Third Base at Last: A Yiff Love Story

The bed was large. almost a queen, with the wooden parts made of a rich dark oak. the wood was finished in a way that made the dark oak gleam warmly in the soft light of the fireplace on the other side of the room. she was sitting on the bed, naked aside from the panties she was wearing, which were a silky red, gleaming sexily as the firelight hit them. she had red, soft fur, which looked all the more attractive on the beautiful curves of her body, especially on her breasts, angled in my direction, still a virginal pink. she had a collar around her neck, black with studs, that had a leash around it. the leash was also black, leather like the collar, and polished so that it gleamed. It was also held in her jaws, sitting very sexily in her mouth, a suggestive sigh on her lips. she was looking straight at me, right into my eyes. i sat next to her on the bed, which almost seemed made for lovemaking, and put my hands on her waist, delighted by the feel of her smooth body under my hands. the headboard had a floral pattern engraved on it: many lovingly entangled vines, with flowers blooming off of them. roses. i smiled, that’s what we had decided to call it. rose. ’cause pussy sounded vulgar, and vagina sounded just plain weird. “suggesting something” i said to her, hands still around her waist. “maybe.” she said, and moved her hands onto the dark brown fur of my chest, lightly and accidentally grazing the bedpost as she did. as she leaned in to kiss me i had sparse time to notice the bed posts. they were solid rods, no fancy engraving for that part, but at the top of each sat an inverted strawberry, the fruit of passion, placed the way it was it made the whole post look like an over sized cock. yes indeed, a bed made for making love. in that small span of time she had gotten her muzzle to mine, and kissed me, lightly grazing, but not entering my lips with her tongue. i kissed her back and then we separated, her hands still on my chest. I decided to act clueless as i moved my right hand off of her waist and to her left butt cheek, squeezing it gently, noticing her hard nipples and curved up tail, indicative of arousal. “why do you have a collar? what on earth could that be for?” i ask, invariably laced with lust, so it was obvious that i well knew what it was there for. she played along though anyway, “i don’t know”, she said, “but you’re smart, maybe you could find a use for it?” she smirked sexily at me, making clear her intentions, but i wasn’t ready for that yet, i wanted both of us just a bit hornier, randier, before i let her have her way. “mm… i think i could” i say, and grab the leash, simultaneously moving my left hand to her right breast, rolling her hard nipple between my fingers. i pulled her, willing or not into a wet, throaty kiss, moaning my desire into her mouth. but i knew she was willing by the way her tongue found mine first. our tongues danced around each other as i enjoyed the slippery feel, and the taste of her spit. now i was horny enough, and i could tell she was too as she nibbled on my lip, moaning into my mouth lustily. the kiss ended and i moved my muzzle to the nipple that wasn’t busy, and licked it gently, watching it resist, but eventually move upwards. after that brief second i put my mouth around the whole thing as i circled my tongue around it, sucking it into my mouth noisily, and teething gently on her areola, looking lustily into her eyes. i regretfully stopped then posed my question, setting the future in stone for this one. “mm.. maybe i should find a naughtier use for this leash?”, i asked. she moaned a little, “maybe you should. i winked at her, then jerked mildly on the leash, forcing her mouth to press against the hard spot on my black jeans, which was obviously my hard, throbbing, cock.”any ideas?”, i asked, my voice laced with desire. “i think you’re supposed to have your pants off.” she laughed. i smirked lustily and replied, “who said i was going to take them off? that’s your job.” she smirked up at me and slowly unzipped my pants, purposefully tracing over the curve my cock made in the jeans, then pulled them off, and i kicked my legs out of them as she looked intently at the object of her desire, one article of clothing away. she gripped my boxers and dragged them down, my cock springing loose, now the normal six inches, but soon to be six and a half, or even seven if she kept this up. i kicked off the boxers, which landed several feet away, unneeded and forgotten. she grabbed my cock with her hand, and licked the tip. “mmmmm…. goood..” i moaned throatily, losing my grip on her and the leash in pleasure. she took me in her mouth, licking and sucking up and down my cock, her mouth a warm, wet, slippery cave. her tongue just added to the pleasure. I gripped her collar, forcing her to take the rest of my hard rod in her mouth, “oh my god! m-ore Megan! i like the feel of your tongue on my cock!” she moaned, and licked around the tip, causing the most perfect of sensations, before going back to sucking and licking, slightly faster. my vision blurred, til i could no longer see her, sexy red furred she-wolf that she was, sucking me off. i was lost in pleasure as my dick swelled, and spurted five streams of heavy, warm, sticky, cum in her mouth. my vision refocused and i saw her staring into my eyes, a small creek of cum, dribbling down the corner of her mouth, and into the fur of her neck. i watched it as it progressed slowly, slowed down by her beautiful red fur, til it eventually journeyed down her breast, and fell off of her still hard nipple. “mmmm…” i moaned, then flipped her over so she was on her hands and knees. her panties had been discarded while she was sucking me off, but i hadn’t noticed. i would find them the next day, coincidentally next to my black boxers. i put my muzzle to her rose and eagerly lapped up all her juices, my tongue darting between her labia, her rose petals i called them. i moaned into her rose desperately as she moaned a little as well. “ah-ah! m-morgan!”, she cried out my name in pleasure. “mmm…” i moaned, licking deep inside of her, relishing the smooth, slippery feel of my tongue inside her. her clit was hard and was peaking out of its folds as i removed my tongue and licked it, then back deep inside her, repeating. she arched her hips up against my muzzle, moaning loudly, “m-more plea-se..” i licked even deeper still making sure to slide my tongue over her clit, nibbling slightly on her rose petals, moaning loudly, and deep, not thinking anymore for pleasure, and the added pleasure of bringing pleasure to her. she moaned and bit her lip, moaning loudly, near the point of shouting. I continued to lick her as i gripped her butt in my hands, a cleft in each, squeezing hard but not painfully so, using it as leverage and putting my muzzle inside her in an effort to lick deeper, my tongue rasped against a rough spot about one and half inches inside her on the front wall, and moved up, rasping against what i think now might have been her cervix. either way she started moaning loud like crazy as her walls clamped around my open muzzle in orgasm, moaning loudly. then she came, liquid spurting into my mouth and down my throat. i drank it like it was water till it stopped, when i moaned deeply and loudly, still inside her. finally her rose released me and i fell backwards onto the bed with a raging hard on, and my fur on my face drenched in her juices, and her cum. “she looked at me, her eyes full of lust and love. “morgan, i want more.” i repositioned her and kissed her breasts, placing my cock at the entrance to her rose. she moaned as she kissed me, pressing her lips to mine, looking into my eyes, begging, “please?” she pleaded. “anything you want love.” i said as i pushed harder against her rose, my cock slipping deeper and deeper until it ripped through her hymen, making a bit of blood and a little pain for her. tears welled in her eyes as she nuzzled into my shoulder, wrapping her arms around me. “mmm…” i moaned, thrusting slowly and deeply, trying to make it last as long as possible. she whimpered a little from the last of the pain as i put my hands on her breasts moaning deeply. “mm.. don’t worry, i’ll use the leash when things get more vig-orous” i said, looking into her eyes. “uhh.. then move a little more please.” she begged, then kissed me. I thrusted at a more moderate pace as my furry wolf balls smacked against her bottom, grabbing the leash and pulling on it a little. “mmmmuhhhhh…. is that b-etter?” she closed her eyes in ecstasy, moaning. i took that as a yes. “mmmaahhhhgghh…!!” i moaned loudly, almost shouting my pleasure. “mo-organn..” she moaned kissing and biting my neck, sending me to a whole other level. i hauled on the leash, lifting her off the bed aside from her bottom and started thrusting as fast as i could, my balls making a loud smacking sound as they slapped against her butt. she moaned loudly, head rolling, her arms around my neck. “h-harderr…!” she moaned. “p-pleeasee..?!?” somehow i found a way to fulfill that wish, crashing against her body, lost inside her, as i started cumming hard and deep inside her. the cum, hot and sticky, splashing off the walls of her cervix, and her flower. i kissed her, tongue in her mouth, hers in mine. “hm.”, i laugh, “you’re my lover now… and my wife.” she moaned, ” i love you.” i smiled, “mm.. i love you too love.” i receded, sated now. and a mixture of my cum and hers, flowed from her rose, pooling around us, as i held her in my arms. i fell asleep, unable to prevent it, in the juices of our passion, and in my lovers arms. as she fell asleep too, her head using my chest as a pillow.

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