Wanted to watch someone fuck his wife

Ted and Sue sat at the hotel lounge bar looking over at and commenting on the different groups men that inhabited the dimly lit establishment.

“What do you think?” Sue asked, “Which one do you like?”

“The one with the biggest cock.’ Ted answered, grinning.

“Oh you…. c’mon honey which one?”

“It’s your choice honey. We said that if you did this, you would be the one to say who it would be with.”

But it’s for you Ted…. you’re the one who wants to watch someone,” she hesitated before continuing, “… watch someone fuck me.”

Ted indeed wanted to watch someone fuck his wife. They had married young, and now with both of them in their mid-forties, sex was not anywhere near as exciting as it had been even five years ago. In Ted’s case it was the not unexpected situation of a husband who, though loving his wife, just not getting as excited sexually over her after over 20 years of fucking the same woman. Until recently Sue had denied feeling the same way, but after much discussion she had admitted that at times she was less than turned on, and had in fact faked orgasms more than once. After nearly a year of Ted trying to talk her into it, they were here at this bar, with rented a room waiting upstairs with the intention of picking up a young guy and bringing him back there to fuck her while Ted watched.

“You don’t have to go through with it.” Ted said after a long silence between them, “If you’ve changed your mind that’s OK.

Sue said nothing at first then smiled and blushed slightly.

“No, I’ll do it,” she said “Maybe just this once like we said, but we’re here and I really want to go through with it.”

“Which one then,” Ted said, his quavering voice betraying the excitement he felt at the thought of watching her being fucked by another man, “Who’s going to be the lucky guy?

“Well, “ Sue said, blushing a little more, perhaps partly from the intensity of the moment and partly from the four martinis she had consumed to so far to overcome her nervousness, “how about the blond over there in the tight jeans”

They both looked across the room to check the guy out. Both his jeans and shirt were indeed tight fitting, revealing the slim hard body that only a young man can have. He couldn’t be more than 20 or 21.

“Hmmmm … maybe a little too young,” Ted cautioned, “We wouldn’t want him cumming in 30 seconds would we?”

“You mean like you did 20 years ago.”

“Uh .. no …. Not like that.” Ted answered sheepishly.

“But you did great afterward fucking me half the night and cumming three more times as I recall.”

“Sure did,” Ted said, grinning, “I was young then.”

“Just like blondie over there,” Sue retorted, “Bet he could come twice, especially if …..”

Sue didn’t complete her sentence, but Ted knew exactly what she meant. Back in the day she had solved his premature ejaculation problem by just giving him a blowjob to start things off to ensure she would get a good long fucking later on. Usually she had sucked him off in the car on the way home from a restaurant or nightspot; but more than once done it right there in the place, jacking his cock with her hand until he was ready to shoot and then ducking her head into his lap to take his cum load in her mouth.

“Well then,” he said, “I guess we should see it he is interested.”

“I’ll get his attention,” Sue replied.

Before Ted could ask how, his wife turned on her bars tool to face the young man and opened her legs wide. She normally wore sexy underthings, but tonight at Ted’s suggestion she had on nothing on underneath. So when the young man turned and looked in their direction, he was treated to full view of her freshly shaved pussy. His reaction was comical, his eyes widening dramatically and his jaw dropping.

Ted ordered fresh drinks and for the following 20 minutes his wife teased the young man, flashing her bare cunt at him – one time being so bold as to reach up her skirt to finger herself, putting on a show of licking her finger afterward before spreading her legs extra wide so that her pussy lips opened to reveal wetness inside her.

After Sue had finished her little show, the blonde young man suddenly got up from the table.

“Oh no!” Sue said, he’s leaving.

But he didn’t leave, instead heading for the men’s room, looking toward Sue and giving her the once over as he passed by.

“So … he’s the one?” Ted asked.

“Yes … he’s the one.” She answered blushing.

“See if you can’t find us a booth honey,” Ted said, kissing his wife on the cheek then rising to follow the young man into the men’s room.

“I saw you watching her,” Ted said to the young man, who was standing at a urinal when Ted entered the room.

The young man seemed taken by surprise..

“Sorry sir, “ he said apologetically, but then added, “But she WAS putting on quite a show.

“She certainly was! Did you like it?”

“Yes sir I sure did,” the young man smiled, seemingly relived that Ted was not some angry dude pissed at him for looking at his wife’s cunt.

“Well if you play your cards right, you can fuck her.” Ted told the young man, causing his eyes to widen and jaw drop, leaving him speechless for a long moment.

“I’m Ted by the way,” Ted continued, extending his hand with a smile “And you are…..?”

“C-Carl,” the young man stammered.

“Well come on Carl, let’s not keep the lady waiting!” Ted declared.

Sue had indeed found a booth, and was a secluded round one where the three of them could get to know each other without drawing too much attention. The two men joined her, sliding into the booth on either side of her. Being a bit tipsy had her in a playful mood, and Ted noticed that she did not seem nearly as nervous as earlier in the evening. So much so that not long after introductions she had her hand in Carl’s lap, seeking out the young man’s cock and stroking it.

“Mmmmm … Carl’s got a big one!” she giggled at Ted, causing the young man to blush slightly.

Ted looked on silently, his eyes glued to Carl’s lap where what had started out being rather large bulge in the young man’s tight fitting jeans grew dramatically in Sue’s hand until there was the unmistakable outline of at least eight inches of hard thick cock running down the inside of the young man’s leg.

“Soooo …. Can you cum twice honey?” Sue asked as she unbuttoned Carl’s pants and unzipped them, freeing his stiff penis to spring straight up into full view.

Carl appeared confused by Sue’s question, so Ted spoke up.

“When we fucked the first time I shot my load too fast so after that she would blow me first before I fucked her.” Ted explained. “So if she sucks you off now, are you gonna be able to get it up again to fuck her later?”

“Now? Here???!” the young man said, his eyes expressing disbelief.

“You bet honey,” Sue chimed in as she slowly stroked his erect penis, “but if I do, then you’re gonna fuck me later on, right?”

“S-sure,” Carl replied, his shaky voice likely a result what Sue was doing to his fully erect and now dripping cock.

The young man’s reply was all Ted’s half drunk wife needed to spring into action. Giving her husband a sly smile, she lowered her head into the young man’s lap and began working on his cock, licking all around the circumference of his swollen cock head before popping it into her mouth. The cock was too big for her get a much much more than the head of it into her mouth, but that didn’t seem to bother Carl, who moaned out loud as Sue sucked gently on his swollen penis. All of this was visible to Ted alone — the large tablecloth keeping it out of view for other folks in the establishment. But what Sue did next was not so discrete, and anyone looking in their direction would surely notice at least her heels her under the table where she was on her knees between Carl’s legs. She pulled the young man’s jeans down around his ankles and proceeded to blow him in earnest, cradling his balls in her hand and squeezing them gently as she noisily sucked in the end of the thick cock. As it turned out there probably wasn’t enough time for anyone in the place to figure out what was going on under the table, for after less than a minute Carl grunted as his cock throbbed and shot the first wad of cum into her mouth. She stayed down one the wildly twitching cock, swallowing the young man’s semen save for one big blob that seeped out of the corner her mouth and hung on her cheek. The cum globule was still on her face when she climbed up from underneath the table.

“You cum a lot baby,” she smiled at Carl, giving him a playful look as she pushed the blob of sticky semen off her cheek and into her mouth.

Ted, having just watched his wife suck Carl’s cock and drink his cum, was breathing heavily and had a hardon of his own. Quaffing the last of her drink, Sue rose from her seat and walked over to her husband’s sided of the booth, giving him a kiss on the cheek and reaching down into his lap to squeeze his erect penis.

“Mmmmm …. Teddy’s hard,” she cooed playfully, “and I’m horny. I sure hope one of you guys is gonna fuck me!”

And with that pronouncement, Sue turned and walked away, deliberately rolling her hips from side to side in invitation, then turned to look playfully over her shoulder at Ted and Carl before leaving the lounge and heading to the room.

“She’s a little bit drunk I think,” said Carl, speaking for the first time since he had emptied his balls in her mouth.

“More than a little,” Ted said, “She usually doesn’t drink much, but tonight she wanted something to loosen her up.

There followed a short conversation between Ted and the young man. When Carl nervously sought assurance that Ted really wanted him to fuck his wife, to which Ted confided that he had long wanted to watch her being fucked by another man, and that it had taken a very long time to talk her into it. He then explained that Sue seemed OK with it, but might easily change her mind if he and Carl didn’t go about it the right way.

“She’s can be really hot son,” Ted told the young man, who was over 20 years his junior, “but we need to be careful. So just let me take the lead, OK?”

Carl nodded in agreement.

“Great!” Ted said, looking down into the young man’s lap to see that he was already half hard again, “Finish your drink and give us a few minutes before you come up. We’re in room 206.

“I don’t know honey,” Sue said nervously, “his cock is so big. I don’t know if I can take it in me”

When Ted had arrived at their room, Sue had already changed into the sexy negligee they had purchased just for the occasion, a gauzy black two piece see through outfit that did little to hide her naked body underneath. The see-through top did certainly didn’t conceal big breasts, and the skimpy panties covered her pussy but showed every bit of her mature curvy ass. She looked as desirable as Ted had every seen her. but some of playful bravado had worn off since she had left Ted and Carl down in the bar. Ted understood totally, for not only was he asking her to open her legs to a virtual stranger, the guy’s cock was way bigger than his, the only cock she had ever had inside her. So Ted had a response ready.

“I don’t want him to hurt you,” he told his wife, “I mean ….. you can change your mind if you want, but …….”

Sue looked into her husband’s eyes for a long moment, before responding.

“No …. Let’s do it,” she said softly, “I promised ….. and I know how much you want it.”

Ted said nothing, but took his wife into his arms and kissed her deeply. She responded as she always did, moaning as if to surrender herself to him. Only this time the surrender involved her being fucked by another man, something she had never imagined she would do until recently. Ted, sensing that she was still hesitant about it, kissed her most passionately, shoving his tongue deep into her mouth and sliding his hands up under her sexy costume to knead her large breasts.

“I love you baby,” Ted told his wife as he felt her nipples become erect from is touch, “Thank you for giving me this night.”

Sue sighed as her husband moved on hand downward across her heaving belly to feel her already damp vagina. He inserted one finger then two, slowly moving them in and out of her, making her sigh and shudder. She might have cum from the fingering had there not been a knock on the door signaling Carl’s arrival.

Some of Sue’s nervousness returned when Ted rose from the bed to let Carl in. The young man’s eyes were immediately drawn to her and she blushed as he looked at her.

“She picked her outfit out for you son,” Ted said as he motioned for Carl to have a seat at the foot of the bed, “Do you like it?”

“Yeah” the young man replied nervously, his hand trembling slightly but his eyes flashing with desire and a bulge immediately showing in the crotch of his pants.

“C’mon honey,” Ted said to his wife, “show the man how sexy you are.”

Sue stood up and slowly moved to where Carl was sitting and turned a circle to in front of him.

“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Ted said.

The young man didn’t answer, simply nodding his head as his eyes continued to take in the nearly naked older woman before him. At age 44, Sue no longer had the tight body of her younger years, but the one on display now was enough to excite any man. Her large breasts were not those of a young woman, but neither did they sag unattractively. Her large brownish nipples were easily visible through her sexy outfit, their erect state betraying what Ted hoped to be her excitement from exhibiting herself to Carl and anticipating the activities to come this night.

“You can touch her if you like,” Ted said, a slight trembling in his voice betraying his own excitement. “But first why not take off your clothes so she can have a look at YOU?

Without hesitation the young man quickly shed his clothes, and sat back down on the edge of the bed. His hard cock was standing straight up in his lap. At Ted’s gently urging, Sue stepped forward toward the young man, who reached out to touch her, first feeling and caressing her buttocks, then reaching up to fondle her breast with one hand, while the other found its way around her curvy bottom and came to rest to between her legs. Sue’s inner thighs were trembling as she felt the warmth of the hand just beneath her nether regions.

After removing his own clothes, Ted moved behind his wife and urged her further forward until she was sandwiched tightly between him and the young man.,

“Why don’t you suck her tits Carl,” he asked. Sue as breathing faster now as the young man’s other hand had moved again, tracing its way upward along her silky smooth middle till it found her other breast.

The young man did as Ted suggested, sliding his head under the top of her see through negligee to fondle and suck Sue’s big breasts. He held one in each hand, kneading and fondling and moving his mouth back and forth from one to the other, kissing her erect nipples before sucking gently upon each one. When she moaned in response to the attention the young man was giving her breasts, Ted reached between her quivering buttocks to slip a finger into her pussy from behind. She was very wet inside and his probing of her cunt with his finger her soon had her breathing loudly and gyrating her hips as Carl continued nursing like an infant on her large stiff nipples.

“Taste her Carl,” Ted said, pulling her panties down to her knees, “Taste her pussy.”

The ever compliant young man instantly did as instructed, dropping to his knees before the older woman and licking the length of her dripping slit before shoving his tongue into her to taste her musky juices. He searched out her clitoris with his tongue and sucked on it, gently at first, and then more aggressively, using his teeth to nibble on the swollen knob. The kid definitely knew how to eat pussy. Ted thought,

Sue grunted as her body shuddered. Her trembling legs gave out under her and she would have fallen forward into the young man eating her pussy had Ted not caught her from behind and gently lowered her onto the bed.

“I think she’s ready,” Ted smiled at Carl as they approached her from opposite sides. Ted stripped his wife naked, stroking her and planting gentle kisses all over her soft body as he did. After a minute of so he opened her legs. His heart pounded in his chest as he saw her that pussy was oozing with wetness, clear sign that , whatever second thoughts she might be having about the morality of what the were doing this night, she was undeniably hot and ready to be fucked.

“How ‘bout it honey?” he whispered in her ear, “Are you ready?”

Sue nodded her head, her eyes flashing acceptance of what was to happen next — that she would be fucked by a virtual stranger while her husband looked on.

“Are you sure baby? Are you really….”

“Yes …. Yes,” Sue answered impatiently, her tone of voice full of frustration at being questioned, “I’m gonna do it goddammit!”

“Do what?” Ted continued.

“Get fucked!.”

“You want me to fuck you?”

Sue glared up at Ted with a look the likes of which her had never seen. He had wanted it and now it seemed SHE wanted it as well. The young man was kneeling in front of her between her wide open legs.

“No …. Not you HIM!”, she said nastily, “I want him to fuck me!”

“Then tell him!”

“Tell him what?”

“Tell him what you want him to do.”

“I want him to FUCK ME!

“Then tell HIM, not me!”

Sue turned her head to look at Carl. She hesitated for a moment, as if collecting her thoughts as her eyes took in his youthful muscled body. She glanced downward toward his large penis, which was now completely recovered from her earlier blowjob, and was fully erect, standing straight out toward her, its red swollen head dripping precum.

“Tell him,” Ted said again.

“Fuck me Carl!” Sue said, “I want you to FUCK me!!!”

There was no longer any question about Carl’s ability to perform after Sue’s under the table blowjob. Less than an hour ago the young man had emptied his balls into Sue’s mouth and here he was moving toward her beckoning cunt with his fully erect cock in hand. She watched the young man moved close enough to slide his hard cock up and down her slit, wetting its swollen the head with her juices.

“Do it baby, give me that cock!” Sue hissed at the young man, her eyes dancing with a nasty desire that Ted had not seen from her for many years. “Put that big motherfucker in my cunt and FUCK me!”

Ted heart pounded in his chest at hearing his often demure wife swear like some whore portrayed in a porn flick.

“Watch him put it in me Teddy!!”, Sue spat at her husband. “Watch him FUCK me!!”

Carl again rubbed the head of his big cock along the slit of Sue’s pussy, wetting its swollen mushroom head with in the silky juice that was oozing out of her vaginal opening..

“Please …. Do it!”, Sue whimpered impatiently, “Put it in me so my Teddy can watch you fuck his nasty little whore!”

Sue’s behavior excited Ted like nothing ever before. They had talked about it beforehand of course — her joking about how doing it with another guy made her a bit of a slut and a whore. Perhaps her slutty behavior at the moment was a bit of an act. But even so, the acting didn’t mask the fact that she was ready to be fucked and it seemingly didn’t matter who did the fucking.

The head of his cock suitably lubricated, Carl slipped it into her, giving her just the head and maybe an inch more of it before pausing to let her get used to its thickness.

“Oh shit!” Sue gasped, her legs quivering. “God damn …. It’s so fucking BIG.”

If there had been any doubt that the young man — this virtual stranger half their age — would perform well on this night, all such doubt was quickly erased. Over the next two hours the kid put on a porn quality performance using his stamina and big hard cock to take Sue to lusty heights that she had never reached while Ted was fucking her.

Her first orgasm came quickly after only a dozen even thrusts by Carl to work his thick cock two thirds of the way into her. She grunted each time he shoved, and when the cock was half way in she moaned and her body began trembling. She came hard on the next thrust, with Carl’s cock still 2 inches shy of full penetration, her body stiffened in orgasm as silky juices oozed out of her cunt and onto the invading cock. As she lay trembling with the big cock still not all the way in the young man reached down and lubricated the remaining two inches it with Sue’s juices. Then with two mighty thrusts he drove the rest of it into her..

“Ohmygod! Ohmygod” Sue bawled “It feels so fucking BIG!”

As Ted stood by and watched, the young man proceeded to give his wife a thorough fucking the likes of which she had never experienced. About half way through it Ted came to the sudden realization that, although he himself had given Sue what he had thought of were good fucking in the past, he had not ever and probably never would be able to fuck her like she was being fucked by this young man. His cock wasn’t big enough, and at his age he certainly didn’t have the stamina. On occasion, Ted had been able to make her cum a handful of times during a session, but tonight … tonight this kid had her so fired up that Ted soon lost count of his wife’s orgasms. The kid started out fucking her slowly, easing the entire length of his swollen penis in and out of her wet pussy, pausing between strokes before slowly sliding it all the way back into her, giving it an extra push at the end of each stroke to drive it all the way home. With each thrust she shivered and moaned as she felt all of the big cock penetrating her again and again, cumming twice more before Carl at last increased the tempo of his fucking, penetrating gushing cunt with rapid fire strokes and making her to cum again and again until Ted could not be certain where one orgasm ended and the next one began.

“O my God … O my GOD!!!”, Sue groaned, “I didn’t …. I never…. O my God YEAH baby …. Fuck me …. Fuck me …..FUCK ME!

This must have been a signal to Carl, for now he began fucking Sue even harder and faster, slamming his big tool home again and again, filling the room with the steady wet slushy sounding whap-whap-whap of their bodies coming together.

“Oh yeah baby FUCK ME!”, Sue screamed again as she threw her cunt upward to meet each of Carl’s thrusts into her.

Carl fucked her for the better part of an hour, pausing only to change from one position to another. Ordinarily Ted and Sue fucked almost exclusively in missionary position, with her legs thrown back to tilt her pussy upward so as to allow Ted’s smaller cock to penetrate her as deeply as possible. But this night was different. This night it was as if she wanted to savor the feeling of a big cock plowing into her from every direction. Ted watched in fascination as his wife and her young lover rolled themselves over so that he was on his back with her straddling him, riding his big dick, cumming twice as she bobbed her hind parts up and down on the kids slick meaty pole. After that that she laid on her side and had him take her from behind, grunting and moaning as he gripped her hips and pumped her hard that way until she came twice more. Then with both of them winded and breathing hard, he slowed the pace taking her slowly from behind. She stared at her husband with wild eyes, her breathing ragged and her body flushed and trembling. She was covered in sweat from head to toe and seemingly near the point of exhaustion.

“You like that Teddy?”, she said breathlessly, you like watching him fuck me?!”

Ted was so excited, his own rapid breathing made it difficult to keep from stammering in reply.

“Y-y-yes.” was all he could manage.

Sue said nothing at first, but her eyes took on a look that Ted could only categorize as simultaneously radiating love and betrayal. It was as if in this moment both of the realized that things had changed dramatically between them. Ted’s earlier thoughts returned, layering an unwelcome feeling of insecurity onto everything that had happened so far this night. He had wanted to watch his wife fucked by another man, and certainly he had seen that. He had looked on with his cock hard and dripping, being little more than a spectator as a young virile stud had fucked the living hell out of her right in front of him. Her body — the one he once thought of as belonging just to him, was now obviously well fucked — red flushed and slick with sweat from a hard and thorough dicking the likes of which he was forced to realize he himself had never given her, and likely never would. And now here she was, breathing hard, her eyes glazed, her cunt filled with another man’s cock, giving him a look he had never seen from her.

“Don’t you want to cum too?” Sue asked finally, her eyes tearing up noticeably, “Do you want to do … like we said. Like in your fantasy?”

In the heat of the night’s action, Ted had forgotten that long before this night, as part of convincing her to let another guy fuck her, he had told her about his fantasy of spit roasting her. She of course had had no idea what that meant, and when he had explained that it meant to fuck her in the mouth while another guy fucked her from behind she had giggled and blushed and but never said what she thought of the idea — not until this very moment.

“Do it to me Teddy…. Spit roast me baby,” Sue said, “Fuck me in the mouth!”.

Ted didn’t need further encouragement. His brief feelings of inadequacy swept away by his wife’s invitation, he stood moved to the side of the bed. She raised herself to hands and knees to face him, causing Carl’s cock to slip out of her.

“Fuck me this way Carl,” Sue ordered, “Give it to me from behind while Teddy fucks my mouth!”

As Carl slid his hard dick back into her, Sue reached out and grasped Ted’s smallish but very hard cock. She looked up at her husband and smiled.

“I feel like such a slut … so USED!” she said. “Do it to me that way Teddy. Fuck my mouth baby. Use me like a whore!”

Ted’s brief feeling of insecurity faded away, replaced by another emotion — that of pure unadulterated longing to realize his fantasy. In all the years they had been together the sex had been good, but except on rare occasions when she was drunk, Sue had treated their sexual union as the two of them making love, making it more often than not a gentle affair, more like a R-rated fairy tale romance thing than the X-rated porn show that Ted had come to secretly fantasized. And when it came to her sucking his dick, it had she had always preferred being in total control, wanting him to lay back and enjoy it while she sucked him off. But now …. now she seemed to be giving him an opening to do more. And Ted was not going to let the moment pass without taking advantage of it.

“C’mon Teddy,” Sue moaned, “feed it to me baby!”

Ted’s heart pounded in his chest as he reached down with both hands, grabbed his wife by her hair, and shoved his cock into her mouth. At the same time, Carl, as if somehow understanding the significance of this moment, began pounding her from behind, and Ted followed suit, holding on to Sues head and roughly jamming his hard penis balls deep into her mouth again and again. She gurgled and moaned as the two of them fucked her from opposite ends, using her cunt and mouth as they would if they were actors in a porn movie. Except this was no movie and she was not some well paid porn star doing it for the money. She was Ted’s wife, the same wife who had once equated sex with romance, but was now playing the part of a downtown street whore as one cock penetrated her cunt from behind while another was being crammed down her throat.

Were this really a porn movie shoot, Ted and the young stud’s spit roasting of Sue would have lasted longer — long enough at least to be filmed from all the different angles needed. But, although Carl’s performance this night might indeed qualify as porn level, Ted was no such performer and after less that two minutes of their double fucking her two men locked eyes, exchanging a glance that said it was time.

“Cum in her Carl”, Ted said frantically. “Shoot it in her.”

Not one to ignore instructions this night, the young man roughly grabbed Sue’s hips and slammed his cock home in staccato thrusts until his body tensed and he shot his load deep into her. Mere seconds later, having witnessed the young filling Sue with his seed and hearing her moan as she felt the warm cum inside her, Ted delivered his own load, shoving his cock all the way into her mouth and holding her head to keep it there, his body trembling with ecstasy as the semen rose out of his balls and flood her throat. Each spurt of his semen into Sue’s mouth was followed by the sound of her noisily swallowing. When the spurting finally subsided she cooed wantonly, staying down on his throbbing cock and sucking greedily to draw the last of his seed into her mouth. Then, as if to complete Ted’s fantasy, she let his half deflated cock slip out of her mouth and looked up at him with her mouth open to show him the last of his cum.

And then it was over — or at least that’s what Ted thought. But it wasn’t over at all. As the three of them lay on the king-size bed, Sue’s behavior was not at all what Ted had expected when he had imagined how this night would go. He had figured that once would be enough on this night, just like most all of the nights since they had grown older. But in the aftermath of her first double dicking, Sue proved to be more than ready for more. She alternately cuddled with her husband and Carl, whispering in their ears, telling both of them how much she enjoyed fucked. It wasn’t long before the whispering escalated into kissing and then licking and before long she had moved down on the bed to give attention to their cocks. Back and forth she went, sucking first one and then the other until Ted’s cock was about halfway hard and Carl’s was all the way there.

“Fuck me again,” Sue said to Carl, laying on her back and spreading her legs.

Carl enthusiastically did as ordered, rolling over onto her and slipping his cock into her cunt. This time Ted was more than just a bystander as the young stud fucked his wife, kneading and kissing and sucking her heaving breasts and rubbing his rapidly hardening cock against her side as her body jerked and swayed from the young hard cock plowing into her. When she turned onto her side to let Carl fuck her from behind, Ted held her close, reveling in the sensation of her hot trembling body between them. Her eyes were open and watching Ted as she reached down to fondly his now fully erect penis.

The finish was like the first time, with her being used from both ends. But this time it was Ted’s hard cock in her cunt and Carl’s thick rod in her mouth. And unlike the first time she was not on hands and knees between them. Instead she pushed Ted over onto his back and mounted him, giving him a close up view from below as she took what she took what she could of kid’s big cock into her mouth. In reality, Ted didn’t actually fuck her so much as just lay below her as she slowly rode him while at the same time servicing Carl’s cock, repeatedly pausing at just the right moment to deny him the pleasure of cumming . Had he not already shot one load, he likely would have cum the moment she mounted him, but somehow this being the second time around combined with Sue’s seemingly deliberate control of the situation kept his cock hard and throbbing without taking it to the point of ejaculation. The sound of his heart beating pounded in Ted’s ears as he looked up at his wife servicing Carl’s dick — kissing and licking and sucking greedily on it for a good five minutes before briefly spitting it and looking down at Ted.

“Don’t cum yet!” she hissed. “Watch him cum in my mouth!”

With that pronouncement Sue returned her attention to her young stud’s cock, this time keeping her lips locked around it, getting as much of it as possible into her mouth and sucking noisily while reaching up to pump the thick shaft with her hand. Within moments Ted heard the young man grunt and saw his cock throb mightily as it delivered the first wad of semen into his wife’s waiting mouth. She stayed down on the pulsating meat until the throbbing subsided, then looked down at Ted, her cheeks puffed out to accommodate the big load she had milked out of Carl’s cock. Ted looked up at his wife, his heart pounding and his mouth wide open in wonderment at the sight of his wife with a mouth of another man’s cum. For a brief moment he wondered if he was supposed to cum himself now.. Is that what she wanted? As if she sensed his thoughts, she slowly raised her hips up so that she was poised to thrust them back down on his painfully erect cock and trigger the inevitable orgasm. And that’s exactly what she did, but not before suddenly lowering her head and French kissing him, letting the thick sticky contents of her mouth fall into his. Had Ted known her intentions in advance he likely would have reacted negatively. But as his mouth was suddenly filled with the pungent taste of Carl’s fresh semen, Sue thrust her hips downward, causing Ted to shoot is own load up into her wet hot pussy.

Perhaps it was just a ultimate culmination of all Ted had experienced this night, or maybe it was the totally unexpected and incredibly intense experience of coming with a mouth full of semen. Either way, Ted’s orgasm was without a doubt the most intense he had ever felt — a head swirling body shaking orgasm that lingered within him like some kind of erotic fire, so totally inundating his senses that it wasn’t until it was over that he remembered the cum in his mouth and realized that he had swallowed all of it.

Again the three of them lay side by side afterward. But this time all of Sue’s attention was on Ted. She asked him again if he liked watching her being fucked by another and he told her he had. She assured him that she had liked it as well, then sheepishly asked what he thought about what had happened at the end. He didn’t reply at once, not really sure how he felt about it.

“Com’on Teddy.” She teased. “Wasn’t that part of your fantasy too?”

“No,” he replied honestly “Not really.”

He had indeed never ever thought of doing such a thing, and if he had known it would happen he might not have spent all the time and effort he had setting up this night. But now — now that it had actually happened — he wasn’t sure what to think of it. He was not gay and had never thought about being gay. And he certainly had never imagined what it would be like to a mouthful of semen. But if Sue got a kick out of it, well then he supposed didn’t regret the unexpected act of tasting and swallowing a load of cum. So laying here in the afterglow of his best ever orgasm, he wondered how she viewed it, and thought to ask her about that. And just as had happened earlier this night, she seemed to already know what he was thinking.

“Well ya know Teddy,” Sue said with a smile. “A lady can have fantasies too.”