Waking up in my Fantasy

All of the other stories that my wife and I have posted have been true, but like everyone else we have Fantasies too. Mine happens to include my wife. She is a very sexy woman, she doesn’t need to try, she just is. She has a lovely  body that Men want when they see her. Her face is very attractive, soft skin, delicate thin lips, dark brown copper color eyes, long soft auburn hair that is now streaked with highlights of grey, which adds to her mature sensuality. She moves like a woman not some giddy 17 year old. I have always loved fucking my wife, no other woman on the face of this earth has turned me on more. I guess some people would ask why do I fantasize about my wife when I can fuck her in reality? Why? Because she is the hottest woman I know and The Love I have is so strong. Her sexuality drips out of her pours like honey and lets face it guys, sometimes we like our women to get Nasty with us, sometimes we fuck, sometimes we make love and then sometimes we hunch, fuck, grind  and pump like wild animals. We all like to have our fantasies also, I think most of the time we do not want to admit how freaky we really are though. So as I lay in bed thinking of my wife, I start thinking about coming home from work one evening, I am very tired and stressed out. My wife calls to me as soon as I walk in the door. Hey Hun, how was your day? Are you tired? I said, yes I am, I just want a good stiff drink and put my feet up. She said well go put your feet up and I will bring you a drink. About 10 minutes Later she walks in with my drink, her blouse is unbuttoned and no bra, I say well the day is looking up. She just smiles and turns and walks off and says enjoy your drink lover boy. I said well thanks Baby. So I sit and sip on my drink, I get about half way finished and the next thing I know I am waking up in our basement, hanging up in some type of rack, my arms have these leather cuffs around the wrist and my ankles are the same, I realize I am totally Naked except for a gag around my mouth. I can hear voices over in the dark but I can’t make out what is being said or who they are, it sounds like 3 different voices. As I am looking around and realizing whats going on and where I am, a figure comes out of the dark. I except to see my wife but instead I see a little taller figure covered all in leather, her large white breast in circled with black shiny leather, her large light colored Areolas giving way to two very plump nipples, her Body, except for her tits, stomach, cunt and large round ass were covered in the same leather. Her face hidden by a black lacy cat eyed Victorian style party mask. Long blond hair looks almost white against the black suite. Plump dark red lips lined in thick black, I start to get nervous because I don’t know her and I see she is holding a whips small cat of 9 tails, slowly letting it slap against her thigh. I am watching her look me up and down and walk around me, I try to turn to see what she is doing, I turn from side to side. I can’t help but notice her finely trimmed pussy, thin lite blond hair, trimmed on each side of her mound, her lips look smooth and bare, her hips have a slow swing, moving her ass up and down with each sensual step. Then I feel a lite sting on my ass cheeks, almost like a getting a switching with a bush branch, then she emerges on my left side, I feel the little strips of the whip slide over my shoulder and fall across my nipple, my chest and then one or two hit my cock that is now semi hard and getting harder. As I am watching her with excitement, I catch out of the corner of my eye, another dark figure, this one is quite a bit bigger, broad shouldered with a more Manly gait. I can feel a little fear build as I am thinking what have you done with my wife? Where is she? How did I get here? I try to speak but my mouth is still gagged and now wet with drool dripping down onto my chest and hitting the end of my cock. The two figures come close to each other softly running their hands across each others hips and then turning toward me, I can see that its a man, most of his body showing, he has on a half mask, covering his head and cheeks and ears, his eyes and mouth showing, he has a square jaw line smooth shaven, broad shoulders and chest, I see he has on leather shorts with the crotch uncovered. I thought oh shit when I saw the size of his cock hanging between his legs, it was half hard, shiny with oil, pale skin, very thick and every vein pumped full of blood, with one very large vein running down the middle. I thought no matter what that is not going in my ass. The woman picks his cock up as she walks by and lets it slide out of her hand as she passes. They both look at me and walk over, touching me all over, I can feel hands on my chest, my ass, my legs and my balls. I can feel warm breath on my neck, sending a shiver down my entire body. I feel a sharp smack across my back, then my ass, she starts smacking the ends of the whip on my body, I feel his cock against my leg. Then the woman gets in front of me tells me she is going to take my gag off but I better not yell. I nod yes, I can feel it loosen up, my mouth is tensed up, I stretch it out opening and closing it, she says don’t worry you’ll be doing enough of that soon. She leans forward and slowly licks my lips and makes a mmmmh  sound, her hand runs down my stomach and grips my now rock hard cock very tight and tells me I better be a good boy or else, I feel the man behind me and pushes his cock against my ass cheeks, it feels huge, running up between my cheeks, sliding back and fourth up and down the crack of my ass, just on the outside, I said, you better keep that to yourself. He never says anything, but the woman tells me she will do whatever she wants, I say where is my wife, what have you done with her? she says oh you mean our lover? I am like what the hell do you mean? I see another figure walk over. I see its my wife, I can tell right away, I am stunned, she is wearing the same leather as them. I have to admit she looked really hot. Her very large breast showing off with just a band of leather cupping her breast from underneath, her dark Areolas were tight around her hard nipples, leather suite covered her sides and hips, a large oval cut out over her flat stomach showing her belly button. Then her Very beautiful pussy was exposed, her legs were covered up to her knees with long lace up spiked heeled boots. Her long hair hung down her back to her bare ass, the mask had the same cat eyes, lace around the edges, her head covered up except for the back. Then I see a little set of horns about 6 inches long, black fading up to Bright red tips. I said what the hell is going on? She said whatever I want, she slowly walks by the huge cock guy and runs her hand down the full length of his cock. Then she walks over to me and runs her hand down my cock, grabs it and gives it a little twist. All of a sudden I feel the whip hit my ass one two three times, I hear a voice say you better get hard right now. No problem, it was already there, sticking almost straight up, all 8 inches throbbing with excitement. The other woman walks around, holds her breast in front of my face and tells me to lick her nipples, to bite them and to suck them as hard as I can, my tongue was flicking across her fat plump nipples with fury, biting down gently which she commanded, harder, harder, till I bit down and flicked the tips of her nipple. She starts to moan, I see my wife touching herself as she watches, then the guy walks over to my wife and starts touching her breast, her stomach and down to her wet pussy. His hand moves in between her legs as she spreads then wide for him, I can see his fingers push up in her dripping cunt. Then he pulls them out and puts them in my mouth and pulls them back out. My heart is beating out of my chest, my cock is so hard it hurts, every ridge, vein, rock hard my skin wont stretch anymore it feels like the head of my cock is going to rip out the end, engorged full of blood its like an iron rod. My wife pushes her back side against me, the man walks over in front of her and pushes against her, she bends forward and leans against him to steady herself and pulls her ass apart then grabs my cock from behind her and guides the head of my cock into her soaking wet pussy, she only pushes back about and inch or two, enough to take the head of my cock between her smooth swollen pussy lips I can’t see her hands but I can tell that one hand is on his chest and the other is moving on his enormous cock. The other woman comes to the side of my wife and cups her large hanging breast. She pushes them up and then lets them hang back down and pulls her nipples as far as they will go. All I can think about is how hot and wet her pussy feels on my cock head, wanting to shove my entire cock in her now, but she wont let me. My wife bends over more as the man moves to her side giving me a better view. I can see his huge cock sticking straight out as my wife takes his cock in her hand, she slides her hand up and down the entire length of his cock. Then I see her turn her head toward his cock and lick the enormous head, I don’t think she can even get it in her mouth but just then I watch her shake her head from side to side and move in a circle working her mouth over the head, he pushes her head down a little more as she sucks it into her wet hungry lips, she cups his giant balls and pulls them then caresses them softly. I want to thrust my cock forward when I feel a hand wrap around the base of my cock and pulls it out of that hot dripping pussy. She lays my cock on top of my wife’s ass cheeks and then starts to lick it. I see her push a finger into my wife’s ass, I want to fuck so bad, I want to shove my cock into something hot and wet all the way up to my balls. Then they all start moving switching positions, they all move away from me on to a big soft mattress that was placed about 6 foot away. The woman turns on a soft light that shines onto the mattress. My wife lays down first and spreads her legs, the blond woman slowly moves between her legs and starts kissing and licking her pussy. Then the man walks over and gets behind the blond woman, hauls his massive cock up and smacks it on her ass a few times, then rubs it up and down her wet dripping cunt. I can hear her moan and squeal as he starts pushing his entire cock deep into her cunt. The woman can’t help but stop eating my wife’s pussy, she raises up, throws her head back and smiles and moans as inch by inch I watch the entire cock disappear into her soft wet pussy. My wife pulls her head right back down and tells her not to stop licking her pussy. All I can do is thrust my hips forward wanting to fuck something, anything. I can see the man thrusting his cock in and out of the woman, hard and deep. My wife is humping the woman’s face, holding her head right in her pussy and wont let go. The two women are cumming at the same time, the man finally pulls his wet dripping cock out of the woman and moves to my wife, her legs still spread wide and slowly rubbing her pussy, he get between her legs and places his cock right in her hole. The only time he speaks is when he says… This is what I wanted all night, and shoves his entire cock in her with one thrust. My wife yells and starts saying things like oh my god your so fucking huge, oh fuck yeah, damn shove it in me, fuck me hard with that huge cock. The other woman walks over to me and starts sliding my cock in and out of her hand, she whispers in my ear, you like watching your wife get fucked by a huge cock? He is fucking her so deep, she is loving his cock. He is going to cum all over her beautiful wet pussy. She moves in front of me and rubs my cock up and down her pussy, I can feel the head of my cock slipping in and out of her lips, moving the head across her hard clit, it was very thick and swollen. In a soft voice she asks, do you want to fuck my beautiful soft pussy? I was more than wanting, I said Yes please let me fuck you. My cock hurts so bad. I am still watching this guy fuck my wife, he is pumping her lovely body, making her moan and yell out. Her Legs are wrapped around him tight, digging her heels into his ass, her arms around his back Clawing into his skin deep. Her head was moving from side to side and then throws her head straight back lifting her entire Body up off the mattress as she starts grunting ooooohhhh fuck, OH my god, its so fucking deep, she thrust her body hard back against his. The woman starts sucking my cock, barley touching my cock at first, flicking the head and then my balls, holding my cock up as I watch it fully disappear down her throat, I can see her throat expand and then go back to normal, one two three four times going all the way down her throat. Then she amazingly takes the entire cock and then licks my balls after filling her throat ,mouth and lips, her tongue flicking my balls, drool dripping out of her mouth, then pulls all the way out, stands up lifts her leg onto my hip and slides my cock up in her cunt. She is standing up humping my cock, I am trying to pump her hard, I want to ram my big cock all the way in her. She is pushing down hard, jamming my cock in her, I can’t help but hear my wife saying oh yeah baby cum for me, cum for me, right on my cunt boy. My arms are pulling down and trying to grab on to anything but the ropes are to strong, I see this monster of a cock slide out of my wife as he starts pumping with fury and shoots long hard stream of cum all over my wife, he’s grunting and almost growling, as I watch cum glaze over her pussy, stomach, tits and some hits her face, he pumped cum hard, his cock twitching and jerking, I am on that edge feeling the blonds hot creamy cunt sliding up and down the full length of my big cock. All of a sudden she starts letting her body fall hard onto my cock, I feel it hitting bottom. I tell her I am cumming, I am cumming, my body tenses up pulling on the ropes as all my cum starts to pump out, she pulls off and jerks my cock fast fast faster, cum is going in the air, hitting her on her tits stomach. All my strength is gone from cumming and holding myself up, I pass out, then wake up in my chair, yelling out, I am cumming, my wife is standing over me watching. She says GOOD DREAM as she takes my glass, then rubs my crotch and says hope I was in it. I said it was all about you. Oh yeah, well maybe we will have to make that come true. I thought to myself, I kind of doubt it, but ya never know.