Jack and himself. “You can start right now baby. We have a training period for new girls like you and you’ll get 100 dollars to learn all the different things we like to make movies about. It will take a couple sessions over the next few days but in a few weeks you will become a movie star.” Frank explained as he turned on the bright lights, illuminating the bed. “Wanna start now?” he asked as Jim looked on. “YEAH! Wat’s I gotta do?” the dimwit eagerly replied. “Oh does I get paid today? I wanna go git my nails done cause I ain’t neber got no money to git em done.” “Sure baby I’ll pay you cash but you might be interested to know that the girl, Cherri, who works the night shift here also works in a beauty shop during the day and does all that stuff.” “Really! When is she comin in?” “Actually she should be here by now. And I think she will give you a really good deal.” Frank smiled and went on “She likes girls. Especially young girls. And you look really young so I suspect she’ll love you. Literally.” Yolanda just looked at him with a dumb look. She had no idea what he meant. Just then the door alarm went off signaling someone had entered the store. Frank led them out into the store. “Oh, speak of the Devil, here she is now.” A very cute small girl about five feet tall with short black hair walked over to them smiling. She had on a white blouse with a black short skirt that was her work uniform. The blouse was unbuttoned enough so you could almost see her nipples on the almost nonexistent breasts. Cherri’s black eyes flashed as she smiled at Yolanda, looking her up and down with obvious approval. “Well who do we have here?” she asked as she put her small purse behind the counter, flashing her beautiful red painted nails so the other female could see them. “I is Yolanda.” the obviously enthralled girl replied as she looked at the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. It was instant love as the two females stared at each other briefly. Jim noticed it right away and it explained why Yolanda had never had much sex with men. She was a lesbian deep down and it was very obvious that Cherri and her hit it off instantly. Jim knew Cherri, who was about 30, and the woman never had anything to do with men as far as sex was concerned that he knew about. Jim had seen videos that they sold here in the store of Cherri with other women and she appeared to be a very aggressive lesbian. He guessed Yolanda was going to get a good education about female to female sex. “Well what brings you here sweetheart? I haven’t ever seen you in here before.” Cherri asked as she came back over to where they were standing and stood close to Yolanda. Jim replied “Yolanda wants to get pregnant and I’m helping her. I told her that she needs to have orgasms after I squirt my semen inside her cunt because it makes her sex organs suck it up and get her knocked up faster.” He waved his arm a bit, pointing to all the toys. “And all these sex toys will make her cum like crazy so we are getting her all the tools she needs to get pregnant.” Cherri smiled as she continued to stare at the retard “Well sweetheart Jim is right. The more you cum after a man squirts inside you the better it is to get pregnant.” “How long have you been trying honey?” the older woman asked as she blatantly looked at the almost child like body. Cherri had a lot of experience with many older woman and younger girls but this youngster was really turning her on. “Uh I dono…maybe a couple months. Nack isn’t doing it to me very much an Jim” she turned at smiled at him “says we got’s ta do it all da time.” Yolanda giggled a bit “An so he done it to me two times today cause he gonna get me preganat cause Nack don’t fuck me much.” Sherri looked a bit puzzled “Well is Nack your husband or Jim?” She could tell already this young girl was not quite all there and it turned Cherri on in a weird way. A dumb little slut who she could manipulate would be exciting. Now Jim spoke up “Jack. His name is Jack and he’s her husband but he doesn’t have any interest in Yolanda, just her little sister and her panties.” he explained to Cherri “And they want her to get pregnant so they can get more welfare money so I told Yolanda I’d knock her up while Jack did his pantie thing or whatever he does.” Sherri listened and then some things started to come together. She knew she’d seen the ring somewhere before and now the name Jack and panties brought it all into detail. Jack had been bringing panties into the sex shop for them to sell and he always had a video of a girl wearing the used panties. Usually a girl’s small hand was jacking him off on the panties she was wearing or he was squirting in. And that same ring was on her hand in most of the videos. “Oh so it’s you that’s jacking him off in all those videos.” she replied. “Huh?” both Yolanda and Jim said at the same time as they looked at each other. “You know…all those videos he brings in of you jacking him off and squirting his jizz on your little girl panties that we sell to the guys who ordered them. Jeeze you’ve done it at least ten times.” “I ain’t neber done notin like dat.” the retard replied with a puzzled sound in her voice. “I think I know what’s going on.” Jim cut in as he looked at Cherri “Jack is getting dirty little girl panties somewhere, maybe from the homes where he cleans carpets, and jacks off with them and secretly takes Yolanda’s ring and has a little girl jack him off but she’s wearing the ring so you think it is an adult.” Sherri nodded her head slowly. It all made sense now. She always had a strange feeling about Jack and this confirmed it. “Yeahhhhh I wondered about him. And he bought a little boy 4″ dildo a couple months ago along with some tapered anal bead rods.. We give him wholesale prices because he supplies us with dirty panties.” Frank chimed in “We’ve got all the videos on the computer in the back. Let’s go play detective and see if we can figure out whose wearing those panties and jacking him off.” Frank suggested as he headed to the back room. Jim went with him but Cherri told Yolanda to stay with her as another two customers had just walked in and the woman had to stay in the store while the guys browsed around. “So Yolanda how long have you been married?” Cherri asked as they stood behind the glass counter that was loaded with sex toys. “Uhhh bout a year.” “How long did you date Jack and where did you meet him?” Cherri wanted to know all the girl stuff as the relationship seemed odd. “Well only bout a couple weeks. My Grama said I should marry Nack cause he would take care of me.” She smiled and went on “Grama bringed him ta da place I used to live at and den we got married.” Cherri was a bit surprised. “Well do you love him?” Yolanda shook her head a bit “Naw I don tink so.” “Well why did you marry him if you don’t love him?” the woman asked incredulously. The retard giggled. “I don no…Grama said to I guess.” Cherri put her arm tenderly around Yolanda’s shoulder and pulled her close. “Baby your not supposed to marry someone if you don’t love them.” she admonished the child in a motherly way. “Oh. I didn’t know dat.” the dimwitted girl replied. “Does he kiss you a lot?” “Naw we don hardly eber kiss.” “Does he say I love you?” “Na.” “Oh sweetheart you need somebody to teach you about life. Everybody is just using you for fun and they don’t care about you. Jim is fucking you and Jack is…well I don’t know what Jack is doing but it’s certainly not anything good for you.” Cherri was truly concerned about the young girl whose mentality was that of a 12 year old it seemed. And at the same time Cherri was excited by the innocence of the girl who knew next to nothing about life. Yolanda would be fun to teach and easily manipulated into doing anything Cherri wanted to do with her young body. Besides Cherri’s last girlfriend had moved out a couple months ago and Cherri was looking for a new relationship as she was getting very horny and tired of masturbating alone. “Baby I want you to be my secret girlfriend and I’ll teach you all about how men and women fall in love. Especially how women fall in love with women and how girls pleasure each other. Would you like that?” Cherri laid it on the line hoping the young girl would go for it. “YEFF!” Yolanda instantly replied loudly. So loud that the guy who was looking at panties on the back wall heard her and looked their way curiously. “I mean yeff.” the girl repeated in almost a whisper. Cherri pulled the young girl’s mouth to hers and kissed her softly on the lips as her hand slipped behind Yolanda’s head and held it as she pulled mouth back a bit. “Did you like that baby?” she murmured softly as her mouth covered the girls lips once again without waiting for an answer. This time she slid the tip of her tongue inside Yolanda’s mouth and Yolanda kind of twitched and pulled back. “Hasn’t anybody ever frenched you?” Cherri asked as she sensed Yolanda’s surprise. “Wat…wat is dat?” she asked in a puzzled manner. “Oh baby haven’t you ever done any kissing with anybody?” Cherri asked, a bit surprised. “No I ain’t neber don no kithing stuff.” she shook her head slowly. Cherri laughed softly “Honey you have a lot to learn and I promise you that you’ll love it. Did you like it when I just kissed you?” “Yeah but why did you stick your tongue in my mouff?” the innocent sweetheart asked. “That means I love you baby and I’m going to stick my tongue in other places on your body too to prove I love you.” Just then the man walked up to the counter with a powered jackoff flesh tube and a small anal bullet egg shaped vibrator and set them on the counter. “Hate to interrupt you two but I gotta get home and test these things out. Do you have any lube?” he smiled at them. “Oh yes sir.” Cherri reached in the counter and pulled out a large tube of lubricant. “This is our most popular and it’s half price with any purchase.” she explained as she set it down on the counter. “Let me put some batteries in the vibrator and make sure it works because you can’t return them.” Cherri quickly installed two test batteries and turned on the vibrator that hummed faster and faster as she adjusted the speed. Yolanda looked on, fascinated with the vibrator. “Dat’s cool.” she declared. “You ever use one?” the man asked her. ‘No.” she replied. “Well I have and you should try it. They are really fun.” he explained as he paid for the stuff and left the store. The other guy, who was waiting until the first guy left, came up to the counter and set down a box with a little Barbie doll inside and Yolanda took the doll out to inspect it. He looked at Yolanda and then at Cherri. “Is she your daughter?” “No” Cherri laughed. “She’s my girlfriend. Why?” “Well…ah… she looks kinda young…you know to be in an adult porn store.” he sheepishly commented. “Oh I assure you she’s 18 or we wouldn’t allow her in here, for all I know you could be a cop checking us out.” Cherri replied and went on “How old does she look to you?” The man laughed “About 12 and, believe me, I ain’t no cop.” Cherri smiled and nodded “Yeah everyone thinks she just a little 6th grader.” Cherri acted like it was no big thing. Yolanda was staring at the doll he had put on the counter. “I got’s a dollie jus like dis. How come you buying a dollie miffer?” she asked dumbly. The guy just looked at her as Cherri laughed and took the box. “She doesn’t know about sex stores yet.” she explained to the guy as she pulled the 14″ doll out of the box to test it. “See here Yolanda” she pointed to the pussy hole on the toy doll “The doll has a cunt and the guys stick their cocks inside and cum just like they are fucking a real girl.” The dimwit’s eyes were wide open “Really! My Barbie ain’t got no hole like dat.” The man and Cherri both laughed. “I like em with a hole better.” the man declared. He looked at Yolanda and asked “You want to sell your Barbie doll? I’d love to have one you played with.” Yolanda was puzzled “Well what would you do wit it?” “Jackoff and cum on it.” he replied matter of factually. “I’ll give you $10 for it.” The young girl looked at Yolanda “Kin I do dat?” “Sure baby, you can sell him anything he wants. Maybe he wants some little girl panties of yours.” The man instantly perked up “You got some panties for sale? Are they used?” “Tell him baby. What do you have on now?” the older woman prodded the beginner along. “Well da ones I gots all now are all messy and dirty cause Jim…..” and here she stopped, not knowing if she should say that Jim’s cum was all over them. “What baby? What about Jim, tell us.” Cherri urged her on. “Well me and Jim was in da Walmart and he finded some dirty peed panties from some little girl in da baffroom and made me put dem on and den he fucked me and his stuff and my pee got all over dem.” She stood back from the counter and pulled her skirt up exposing her little cotton Dora the Explorer panties. They were still wet in the crotch and there was a tear in the waist band of the worn out panties. “Oh fuck I want those those right now!” the man groaned. “50 dollars.” Cherri quickly announced. “OK.” he replied. Cherri quickly added “You want a picture of her wearing them, 20 dollars more mister.” “Hell yeah I’d love a shot of that.” he quickly got his cellphone out. “Pull your skirt up baby and show the man your nasty dirty panties.” the older woman instructed her. Yolanda pulled her skirt way up and the man started taking pictures. “Can I do a short video too?.” “Sure. Yolanda hump and grind a bit….that’s it baby.” the young girl did as told and humped her pantie covered crotch at the camera as she fingered her slit through the crotch. He put the cellphone back in his pocket. “Take your panties off now baby. You just made yourself 70 bucks.” Cherri laughed as she got a small plastic bag for the panties. Yolanda was flabbergasted that somebody would pay 70 dollars for dirty worn out panties as she quickly pulled them off and handed them to the man who stuck his hand out. He quickly put the soggy little girl panties to his nose and inhaled “Oh shit I’m gonna shoot some good loads with these.” The man smiled at Yolanda as he dropped them in the bag. “Now about your Barbie Doll. When could I get it?” Cherri quickly replied “Tomorrow about this same time, OK?” “OK I’ll pay you for it now.” he got his wallet out as Cherri rang up the bill and paid her cash. “I’ll be back tomorrow.” he promised as he left the store. Yolanda looked at Cherri “Well wat he gonna do wit dat dollie he buyed?” “Baby he’s gonna put his hard cock in it and jackoff inside it.” “Really!!” Yolanda was surprised. “Yes really. Now baby you told the first man you never used a vibrator. Is that true?” she asked, not hardly believing it. The young girl giggled a bit “No I ain’t neber used a bibator thing. Has you?” “Oh shit yes baby! It’s the only way to go….or cum.” she laughed. “Baby are really sure you haven’t ever used a vibrator?!” Cherri asked again, wide eyed thinking the girl was teasing her. “Nope.” “Oh My God am I ever gonna have fun with you. You are going to be my hot little bitch in training.” the woman declared as Frank and Jim came out of the back room where they had been reviewing the videos that Jack had brought in. “Training?” Jim inquired. “What kind of training?” “Everything Jim. She is a total newbie to all this stuff. Did you know that?” Cherri declared as she reached down and took the young girls hand. “She’s gonna be my secret girlfriend and I’m going to teach her all about life and sex and you two guys are gonna keep it a secret along with helping me to teach her everything she needs to know.” Yolanda declared she again kissed the girl but very lightly, more of a peck on the lips. Then Yolanda turned to the men “Now tell us what you two have found out. We want to know, huh Yolanda baby.” “Yeah what is Nack doing?” Yolanda asked. “Well” Frank started out. “For one thing he is NOT jacking off with you. See that little mole on your ring finger by your nail? That’s not on the hands that have been jacking him off.” “Hands?” Cherri asked. “Yeah, hands” Jim replied. “There are at least two other girls jacking him off and maybe a third, we can’t tell because the video is a bit blurred.” “One of them has blue fingernail polish that is almost completely worn off and the other has a darker skin. Almost like a Mexican girl would have.” Frank informed them as he motioned for Yolanda and Cherri to follow him into the small bedroom where the computer screen had a video paused. It showed Jack’s small cock and when Frank started it you could see Jack was jacking off into a little pair of girls pink panties. He aimed the tip of his cock right on the dirty inside crotch and shot a small load of thick jism on the dirty material. Then the video changed and it was a closeup of the same panties being worn by a girl whose pussy was clearly outlined by the thin material that was stuffed in her crack. You couldn’t see anything else of her other than her belly button and half way down her thighs. Apparently she had just put them on after he squirted his jizz in the crotch as they showed a wet spot where his stuff had soaked through. The girls left hand came down and she rubbed her clit through the wet jism, the ring clearly showing. Frank paused the video “See…there is your ring.” “Dat ain’t me, I ain’t neber seen dose pannies” Yolanda quickly informed them. “That’s what I figured, now watch this next clip.” he started it again and now Jack was on his back with a closeup of his hard cock that had the same panties covering it. A small hand came into the picture and started jacking him off. You could see the ring a little bit as the girl masturbated him and then he shot a pretty good load on the pink panties. “He must have done these videos over a couple days cause he’s shooting a pretty good load there. Or does he make a lot of jizz all the time?” Frank asked Yolanda. “I don no cause I ain’t neber seen him ta jackoff like dat.” she replied in her weird speech. “You’ve never seen him shoot a load?” Frank asked incredulously. “Nope.” Jim spoke up then “I told you Frank. This guy is just using her for money. Yolanda hasn’t done nor seen hardly any sex stuff at all. She’s like an innocent little girl. Her husband is messing with other girls for sure and this proves it.” Frank looked puzzled “Well I wonder how old those girls are, you can’t tell from the video because they are just closeups. I had no idea all these panties and videos he was bringing in here to sell were little kids panties.” “They might not be kids Frank. Like you said you can’t really tell from the poor video. He shoots them with his cellphone it looks like.” Jim ruffled Yolanda’s hair as he stood behind her where she was sitting to watch the computer. “We’ll know pretty soon though won’t we baby?” He slipped his hands down onto her chest and started gently rubbing both her tiny breasts through the small girl’s blouse. “I’ve got cameras mounted in the ceiling of every room in their place. In fact they might be catching him now.” Jim went on “We can log onto my computer from here and check in a little bit. Meanwhile let’s have a little fun.” Yolanda’s eyes were closed and she rested her head against his right arm as he gently felt her up “Oh dat feels good Jim.” she moaned as her nipples now poked through the thin white blouse. “Feel how hard her nipples are Frank. She has the biggest nipples I’ve seen in a long time.” Frank quickly took advantage of the invitation to molest the young girl who made no effort to stop his groping of her small breasts. “Oh man I’d love to suck those tiny little girl tits.” Jim quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open and then off of her completely. “Go for it Frank. Suck this little sluts tits.” Yolanda giggled a bit and then started moaning as the man brought his mouth down to her small teats and started licking and sucking them. As his teeth started nibbling the tips she groaned and held his head close to her chest. “OHHHHH yefff dat fealths good.” she lisped. Jim had picked up one of the video cameras and started recording the impromptu molesting of the youngster who had no shame and let the men have their way. Her mind wasn’t very old but her body was completely mature and the inherent instinct to reproduce was extremely strong. Yolanda’s hormones were running rampant and the desire to have the men cum inside her was her only burning desire now as Frank continued molesting the child/woman. “Put her on the bed Frank.” Jim instructed as he wanted to video the whole scene and the bed was setup so all angles could be shot. “We’re gonna teach you how to give a blowjob baby. Have you ever given any man a blowjob honey?” Jim asked as she let them manipulate her body. “Naw I ain’t neber doned a blowjob.” she revealed Frank picked her up and laid her tiny frame on the mattress as he stripped off his pants. Frank had a cock about 10 inches and it was rock hard as he stood beside the bed next to Yolanda’s head. “Suck my cock baby.” he told the willing slut who took it in her small mouth. Yolanda could only get the giant bulbous head in and her cheeks were puffed out a bit. “That’s it baby. Now wrap your hands around the shaft…..yeah like that…..OK now go up and down my shaft….Ohhhhhh shitttttttt” he groaned as the willing slut performed like a pro. Jim caught it all with the camera as drool started leaking out of her mouth and then Frank grasped the girl’s head tightly and said “I’m cummin!” All of a sudden cum shot out of Yolanda’s nose and her cheeks blew way out as Frank blasted a massive load of jizz inside her mouth and throat. It had been building up for the past hour and this exciting little retard had really turned him on. Jim zoomed in on the girls face as Frank’s thick white jism ran out of her nose and mouth when he finally let go of her head and pulled out. She was gasping and choking, tears were running down her face as the cum covered her chin and neck, her drool dripping from her small lips. Yolanda lay there gasping for breath about five seconds as Jim announced for the video “This was Yolanda’s first blowjob folks. Tell us what you think of it in the comments section.” Jim knew the porn store would put this on their website. “Smile baby. You are going to be famous for this video we will title ‘Yolanda’s First Blowjob”. The retard lay there and smiled as she stared at the camera completely unashamed of her filthy actions. Then she licked her lips “Ummm dat tasths good.” Then the door opened and Cherri walked in “What the hell?”